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 19809 - Healing at the Deepest Layers of the Subconscious and at the Cellular and Soul Levels: Shamanic Reimprinting - Tianna Ga $24.00   
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Shamanic Re-Imprinting: Healing at the Cellular and Soul Levels, Tianna Galgano

In NLP terms, an imprint is a negative or traumatic memory that has become trapped within the subconscious. Imprints often happen in childhood, yet certainly can occur at any time of life. A distressing/traumatic memory can be hidden away by a protective part, therefore clients may not realize that these are the causes of ongoing emotional
pain, blocks to self-improvement, and self-sabotage.

In the shamanic belief system an imprint is called "soul fragmentation." Shamans believe that when a person undergoes a trauma, whether major or (seemingly) minor, a "soul aspect" of the person fragments and becomes trapped within that painful memory in an ongoing loop.

A shamanic form of healing a soul fragment is called "soul retrieval." Shamanic journey work includes a spiritual aspect which is sometimes missing in clinical re-imprinting. While some clients may prefer a strictly clinical approach, I find that many of my clients find comfort andpeace by the combination of shamanic spirituality with clinical NLP techniques.

I have had success with healing/transforming some difficult-to-seemingly impossible situations:

Many clients had been on anti-depressants for years because of the emotional pain of incest. The Shamanic Reimprinting Process freed them of the emotional/physical bondage of their perpetrators and brought them to a state of peace. Medication was no longer needed.

After a rush to the emergency ward with what appeared to be a heart attack, I was diagnosed with an enlarged heart and a damaged mitral valve. Through Shamanic Reimprinting I discovered an imprint pattern of love and sudden loss. I used my technique to transform these,imprints and the cellular memory held in the heart valve. My heart healed completely within months.

One of my clients had a painful herniated spinal disk. After failed attempts to cure it, her doctor insisted on surgery. Through Shamanic Reimprinting several emotional causes were found and transformed. We also worked with the cellular memory held in the spine. The disk healed completely within weeks.

My eleven year old granddaughter fell off a trampoline and broke her arm (upper humerus). She had intense pain. The x-ray showed the bones had separated and had twisted away from each other. Surgery had to be done. We were told to immediately drive her to the next city to see an orthopedic specialist. I laid her down in the back seat and began the Shamanic Reimprinting technique. Within fifteen minutes I could see the bone begin to move, (and later, she told me that she had felt the bone move). By the time the next x-ray was taken, the bones had re-aligned. She was also completely pain free. No surgery was needed and a sling was all that was prescribed.

Tianna Galgano embarked on numerous years of NLP training in 1985. She is a certified NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Health Practitioner, and NLP trained Clinical Hypnotherapist. In 1995 she began her shamanic education in Hawaii with shaman, Serge Kahili King. She also studied and implemented the methods of shamans Sandra Ingerman, Michael Harner and Alberto Villoldo. In her practice, Tianna combines shamanic methods with NLP techniques. She is a member of the Society for Shamanic Practitioners.

Tianna is well-known in the NLP community for her work with dreams and how she has combined NLP and dream work. She is the author of Decipher Your Dreams, Decipher Your Life and is currently publishing her new book: Shamanic Dreaming, How to Heal Yourself and Help Others.


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