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 *Complete INS 2017 Conference -All sessions Audio Slides with Synchronized Audio, Plus MP3 files $249.00   
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This interactive multimedia product features video of All sessions PowerPoint slides with Synchronized live Audio from the International Neuropsychological Society 2017 Annual INS Meeting! Watch the slides while listening to the synchronized audio, exactly as is happened live. This package allows you to review presentation materials and is a lasting valuable resource.

BONUS: Also includes MP3 audio recordings of all sessions recorded exactly as is happened live. Listen on your computer or fill your iPod or favorite MP3 player with all the live audio from every session.


Item Session
28551 CE Workshop 1. Environmental Chemicals and Children’s Brains: How Big a Problem?   
David C. Bellinger
28552 CE Workshop 2. Best-Practices of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) for Effective and Reliable Outcomes
Marom Bikson
28553 CE Workshop 3. Adult Aphasia: Classifications, Localization, and Neuroimaging   
Nina Dronkers
28554 CE Workshop 5. The Adolescent Brain: Arrested or Adaptive Development?    BJ Casey
28555 CE Workshop 6. Clinical Assessment of Frontal Lobe Functions: A Historical Perspective of the Application of  the Boston VA Jamaica Plans VA Process Approach    Donald T. Stuss
28556 Plenary A. The Impact of the Past on Current and Future Views of Limb Apraxia    Kathy Y. Haaland
28557 CE Workshop 7. Financial and Health Decision Making in Old Age: Neuropsychology, Neuroimaging, and Race Considerations    Duke Han
28558 CE Workshop 8. Hearts and Minds: Recent Advances in the Neuropsychology of Pediatric Critical Congenital Heart Disease      Adam R. Cassidy
28559 Invited Symposium 1. Electrical Brain Stimulation and Cognitive Disorders
Marom Bikson, Adam J. Woods, Leigh Charvet
28560 Symposium 1. Neuropsychology in the Americas
Alberto Fernandez, Aldo Ferreres, Tedd Judd, Christopher Grote, Jennifer Manly
28561 Symposium 2. An integrative look at the Boston Process Approach to Neuropsychology: A Review of the History, Current Research and Future Directions of Error Analysis
Melissa Lamar, David Libon, Rhoda Au, Aimee Karstens, Unai Diaz-Orueta
28562 Paper Session 1. Risk & Alzheimer’s
Anna Blanken, Daniel Nation, Christian LoBue, Belinda Yew, Megan Glenn, Elissa McIntosh
28563 Paper Session 2. Veterans’ Health
Amy Jak, Emily Trittschuh, Holly Miskey, J. Cobb Scott, John Williamson, Elizabeth Leritz
28564 Plenary B. Frontal Cortex and Human Behavior: Evidence from Intracranial Recording   
Robert T. Knight
28565 Early Career Awardee Presentation. A Case Study Approach to Understanding Memory
R. Shayna Rosenbaum
28566 Invited Symposium 2. Evolution of the Neuropsychology of Epilepsy Surgery
Bruce Hermann, Jeffrey Ojemann, Marla Hamberger, Dan Drane, Carrie McDonald
28567 INS Student Liaison Committee Workshop: The Neuropsychologist in the Public Domain: Kids, Academia, and the Law
Robert Knight, Kathleen Haaland, Donna Sorensen, Erin Bigler
28568 Symposium 3. Brain and Cognition Following Very Preterm Birth
Chiara Nosarti, Serena Counsell, James Boardman, Ronny Geva, Gro Christine Christensen Løhaugen
28569 Paper Session 3. Cognitive Neuroscience
Edward de Haan, Justin Karr, Nicholas Bott, Scott Hayes, Matthew Wright, Lauren Oberlin
28570 Paper Session 4. Oncology
Yin Ting Cheung, Wei Liu, Pia Banerjee, Tara Brinkman, Michelle Fox, Jeffrey Wefel
28571 Plenary D (Birch Memorial Lecture). Cognitive Neural Prosthetics to Overcome Brain and Spinal Cord Injury
Richard A. Andersen
28572 Symposium 4. Historical Perspectives in the Study of Neurotrauma: Progress and Pitfalls Over 40 years of Research
Frank Hillary, Harvey Levin, Erin Bigle
28573 Paper Session 5. Vascular Disease and Injury
Angela Jefferson, Sara Pillay, Eliane Miotto, Katherine Bangen, Madeleine Werhane, Brittany Schneider
28574 Paper Session 6. Substance Abuse
Rosemary Fama, Kirsten Frazer, Bradley Reynolds, Scott Hunter, Robyn Migliorini, J. Cobb Scott
28575 Paper Session 7. Sleep
Angeliki Tsapanou, Jesse Fischer, Dean Beebe, Fawad Viqar, Anik Gosselin, Sarah Martindale
28576 Paper Session 8. Cross Cultural
Sabrina Na, Sarah Shair, Jennie Ponsford, Amy Werry, Gloria Felix, Luis Medina
28577 CE Workshop 9. Autism: Clinical and Translational Insights from Brain Mapping    Rajesh K. Kana
28578 CE Workshop 10. Not All Aging Processes Are Created Equal: Cognitive Aging Among Culturally Diverse Groups
April D. Thames
