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 19808 - Creating the Freedom to Truly Connect - Femke Stuut $24.00   
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Creating the Freedom to Truly Connect, Femke Stuut

Do you struggle setting boundaries and sticking up for yourself? Do you feel alone in your relationship? Do you allow others to take advantage of you? "Creating the Freedom to Connect" teaches you all about the synergy between healthy boundaries and creating true connections with those around you.

As human beings, we are born to connect. In fact, we fear disconnection. Emotional detachment is painful to us. In growing up, we figure out ways to prevent ourselves from feeling vulnerable, from getting hurt. Some of us, in a determination to "never get hurt again", learn to put up walls and become counter-dependent to keep themselves safe. Others try to establish closeness through fitting in and finding approval, often at their own detriment and to the point where they can't feel their own boundaries any longer. Rather than learning a healthy sense of independence where we can provide in our own emotional safety and security, the way we try to prevent ourselves from feeling vulnerable often leads to holding back, not fully being ourselves, and strategic behavior. We either withdraw or we try to control. In either case, we don’t achieve closeness, nor do we feel particularly safe. This withdrawing or strategizing limits our ability to truly connect with the one we're relating to. It's how we repeat the same patterns from one relationship to another, never really being satisfied.

"Creating the Freedom to Connect" is the result of modelling healthy connections. It teaches you to be separate enough to express your own unique sense of self, how to set healthy boundaries, and what it takes to stay connected to another person even in the face of adversity.

What will you learn? You will learn the six critical steps to creating inner emotional security so you are free to risk closeness and experience connections deeper than you've ever experienced before. You'll also learn what authentic boundaries have to do with the freedom to connect, and how to set them. You'll be introduced to the Meta-States model and experience how quickly you can transform emotions that trigger us to disconnect so as to keep ourselves safe.

For those of you who have a desire to experience deep, meaningful relationships, this workshop is a valuable experience not only for your own personal growth, but for your clients as well.

With an unbridled compassion for people and the power of their dreams and an incurable habit of turning rocks over, Femke Stuut stands out as an inspiring coach and trainer. She is an architect of intellectual awareness and personal transformation with proven abilities to unearth individual ideals, values and goals and make reality of them. An honor’s graduate with a master’s degree in International Business from the University of Kent (UK), as well as a graduate of CERAM Business School (France) and the University of Groningen (The Netherlands), Femke has ignited irreverently effective thinking in corporate confines that have helped the likes of Heineken, DSM and Holland’s Ministry of Agriculture. In recent years, her passion has taken her to uncover the structure of creating true connections. Her coaching and training skills have enabled individuals to more freely and authentically connect with themselves and those they are in relationship with.As an internationally certified Meta-Coach (ACMC) and Neurosemantics trainer, Femke’s expertise in harnessing the energy of individual thought stirs people to go further than they ever imagined possible. It’s a challenging and compassionate journey to all things bigger and better in life.


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