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 23900 - Complete Conference MP3 CD-ROM - New Jersey Romance Writers 2014 Put Your Heart in a Book Conference $199.00   

Take the conference home with you !

Audio recordings of the live presentations from the New Jersey Romance Writers 2014 Put Your Heart in a Book Conference in MP3 format. Includes all recorded sessions.

This interactive multimedia CD-ROM features MP3 audio recordings of all sessions recorded exactly as is happened live. Listen on your computer or fill your iPod or favorite MP3 player with all the live audio from every session. This package allows you to review presentations and is a lasting valuable resource.




Item Title Speaker
23904 Work Your Social Media Platform Like a Rockstar! Sandra Pesso 
23905 E-pub, POD, and the Future of Publishing for the Writer Jen Talty & Bob Mayer 
23906 Derring-Do: The Passionate Writer's Guide to Success Beth Ciotta 
23907 The Hard and Fast Rules for a Kickass Query Julie Ann Walker 
23908 Tips for Writing the "Can't Put It Down" Novel Anne Walradt 
23909 Taming Twitter Julie Rowe 
23910 How to Self Publish Judi Fennell 
23911 Tech Tips For Writers Joanna Shupe 
23912 Pitch Perfect Tina Gallagher and Pattie Giordani 
23913 Sweet, Snarky, or Sexpot: What Makes A Good Heroine? Jennifer Probst & Jen Talty 
23914 Novel Writing: One Draft at a Time Mary Burton 
23915 The Art of Self-Editing Judith Roth 
23916 The Secrets Behind Becoming a Bestseller Laura Kaye 
23917 GMC in the YA Novel Nisha Sharma 
23918 Personal Branding for Authors: Maximum Effect, Minimum Effort Laura Curtis 
23919 Sell Your Book, Not Your Soul: How to Write a Commercial Book of Your Heart Nancy Herkness 
23920 From the Query and Beyond: The Agent-Author Relationship Sarah Younger 
23921 Classic Writing Mistakes Maria Snyder 
23922 Top Ten Ways You're Showing Rather Than Telling: A Checklist for Writers at Every Stage Mallory Braus 
23923 Grab Your Reader on Page One Donna MacMeans 
23924 This Bridge Looks REALLY High: Jumping into Self-publishing Laurie Cooper 
23925 How to Make Opportunities Happen: 6 Strategies to Success Laurie Bevin Cooper & Opal Carew 
23926 Write It Forward: Building a Career Plan for Authors Bob Mayer 
23928 A Walk In The Plot Leigh Duncan 
23929 Looking for Action? Writing Believable Fight Scenes K.M. Fawcett & Cathy Tully 
23930 Building Your Author Brand Jennifer Talty 
23931 Draw Me a Story Shiloh Walker 
23932 How To Make Your Characters THUNDER Onto the Page Julie Ann Walker 
23933 Be Your Own Agent and Still Sell that Novel Victoria Pinder 
23934 Screw the Muse, I'm on Deadline Susan Mallery 
23935 Book Trailer Boot Camp Susan Wall 
23936 Domains and Graphics and Widgets, Oh My! (Help with Wordpress) Jeanette Grey 
23938 Novel in a Nutshell Judi Fennell 
23939 Worldbuilding Through a Series Kristen Painter 
23940 Marketing for Impact Diana Cosby 
23942 How To Write Fast Peter Andrews 
23943 How to Give (and Get) Better Critiques Mallory Braus
23944 How to Use the Tarot to Write Scenes that Sizzle, Seduce, & Sparkle Paula Scardamalia 
23945 Score! Game plans, Strategies, and Plays to Help Meet Your Writing Goals Nisha Sharma 
23946 Susan Mallory Keynote Susan Mallory
23947 Jennifer Probst Keynote Jennifer Probst


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