28579 Invited Symposium 3. Advances in Pediatric Mild TBI: Toward a Neurobiopsychosocial Model
Keith O. Yeates, Gerry Taylor, Alain Ptito, Vicki Anderson, Michael Kirkwood
28580 Symposium 5. Interdisciplinary Approaches to Understanding Post-Operative Cognitive Complications in Older Adults
Catherine Price, Steven T. DeKosky, Tania Giovannetti, Jeffery Browndyke, Thomas Floyd
28581 Symposium 6. Neuropsychology and Technologies: Taking the Lead on New Opportunities for Understanding Brain-Behavior Relationships   
Maria Schultheis, Kayci Vickers, Jillian Tessier, Eli Vakil, Jennifer Yuan
28582 Paper Session 9. Epilepsy   
Joseph Tracy, David Marra, Karol Osipowicz,William Schraegle, Ryan Brewster, Jessica Spat
28583 Paper Session 10. Medical / Infectious Disease
David Sheppard, Taylor Kuhn, Emilia Lojek, Michal Harciarek, Jonathan Evans, Rosemarie Bowler
28584 Plenary E. Behavioral Clusters and Brain Network Mechanisms of Impairment and Recovery    Maurizio Corbetta
28585 Benton / Mid-Career Awardee Presentation. Subtle Brain-Behavior Biomarkers of Modifiable Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors: Implications for Minority Health Disparities, Aging and Dementia    Melissa Lamar
28586 Invited Symposium 4. A Summit on Cognitive Rehabilitation: Mapping the Past, Defining the Present and Imagining the Future    Anthony Y. Stringer, Barbara A. Wilson, Keith D. Cicerone
28587 Panel Discussion, Presented by the INS Student Liaison Committee: International Cross-Cultural Considerations in Research    Anita Sim, Jonathan Evans, Tedd Judd, Robert K. Heaton
28588 Symposium 7. Locus Coeruleus-Norepinephrine System, Cognitive Effort, and Early Risk for Alzheimer’s Disease
William Kremen, Mark Sanderson-Cimino, Elman Jeremy, Mara Mather, Mark W. Bondi
28589 Symposium 8. Clinical Applications of Functional Neuroimaging for Presurgical Functional Mapping: The Past, Present, and Future Roles for Neuropsychologists    Christen Holder, Nicole Shay, Roozbeh Rezaie, Andrew Papanicolaou
28590 Paper Session 11. Mental Illness    Alicia Ford, Elyssa Weber, John Keilp, Faith Steffen-Allen
28591 Plenary F. Contributions to Understanding the Dynamic Course of Alcoholism: An INS Legacy
Edith V. Sullivan
28592 Invited Symposium 5. The Next Generation: A Look at Cohort Studies of People at Risk for Alzheimer’s Disease
Sterling C. Johnson, Therese Barry-Tanner, Jason Hassenstab, Anja Soldan, Jennifer Manly, Angela Jefferson
28593 Symposium 9. Depression in Clinical Conditions: Impact on Behavior, Neural Mechanisms and Quality of Life
Ekaterina Dobryakova, Rujvi Kamat, Kelly Bijanki, Yael Goverover, Lauren Strober
28594 Symposium 10. Comorbidities Associated with Neurocognitive Performance in Sports Concussion and MS
Peter Arnett, Erin Guty, Natalie Grima, Breton Asken, Jessica Zamzow, Cristina Roman
28595 Paper Session 12. Memory
Katie Osborn, Matthew Grilli, Kaitlin Casaletto, Rowan Saloner, Elodie Bertrand, Sally Vogel
28596 Paper Session 13. Updating Neuropsychological Practice
Timothy Brearly, RJ Elbin, Heleen Feenstra, Tania Giovannetti, Julija Stelmokas, Christina Wong
28597 CE Workshop 11. How Does Evidence-Based Practice Address the ‘Replication Crisis’ in Clinical Neuropsychology?
David Loring, Stephen Bowden
28598 Invited Symposium 6. Translational Neuropsychology: Contemplating the Past and Looking Toward the Future
Adam M. Brickman, Deanna Barch, Robert Bilder, Rhoda Au, Russell M. Bauer
28599 Symposium 11. Development and Adaptation of Assessment Instruments: Best Practices, Legal Issues, Training, and Lessons Learned    Lisa Drozdick, Anna Nakonechny, Sally Kemp, David Shafer
28600 Symposium 12. Neonatal Hypoxic-ischemic Encephalopathy in the Post-therapeutic Hypothermia Era: How does a Multi-Disciplinary Approach from Bench to Bedside Help Us Understand a Shift in Brain Injury Patterns and Neurobehavioral Outcomes?
Gwendolyn Gerner, Martha Denckla, Frances Northington, Ernest Graham, Andrea Poretti, Joanna Burton
28601 Paper Session 14. Cognitively Based Interventions in Aging
Sylvie Belleville, Catherine Mewborn, Sharon Simon, Einat Brenner, Roy Kessels, Angelina Polsinelli
28602 Paper Session 15. TBI Across the Lifespan
Nicholas Ryan, Dalin Pulsipher, Jenny Bellerose, Skye McDonald, Nora Presson, Amery Treble-Barna
28603 Paper Session 16. Subjective Cognitive Complaints
Sietske Sikkes, Erik Hessen, Rachel Buckley, Katherine Gifford, Stephanie Cosentino, Alexandra Apple
28604 Plenary G (Kaplan Memorial Lecture). Language and the Brain: From Past Studies to Future Aspirations
Nina Dronkers


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