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2018 National
Medicare Supplement
Industry Summit

June 12-14, 2018 - St. Louis, MO

26 Sessions - Video with Synchronized Slides

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Keynote: How To Survive Caregiving With Sanity And A Sense Of Humor
2018 Technology Showcase: New Frontiers For Medicare Supplement
Life After Plans F & C - What'S Next, Top National Experts Forecast
2018 Medicare Supplement Industry Overview: Latest Data, Trends & Outlook
Medigap Distributor Roundtable: Driving Towards Future Growth & Success
Federal Update: Legislative & Regulatory Changes & Future Landscape
Success With Complimentary Senior Products: Distributor Roundtable
Latest Findings From The 2018 National Age-In Study Of Consumers
Telemedicine And Medicare: Market Trends, Analysis & Future Forecast
Keynote: Regulatory Update: NAIC Perspectives On Significant Matters
State Legislative Update: Latest NAIC And State Initiatives
Lead Optimization: Hitting A Lead Gen Home Run
Administrative Lessons Learned By New Industry Players
Are You Macra Ready?
The 2018 Medicare Supplement Industry Leaders' Town Hall
Call Centers: Latest Trends And Technologies That Boost Performance
Med Supp Underwriting - Why Do You Ask The Questions You Ask?
How Will Smaller & Regional Medicare Supplement Insurers Survive?
When Everything Is Changing: What's That Mean For The Future Of Medigap?
Value Added Programs: Comparing & Evaluating Competitive Differentiators
Is The Price Right? The 2018 Med Supp Actuarial Pricing Roundtable
Debut Of New Study Findings: The Online Shopper's Journey Matters
Adding Long-Term Care Benefits To Medigap And Medicare Advantage
Impact Of Omnichannel Approach - 25 Percent More Leads
Innovations In Insurance Underwriting: New Tools & Data
Ask The Regulators: An Open Forum
Tech Trends: For Tomorrow's Med Supp Agents And Agencies

2017 National
Medicare Supplement
Industry Summit

April 12-13, 2017 - Dallas, TX

28 Sessions - Video with Synchronized Slides

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Value Added Programs: How They Help Build Client Acquisition
Macra Implications: Time for 2020 Vision
Consumer Buyer Insights: Latest Findings from Leading Researchers
Advertising Law
Underwriting Trendwatch: What Changes Will Benefit You Most?
Fueling Customer Acquisition: Developing Data-Driven Strategies
Thinking Beyond Today: Our Future Depends on How Others See Us
Federal / State Update: Latest Changes Impacting Medicare Supplement
The 2017 Medigap Actuarial Forum - Facts to Help Save Your Bacon!
8 Million Med Supp Consumer Quotes Later, Here's What We See
2017 Medicare Supplement Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Forum
Implementing a Multi-Channel Distribution Strategy to Maximize Sales
A Focus on Employer-Group Med Supp Offerings
Looking Back - Looking Forward
Tech Tools Showcase: Build Sales & Distribution Here
Rate Trends in the Marketplace
Getting Telesales Right: Best Practices -- Buy or Build for Success
Distributors - Insurer Roundtable: Forging Future Growth Together
New to Market Flops & Faux Pas: What Happened, What Was Learned
Direct Marketing / Response Showcase: Focus on Lead Generation
Disrupt Aging: A Bold New Path to Living Your Best at Every Age
How Do You Cultivate, Develop & Retain Talented Agents
Claims: from Better Front End Management to Better Data Mining
Medicare Exchanges: What Does the Data Tell Us?
Exit Strategies for Agency Owners: Exit, Partner or Integrate
Application Program Interface; Vital Technology for Your Future
Electronic Data & Predictive Analytics for Improved Underwriting
Hearing Loss Among Seniors: Latest Trends, Consumer Preferences

2016 National
Medicare Supplement
Industry Summit

April 26-27, 2016 - Kansas City, MO

29 Sessions - Video with Synchronized Slides

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The Medicare Landscape: Spotlight on Medicare Supplement
Medicare Supplement Sales Technology: What Blind Spots Are People Missing?
Behavioral Economics; What Really Drives Consumer Decision Making?
Strategies for Entering and Developing the Medicare Supplement Market
The Millennial Agent: Successfully Engage the Next Generation of Agents
What We’ve Learned About Medigap Policyholders
Nuanced Pricing: Smaller Companies Can Compete & Survive Amongst Giants
Presentation: Future Directions: The Election and Its Impact on Medigap
Can You Have It All? Can Direct to Consumer and Broker Channels Co-Exist?
Federal and State Updates: Latest Changes Impacting Medicare Supplement
Med Supp Consolidation and Acquisition Strategies; The Ones That Work
Distribution Evolution in the Medigap Market: Fmo Formulas for Success
Looking Ahead to 2020: Insights from an Actuarial Perspective
Medigap Compliance 101: A Beginners Guide to Medigap Compliance
Shaping Your Telehealth Strategy
Turn Your Spare Bedroom into a Half-Million Dollar Sales Generator
Security and Sales: Striking the Balance Between Risk and Opportunity
Medicare Supplement Underwriting: The Latest and Greatest
Medigap 2020: What's the Latest on Changes That Will Impact Medicare Supplement
Maximizing a Multi-Channel Distribution: Latest in Technology Utilization
Medigap Claim Fraud: Challenges & Opportunities
Medicare Supplement Market Outlook: A View from the Top
What Do Age-Ins Want out of Their Medigap Coverage?
Rate Increases: They're Saving Your Bacon
Advertising & Marketing Compliance: Lessons Learned for Faster Approvals
Using Data to Acquire Customers; Generate Most Results for Least Cost
High Deductible Plan F; Market Trends & Sales Opportunities
Back to the Future - the Author of Sales Lessons from the Masters