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 19798 - Chronic Pain and Debilitating Conditions Resolution: Make Your Symptoms Disappear - Olivia Roberts $39.00   
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Chronic Pain and Debilitating Conditions Resolution: Make Your Symptoms Disappear, Olivia Roberts

In these extended session, you will learn about this unusual programme of mental exercises and techniques that was discovered by Olivia Roberts, 26 years ago. Olivia reduced her own debilitating symptoms of migraine, M.E. and chronic pain until they completely disappeared and she was able to get back to a normal life.

After a career in pharmaceuticals where she learnt about regular medicine, Olivia began to study NLP in 2002. She realised after studying ‘modelling’ that she might be able to share her knowledge with others. The Resolution Magic Programme was created, and then, as people used the techniques for migraine and chronic fatigue, many other concomitant symptoms also disappeared, like backache, sinusitis, fibromyalgia, vertigo, depression and IBS. These case studies became the foundation of her book, which also explains all of the principals and techniques of the programme.

Olivia explains the theory and the practice in each of the three areas that constitute Resolution Magic. The first area makes unpleasant feelings disappear, like worry, anxiety, anger and frustration. The second area works directly to re-educate the nervous system not to create symptoms. The third area works on changing the effects of past experiences.

Part 1  -  What causes unwanted feelings, and how can you make them disappear?

An overview of the whole programme, based on ‘The Magic Carpet Exercise’ – a perfect sequence. It explains the theory of how feelings are created, and the practice of making unwanted feelings disappear using various techniques, and a novel, 6-second routine.

  • Introduction – My story – how I discovered these techniques
  • Introducing the subconscious – the roles of the subconscious.
  • How memories are stored in memory-boxes with memory-waves.
  • How feelings are created. How to change an unwanted feeling – add in a really good one, or jump right in and change a bad one!
  • Sequences - and how it controls so many things using sequences.
  • The Magic Carpet Sequence.
  • The Resolution Magic Programme for unwanted feelings  ‘3 Big Go Aways’ - anxiety, worry & over-sensitivity.
  • Attaching the sequence for symptoms, using ‘sessions’.
  • Changing the Effects of past experiences using re-runs.

Part 2  -  What causes physical and psychological symptoms, and how can you make them disappear?

An explanation of Olivia’s original theory of Neurological Wave Syndrome: What causes physical and psychological symptoms like migraine, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, M.E., vertigo, depression and pain, and how to make them disappear using a number of novel techniques i.e. ‘The Driver’ that works directly on the neurology, and ‘Changing the Effects of Present and Past Experiences’.

  • Introduction - How I discovered that the programme worked for IBS and many other physical and psychological symptoms.
  • Why does this programme work for so many symptoms? The Theory of Neurological Wave Syndrome.
  • The Resolution Magic Programme for unwanted symptoms & how to begin -working with pain, migraine, IBS and chronic fatigue
  • The Rehearsal & Retrospective Rehearsals, the Fast Start and Maintenance.
  • What to Expect when you begin your programme for physical symptoms.
  • Trace down from a symptom (or feeling) back to the originating past event.
  • Change the effects of a past experience - the memory re-run, antidotes, doing it right, unfairness, bereavement
  • Further help Q & A


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