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Get this on-demand streaming access to all conference sessions from the 2013 OESO World Conference On Disease Of The Esophagus. Slides with synchronized live audio.

Full Conference On-Demand Streaming

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12 Symposia / 6 Topic Fora
1 Poster Oral Session / 1 Video Session / 5 Special Sessions
37 Sessions - 70 hours of presentations

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Full Conference On-Demand Streaming includes all of these sessions from the 2013 conference:

Opening Ceremony
Invited Lecture
Grand Forum 1 - Coping with esophageal cancer: the approaches worldwide
Grand Forum 2 - The Human Variome project
Grand Forum 3 - Energetics and cancer
Grand Forum 4 - Infection and Cancer
Grand Forum 5 - Staging - Classification
Grand Forum 6 - Personalized medicine. Strategies for cancer prevention
Plenary Session 1 - Translational research networks on Barrett’s esophagus
Plenary Session 2 - Comparative genomic analysis of esophageal cancers - Gene targeted therapy
Plenary Session 3 - Endoscopy for diagnosis and treatment
Plenary Session 4 - Surgical treatments
Plenary Session 5 - Complications of interventional endoscopy - esophageal surgery Classification systems
Plenary Session 6 - Chemo-Radiotherapy -Future directions -Towards personalized medicine
Post Graduate Course: Techniques & tips in esophageal practice - Approaches for translational research in esophageal diseases
Special Session 1 - The N.N. Blokhin Russian Cancer Research Center, Moscow
Special Session 2 - Neurophysiology of the esophagus, from receptor to the central nervous system
Special Session 3 - The Central Scientific Research Institute of Gastroenterology (Moscow)
Special Session 4 - Selected Posters Oral presentations
Special Session 5 - Pharmacology of the esophagus beyond PPIs
Symposium 1 - Molecular epidemiology of esophageal cancer
Symposium 2 - Upper third of the esophagus and pharyngeal cancers
Symposium 3 - Cancer stem cells
Symposium 4 - Collection of data - Genetic Library
Symposium 5 - Environmental factors and squamous cell carcinoma
Symposium 6 - Superficial / early cancers
Symposium 7 - Molecular dissection of Barrett’s metaplasia and EAC Pathology correlation
Symposium 8 -High Technology Assessment (HTA) Global Forum for medical devices
Symposium 9 - Esophageal stenting Esophageal stenting
Symposium 10 - Familial clustering and genetic susceptibility of esophageal cancer
Symposium 11 - Prediction of progression to cancer
Symposium 12 - Pre-Treatment resuscitation The role of the nurse in clinical trials on esophageal cancer
Topic Forum 1 - Diet and esophageal disease
Topic Forum 2 - Benign lesions of the esophagus -Lesions precursor of cancer
Topic Forum 3 - Adenocarcinomas slightly above, slightly below and within the gastroesophageal junction: what are their specific sites of origin, and how can we tell?
Topic Forum 4 - Regenerative Medicine
Topic Forum 5 - The role of immune system in cancer
Topic Forum 6 - Evidence-based decision making in esophageal cancer
Video Session
Closing Session