2020 Wise Traditions Annual Conference
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Includes all of these presentations:

  Friday, November 13, 2020  
Gut and Physiology Syndrome Natasha Campbell-McBride
Live Stream The Perils of Fifth Generation (5G) Wireless: Health, Environment, Politics, and Personal Solutions Beverly Rubik
  Homeopathy for the Family Anke Zimmermann
  Omega 6 Apocalypse: Are Vegetable Oils the Unifying Mechanism for Westernized Diseases Chris Knobbe
  Broths and Stocks: Timeless Remedies for Vibrant Health Monica Corrado
Live Stream Healing Through the Power of Nature, Part 1 Earth, Air Timothy Weeks
  Vaccine Freedom, Legislative Updates and How to Talk About Vaccine Kendall Nelson
  How to Meet Individualized Nutrient Needs with Organ Meats Janine Farzin
Live Stream Healing Through the Power of Nature Part 2, Water, Fire Timothy Weeks
  Aluminum: The Psychological Consequences of Adjuvants Louisa Williams
  Ask the Practitioners Tom Cowan, Sally Fallon Morell, Brandon LaGreca, etc.
Live Stream Genetic Engineering Jeffrey Smith
  Saturday, November 14, 2020  
  Nourishing Traditional Diets Sally Fallon Morell
  Glyphosate, Deuterium and Cancer: Connecting the Dots Stephanie Seneff
Live Stream TBD Andrew Wakefield 
  5G, Cell Phones, the Wireless Revolution and Your Health Theodora Scarato
Live Stream Vegetarianism Explained Natasha Campbell-McBride
  Studies on Kamut  Bob Quinn
  Autopsy of the Germ Theory Tom Cowan: 
Live Stream Safe Dental Amalgam Filling Removal Protocol Marc DiNola
  Homeopathy for Developmental Disorders Anke Zimmermann
Live Stream Let Food Be Thy Medicine Laura Villanti
  TBD Will Winter
Live Stream Awards Banquet: When Money Intersects Public Health Policy     Keynote: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
  Sunday, November 15, 2020  
  Homesteading After Cancer  Jason & Lorraine Contreras
  Making Sourdough Bread Sue Becker
Live Stream Cosmic Ether and Cosmic Life on Earth James DeMeo
  Bringing Up Baby Sally Fallon Morell
  Ask the Homesteaders Homesteaders Panel 
Live Stream The Financial Viability of Organics Bob Quinn
  Chronic Illness: Building Your Own Treatment Plan Brandon LaGreca
  Say Cheese! Unwrapping the Truth About Cheese Babs Hogan
Live Stream Building Biology  Diana Jabour
  The Devil in the Garlic: How Disrupted Sulfur Metabolism Can Wreck our Health Greg Nigh
Live Stream Closing Ceremony  Del Bigtree