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2022 International Conference on Jewish Genealogy conferenc

This package features video of PowerPoint slides with Synchronized live Video of the presenters of all permitted sessions. Only presentations where the speaker has given permission are being recorded.

Watch the presenters and the slides, exactly as it happened live. This package allows you to review presentation materials and is a lasting valuable resource.


JGS Leadership Seminar - Technology for Supercharging Member Society Leadership Ron Arons
JGS Leadership Seminar Computer LAB: How to Use Google Workspace and Other Technologies Ron Arons
Beginner Jewish Genealogy 101 Dan Oren
Beginner Jewish Genealogy 102 Dan Oren
Dos Gesl: The Kheyders at the Center of East European Jewish Life Dan Oren
Mishpocha Melee aka Jewish Family Feud Ron Arons; Jordan Auslander
Beginner Jewish Genealogy 103 Rhoda Miller
Beginner Jewish Genealogy 104 Rhoda Miller
FILM: The Jewish 48’ers in the American Civil War Peter Kovacs Rosenbluth
FILM: Stabbed in the Back Peter Kovacs Rosenbluth
Dying to Find Out: Beyond Death Certificates Avrohom Krauss
Philly Fever and Chain Migration: Who were the Immigrant Jews of Philadelphia? Avrohom Krauss
Landsmanshaftn Global Networks Avrohom Krauss
Women in Eretz Israel Through the IGRA Collection Rose Feldman
Exploring Jewish Families Found in DAR.org Genealogy Resources Ellen Kowitt
Privacy vs Records Access: Are they Incompatible In Today’s World? Jan Meisels Allen
Recent Additions to the JDC Archives Names Index and Other Online Offerings for Jewish Genealogists Jeffrey Edelstein
Help! I Just Got My DNA Results and I’m Confused! Updated 2022 Gil Bardige
Help! Part II - I Got My DNA Results What are the Next Steps for 2022 Gil Bardige
Immigration History: Laws, Documents, and the Stories Within Susan Weinberg
JewishGen.org: Leave No Stone Unturned Debbie Kroopkin
Grandma Said What? Gathering and Verifying Your Family’s Oral History Sara Cochran
The Steve Schecter Memorial Lecture: Jewish Mercantile Networks in Colonial Philadelphia, 1736-1776 Toni Pitock
Sources for Genealogical Research in the Levant: Baghdad, Alexandria, Cairo and Damascus Jacob Rosen
Survived by Piecing Together a Family Story Before, During and After the Holocaust Leslie Floyd
FamilySearch - A World of Possibilities: Using FamilySearch in your Jewish Research Ellie Vance
Discovering My Litvak Ancestry David Ellis
Gone Girl: DNA and Document Strategies for Finding a Very Long Lost Female Cousin Rhoda Miller
Mining Moms: Genealogical Resources for Researching Women at the Leo Baeck Institute Karen S. Franklin
Enemy, Alien, Declarant...Grief: Learning from Missteps in the Naturalization Process Emily Garber
Become An Expert: Create a Resource Guide Emily Garber
Searching for Economic Opportunity: The Jew Store Sarina Roffe
Sephardic Food and Culture - Mezze Sarina Roffe
The Nazi Titanic: A Shocking, Unknown Story from the Final Days of the Holocaust Robert Watson
Hamilton: Man, Myth, Musical...Mensch - The Little-Known Story of the Founder’s Jewish Roots Robert Watson
Witnesses at Births, Marriages, and Deaths: An Often-overlooked Source of Information in Genealogical Research Thomas Fürth
How to Inspire Younger Generations to Love Family History Shenley Puterbaugh
Connecting with Family Through Virtual Family History Activities Shenley Puterbaugh
The Knowles Collection: What is It and How Do I Use It W. Todd Knowles
Making the Most of Your Litvak Research with LitvakSIG and More Judy Baston
The Krakovsky Documents: Update on JewishGen’s Ukraine Research Division Efforts Gary Pokrassa; Joel L. Spector
The (Berko)wiczes of East Warsaw - Using US Genealogy to Break through Polish Brick Walls Leigh Dworkin
From Liepaja to Latgale - Latvian Jewish Research Marion Werle
Canada! Researching Your Canadian Jewish Ancestors from Afar Marion Werle
