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 12519 5 Natural Steps for Recovery from Any and All Loss -Marilyn Sargent and Al Sargent

Full Day Seminar

Finally, the True Structure of Grief is Revealed! 5 Natural Steps for Recovery from Any and All Loss -Marilyn Sargent and Al Sargent

Feeling sadness is appropriate when a valuable connection is lost. Experiencing guilt, anger, depression and blame are not a necessary part of the natural grief process. In this workshop you will learn a natural step-by-step pathway to lead you back into a balanced life after a trauma or loss, while having the authentic emotions appropriate for the levels of change you are experiencing. 

The intensity of a grief process depends on the depth of our connection to that which has been lost and our ability to process through the experience proactively. Whether the loss is a loved one, a job, a dream, or even a fountain pen, the structure of the grieving process is the same in all situations. 
Natural Grief Processing for All Trauma and Loss Events:

  1. Event        An event happens - there is a change.
  2. Attention   We become aware of the event or change.
  3. Authentication   We check out the facts to verify what is actually true.
  4. Introspection   We turn our thoughts inside, into Introspection, to process how this event has impacted our life, to decide how to best move on with our life.
  5. Understanding   We regain a sense of personal balance and begin to adjusth to life as it is now.


The key to recovering from a grief event is

Moving Through Grief with Grace and Dignity, the Way Nature Intended

by living a life of balance and connectedness. Discover how to build a legacy that is uniquely your own, help others who are “stuck” in cultural misconceptions and traditional rules, plus develop your inner wisdom and congruency for your life. The human brain provides the answers when we know what questions to ask.


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