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ITEM CODE Tuesday, January 20, 2015  
24671 TU01 How to Create (and Stick to) an Effective, Efficient Marketing Budget Marty Gould
24672 TU02 Shaken, Not Stirred – How to Get the Best Bond from Your Mortar Dale Roberts
24673 TU03 Values-Based Leadership and the Future of Work Mark Fernandes
24674 TU04 Carpet and Hard Surface Cleaning Methods: What's New and What Should You Recommend to Your Customers? Larry Cooper, Dane Gregory and Doyle Bloss
24675 TU05 Design Generations – What's Trending Now, at Any Age Mark Woodman
24676 TU06 Growing Together, Not Apart – How Installers and Retailers Can Work Together to Be More Profitable Scott Carothers, Tom Jennings
24677 TU07 Stone Pavers – What You Need to Know About Advances and Changes in Installation Techniques Mike Granatowski
24678 TU08 What Architects & Designers Need to Know about Stone Tile Installation, Care and Maintenance Danny MacNair, Dale Roberts
24679 TU09 Culture Clash – Understanding Generations at Work Wally Adamchik
24680 TU10 Glass Tile Installation Methods, Design and Color Trends Tim Bolby, Mikeal Jensen,
Sonu Mathew, David Fatula
24681 TU11 Building Your Brand Locally – Strategies and Tools for Differentiating your Business from the Competition Marty Gould
24682 TU12 What Design Professionals Need to Know About LEED V4: New Trends in Sustainability for Building Materials Bill Griese, Dan Marvin
24683 TU13 Proper Applications of Tile and Stone for Kitchens and Bathrooms Michael Whistler, Gerald Sloan
24684 TU14 Care and Maintenance Top 10 – How to Profit from Avoiding Common Pitfalls Rod Sigman
24685 SM1 Social Media Interactive Workshop I: Using Social Media to Support Your Business Christine Whittemore
24686 TU16 Secrets to Selling to Interior Designers and Architects Chris Ramey, Mark Wooman, Faith Sheridan, Diana S. Walker, Tiare Noelani Pinto, Ernie Roth Jacquelyn Armour  
24687 TU17 Stone Shop Transformation – Manual to Digital Paul Menninger, Eric Tryon, Stuart Young
24688 TU18 Membrane System Solutions for Crack-Isolation and Sound Control Mike Granatowski
24689 TU19 Watch This! How to Create Digital Content that Increases Sales and Your Google Rankings Mark Lauzon
24690 TU20 Accountability – Getting People to Do What You Need Them to Do, When You Need Them to Do It Wally Adamchik
24691 SM2 Social Media Interactive Workshop II: How to Get the Results You Want Christine Whittemore
24692 TU21 Thin Tile Installations in Above Ground and Exterior Applications  Noah Chitty, Dan Marvin
24693 TU22 What You Need to Know About Health and Safety in the Stone Industry Jonathan Mitnick, Jim Nikolopoulos
24694 TU23 Game On! Solving Marketing & Sales Challenges Paul Friederichsen, Brian Gracon, PhD
24695 TU24 How to Create New Customers and Set Yourself Apart from the Competition  Scott D. Perron
24696 TU25 Your Customer is Changing, Are You? – How Distributors Can Excel in the Face of New Threats and Opportunities Jim Gould
ITEM CODE Wednesday, January 21, 2015  
24697 WE01 Installation Failures and Solutions – Carpet and Resilient Flooring Jon Namba and Mike Suffia
24698 WE02 Travertine & Marble Tile: Properties, Installation Considerations, and Proper Care and Maintenance Danny MacNair, Rod Sigman
24699 WE03 How to Avoid Independent Contractor Misclassification: A Practical Solution to a Potentially Costly Problem  Jeffrey King
24700 WE04 Get Found Online! Tips for Making Your Website More Visible Christine Whittemore
24701 WE05 Fabricating Large Format Materials  Paul Menninger, GK Naquin
24702 WE06 Tackling Retail’s Toughest Issues Jim Gould (Moderator),
Keith Spano, Vinnie Virga,
Olga Robertson
24703 WE07 Managing a Tile or Stone Project for Profit Nyle Wadford, James Woelfe
24704 MIAWE1 Sandstone: The Basics of Selection, Fabrication and Maintenance  David Dunn
