: OESO 2012 Conference


OESO 2012 Conference Complete Package - Web Access Plus DVD-ROM

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Includes all of these sessions from the 2012 conference:

Secrets on how to... Tatum - Triadafilopoulos

OPENING CEREMONY Teatro Sociale di Como

1- Defining esophageal landmarks Miller
2- Defining GERD The burning issue McCallum - Pace
3- Defining Barrett's esophagus Sampliner - Upton
4- The OESO specific format Defining a true inter-disciplinary approach to esophageal disease

1- Physiology UES-Body-LES Miller - Mion (D: Mashimo)
2- UES Dysfunction Diverticula - Globus pharyngeus Mittal - Sifrim
3- Achalasia Pellegrini - Dantas (D: Penagini)
4- DES-Nutcracker- Intermediate forms Castell - Samudio (D: Tutuian)
5- LES Dysfunction Richter - Bechi (D: Wang)
6- Functional testing Penagini - Gyawali (D: Katzka)
7- Barrett's esophagus Endoscopic - Surgical treatments Cohen - Triadafilopoulos (D: Abrams)
8- Barrett's esophagus & cancer Bonavina - Spechler (D: Fitzgerald)
9- New therapeutic strategies for squamous cell cancer Ilson - Kandioler (D: Krasna)
10- Esophageal cancer Schneider - Collard (D: Law)

1- The esophageal mucosa and submucosa Riddell - Upton
2- Immuno-Histology in GERD & BE Fiocca - Vieth (D: Buttar)
3- Leaks - Perforations - Stents Dua - Siersema (D: Wijnhoven)
4- Esophageal stenoses New tools for dilation Costamagna - Triadafilopoulos (D: Siersema)
5- Pediatrics Jadcherla - Nurko (D: Cheade)
6- Eosinophilic esophagitis Rothenberg (D: Achem) 7- Nutrition
8- HRM in clinical practice Gyawali - Tutuian
9- Non specific motility disorders The irritable esophagus McCallum - Vega (D: Rothstein)
10- Chest pain & motility disorders Achem - Sontag (D: Gerson)

1- The LES following surgery Braghetto - Sharma
2- Outcomes in esophageal surgery Del Genio - Tatum
3- Imaging Levine - Pokieser (D: Canon)
4- Innovative technologies Hamdy - V. Hillegersberg (D: Bitar)
5- Natural orifice surgery Inoue - SwanstrÃ�,¶m (D: Reddy)
6- Oral presentation Posters
7- Video Session Puntambekar
8- Molecular biology Krishnadath - Nardone (D: Souza)
9- Drugs for esophageal disease Hunt - Scarpignato (D: Di Mario)
10- Neurogenic dysphagia Oro-pharyngeal dysphagia Clave - Martin- Harris (D: Bor)

1- Esophageal tissue resistance Fang - Orlando (D: Dvorak)
2- GI sensitivity Drewes - Nardone
3- Animal models Gibson - Marks
4- Cancer biology Chen - Das (D: Fitzgerald)
5- Pharyngeal reflux ENT & GERD Belafsky - Shaker
6- Neurophysiology Hobson - Aziz (D: Drewes)
7- Respiratory manifestations of GERD Harding - Sifrim (D: Belafsky)
8- Endotherapy for GERD Edmundowicz - Wang (D: Ponchon)
9- Tailored therapeutic approach to the GERD patient Armstrong - Gayet (D: Katz)
10- The refractory GERD Savarino - Wong (D: Hongo)