2023 Wise Traditions Annual Conference
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Get the Live and On-Demand Streaming PLUS recordings on USB Flash Drive or DVD-ROM here

Register now to watch the sessions. You can stream recordings of ALL sessions ON-DEMAND after the conference as many times as you want. Or you can have a DVD-ROM or USB Flash Drive shipped to you. This package includes slides and video of the presenter for live streamed sessions (only 1 for each time slot) and audio with synchronized slides for all other sessions (2 or 3 for each time slot). LIVE WEB STREAM will be broadcast for all three conference days and all sessions can be viewed on-demand after the conference.

Includes all of these presentations:

Presentations include audio and slides. Some sessions also include video of the presenter along with their slides.

Friday, October 20, 2023 Speaker Audio or Video
Nourish Your Family With Popular Foods Cooked Right Corey Dunn Audio & Slides
Mercury, Root Canals And Implants - Oh My! Blanche Grube Video & Slides
Gaps Concept: What Causes All Chronic Disease, Part 1 Natasha Campbell-McBride Audio & Slides
Lost Wisdom of the Tribes and the Throne Theory of Health Mary Ruddick Audio & Slides
Parasites: Well Beyond A Gut Story Laura Villanti Video & Slides
Gaps Concept: What Causes All Chronic Disease, Part 2 Natasha Campbell-McBride Audio & Slides
Got Real Milk? Safety, Health, Economic And Legal Issues Sally Fallon Morell Audio & Slides
Your Gut 2.0 - Unraveling Oxalate Intolerance Ruth Ann Foster Video & Slides
Science For Sale: A Tangled Tale of Treachery Mike Thompson Audio & Slides
Easy Horozontal Beekeeping to Source Your Own Unfiltered Raw Honey and Other Produts of the Hive Nathalie B Audio & Slides
The Missing Link to Health - Balancing Tiny Exposion Nina-Marie Reuda Video & Slides
The Contagion Myth Sally Fallon Morell Audio & Slides
Germ Theory Folklore: Why Such A Tight Grip On The Big Lie William Trebing Video & Slides
Ask The Practitioners Panel Natasha Campbell-McBride, Tom Cowan, Laura Villanti, Dawn Ewing and Pam Schoenfeld with moderator Sally Fallon Morell Audio & Slides
Saturday, October 21, 2023 Speaker Audio or Video
Nourishing Traditional Diets Part 1 Sally Fallon Morell Audio & Slides
The Microbiome: The Ultimate Information Superhighway Martha Carlin Audio & Slides
Introduction To Using Homeopathy At Home Paola Brown Audio & Slides
Gender Bender Chemicals Anthony Jay Video & Slides
Nourishing Traditional Diets Part 2 Sally Fallon Morell Audio & Slides
The Loss Of Local Farms And What You Can Do About It Alex Miller Audio & Slides
Be Nice to Your Weeds -- They Just Might Save Your Life Patrick Jones Audio & Slides
Fluoride: A Story Of Manipulation Anthony Jay Video & Slides
Making Home Nose-To-Tail Butchering And Cooking Accessible Bill Schindler Audio & Slides
Freedom, Law and Litigation: A Spiritual Battle at Heart Leslie Manookian Audio & Slides
How Dental Meridians Are Blocked by Root Canals Dawn Ewing Audio & Slides
The New Biology Medicine, Part 1 Tom Cowan Video & Slides
Modern Stone Age Household: Making An Ancestral Diet Work In Today'S World Bill and Christina Schindler Audio & Slides
Opting Out of the Internet of Bodies - The Link Between EMFs-5G and Vaccines - And Wholistic Solutions Josh del Sol Audio & Slides
The New Biology Medicine, Part 2 Tom Cowan Video & Slides
Finding Your Personal Wise Traditions Chris Masterjohn Audio & Slides
Awards Banquet And Keynote Sasha Latypova - Weaponized Healthcare: Global Attack on our Genes, Microbiome and Food Source Sasha Latypova Video & Slides
Sunday, October 22, 2023 Speaker Audio or Video
A Wise Traditions Home Panel - How Do Busy Moms Implement Wise  Traditions Principles in the Home? These Seasoned Moms Share their Secrets! (Dads are welcome too!) Sally Fallon Morell, Maureen Diaz, Christine Muldoon and Hilary Boynton with moderator Hilda Labrada Gore Audio & Slides
Natural Movement Training - An Anthropological Approach to Movement and How to Do It On Your Own! Isaac Chilton Audio & Slides
Mass Action Of Liability Regarding Vaccines, 5G And 'Smart' Meters Cal Washington Audio & Slides
Reframing The Infectious Disease Paradigm Alec Zeck Video & Slides
Vegetarianism Explained Natasha Campbell–McBride Audio & Slides
Creating Strong Communities, Food Systems, and Prosperity by Taking Back our Money System Ellen Brown Audio & Slides
The Perils of 5G and How to Protect Ourselves Beverly Rubik Audio & Slides
How Being Dirty Keeps Us Healthy In A Sterile World Doug and Stacy of Off Grid Video & Slides
Preserving The Fruits Of Your Garden Through Fermentation And Other Means Celeste Longacre Audio & Slides
Discussion On Climate Change, Biblical Apocalypse Or More Hot Air? James Kirkpatrick Audio & Slides
What You Can Do When Your Try: Highlighting Heroes Catherine Austin Fitts and Sasha Latypova Video & Slides
Closing Ceremony Sally Fallon Morell with Senator Mark Steffen, MD Audio & Slides