24705 WE08 Luxury Vinyl Tile – What You Need to Know to Select the Right LVT for Your Customer Sam Allman
24706 WE09 The "Other" Shop – the Customer's Home: How Installers Can Make or Break Future and Referral Business  Brandon Maldonado, Buddy Ontra
24707 WE10 Grout Selection for Ceramic and Stone Tile – What’s New  Mike Micalizzi, Steve Taylor
24708 WE11 Generation Squared – How to Sell to Four Different Generations  James E. Dion
24709 WE12 Identifying and Installing Today's Carpets Robert Varden
24710 WE14 Three Secrets of Negotiation That Will Dramatically Increase Your Closed Sales  Jim Augustus Armstrong
24711 MIAWE2 Navigating an Onsite Safety Consultation to Meet OSHA Requirements Jim Nikolopoulos
24712 WE15 Three Men and a Lady Discuss Stone and Tile Maintenance and Restoration  David Walton (Moderator), Cameron DeMile, Josh Huseby, Ted McFadden,
Jacqueline Tabbah
24713 WE16 Installation Problems, Causes and Cures: Hardwood, Bamboo and Laminate Jon Namba
24714 WE17 The Challenges of Installing Large Format Porcelain Tile and Stone Mike Granatowski
24715 WE18 Develop a Compelling Customer Experience in Your Showroom Phil Pond
24716 WE19 The Best Ways for Retailers to Capitalize on Consumers’ Use of their Mobile Devices James E. Dion
24717 WE20 Utilizing Technology in the Field for Tile and Stone Installation  Jason Banks, Martin Howard
24718 WE21 Selling Today’s Changing Fiber Systems  Lewis Migliore
ITEM CODE Thursday, January 22, 2015   
24719 TH01  Dealing with and Avoiding Flooring Complaints Lewis Migliore
24720 TH02 How to Provide Killer Customer Service that Will Improve Your Bottom Line Lisbeth Calandrino
24721 TH03 Residential Countertop Fabricators Forum Joey Marcella, Ron Hannah, Chris Garten,
Laura Grandlienard,
Dan Riccolo  
24722 TH04 Is Dad Always Right? A Father/Daughter Team Share their Insights on Successfully Managing a Family Business Jacqueline Tabbah, Rawi Tabbah
24723 TH05 Heart and Mind Selling – Making Customers for Life Sam Allman
24724 TH06 Design and Color Trends for 2015, 2016 & Beyond! Victoria Redshaw
24725 TH07 Tile: Exploring Installation Failures and Solutions Gerald Sloan, Michael Whistler 
24726 MIATH3 Sustainable Natural Stone - An Introduction to NSC 373  Joshua Levinson
24727 MIATH4 Women In Stone Panel Discussion  Karen Rothenberg
24728 TH08 Understanding the Operational Metrics of Your Stone Fabrication Facility Tony Malisani, Duane Naquin
24729 TH09 Meeting the Challenges for Tile & Stone Installations: New vs. Renovation Projects Mike Micalizzi
24730 TH10 Marketing Strategies to Quickly Skyrocket Your Retail Cash Flow  Jim Augustus Armstrong
24731 TH11 Sales Management Reinvented – Fresh Strategies to Drive a High Performance Sales Team David Romano
24732 TH12 Exterior Wall Cladding – Making the Transition from Interiors to Exteriors  Chuck Muehlbauer, Michael Picco
24733 TH13 Adhesive Science 101: How to Avoid a Sticky Situation - (MP3 Audio Only) Jeff Johnson
24734 MIATH5 Fabricator Benchmarking- Perspectives in Benchmarking  Peter T De Kok
24735 TH14 What You Always Wanted to Know About Wood, Bamboo and Cork Floors But Were Afraid to Ask Jon Namba, Michelle Reichow, Roy A. Reichow
24736 TH15 Administrative Panel for Fabricators Buddy Ontra, Nick Began,
Karen Rothenberg, Eric Tryon
24737 TH16 The Evolution of Moisture Mitigation for Concrete Sub-floors Peter Craig
24738 TH17 Own a Business, Sell Your Job  Sam Allman
24739 TH18 Stone Trends 2015 – New Trends in Stone Sourcing, Marketing and Design
(MP3 Audio Only)
Vincent Marazita
24740 TH19 Do You Really Want This Stone Restoration Job? – When to Say No to the Job David Bonasera, Greg Mowat
24741 TH20 Recruiting, Hiring, Training & Retaining Exceptional Talent 
(MP3 Audio Only)
Rhonda Robinson


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