Jewish Genealogical Research in Brazil: From the New-Christians to the Vibrant 21st Century Communities Israel Blajberg
Researching Collections at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania Anthony DiGiovanni
Galicia Basics: What Every Galitzianer Needs to Know Shelley K. Pollero; Renee Steinig
Preserved and Destroyed Synagogue Buildings in Villages of the Czech Kingdom Vaclav Chvatal
Research of Traces of the Stonemason Workshops in Jewish Cemeteries of West Bohemia (Austria-Hungary) Vaclav Chvatal
Dora’s Story: An Approximation of the Life of a 19th Century Immigrant Michael Shade
Ilyutovich of Lida: Identifying, Tracing and Mapping a Family Back to the Late 18C Michael Shade
Deep Dive into Romanian Records Michael Moritz
What’s in a Name? Finding Your Ancestors' "Original" Names Michael Moritz
Routes to Roots Foundation - What’s New from the Archives in Eastern Europe Miriam Weiner
DoJR Research Tools: What’s Out There and Where? Eva Radding; Helen Stein
Integrating DNA and Family History Research at MyHeritage Daniel Horowitz
Jewish Genealogical Resources of the Southern and South Eastern Ukraine Alex Denysenko
Writing Family History: Putting Life into Dead Characters Barbara Krasner
Seven Things You Didn’t Know about Yizkor Books Barbara Krasner
Finding Original Jewish Names and Towns (Shtetls): Our Ancestors Left Clues Debbie Shaw
By the Above Constitution: Seeking Jewish Rights in Revolutionary America 1783 Mark Turdo
The Future of USCIS Records: The Problem is More than High Fees Renee Carl; Marian Smith; Alec Ferretti
What’s New in Austrian and Czech Jewish Genealogy E Randol Schoenberg
Genealogy Death Match E Randol Schoenberg; Jordan Auslander; Sarina Roffe; Alex Calzareth; Robinn Magid
Finding Records in Israel - IGRA and More Garri Regev
FILM: Testimonies Carved in Stone, a Video Documentary Tudor Drambarean
The 375 year old Jewish Settlement in Jamaica and the Last 200 Years Ainsley Henriques
Dr Lubelski, I Presume? From Polish immigrants to New York Financiers and London Chiropodists Daniel Morgan-Thomas
Polish Criminals, English Courts: Some Ancestors with Bad Behavior but Good Records Daniel Morgan-Thomas
The Emerging New Era of Jewish Genealogy Marlis Humphrey; Stanley Diamond; Sallyann Sack-Pikus
Finding and Understanding Bubbe and Zayde’s Galician Vital Records Mark Halpern
JRI-Poland Presents: The Basics of Jewish Research in Poland Mark Halpern
GenealogyIndexer.org: Searching Historical Directories, Yizkor Books, and More Logan Kleinwaks
Slovakiana - An Online Resource for Jewish Researchers Vivian Kahn
Introduction to Researching the Jews of the Netherlands Steven Jaron
Genealogical Resources in Western Pennsylvania Presented by the JGS of Pittsburgh/Rauh Jewish Archives Steven Jaron; Eric Lidji
Researching Argentinian Jewish Families Hatte Blejer; Rolando Gail Z"L; Yonatan Kupchik; Sylvia Walowitz; Guillermo Blugerman
Gangs of New York: How Reclaim The Records Fought and Won NYC Death Records Access Brooke Ganz; Alec Ferretti; Alex Calzareth; Michael Moritz
The Assimilation and Integration of 18th & 19th Century German Jews in Great Britain Jeanette Rosenberg
Preserving & Sharing Your Family Memories with Easy To Use Hardware, Software And Networks Eli Rabinowitz
Finding The Missing Piece Of The Puzzle! Eli Rabinowitz
Did My Family Lie or Are the Records Wrong? Daniel Horowitz
Places of Remembering and Forgetting - Jewish Cemetery on Gwarna/ Claassenstrasse in Wroclaw, Poland Aga Jablonska; Stephen Falk
Visualizing our Ancestors’ Lives with JRI-Poland Stanley Diamond; Robinn Magid
Ethical Dilemmas in Jewish Genealogy Penny Walters
Magic Shop or Hocus-Pocus Quackery? My Grandfather’s Metaphysical Pursuits in 1930s Vienna Helen Goldsmith
Everyday Jewish life in Nazi-Germany in Light of Documents from the Yad Vashem Archives Bettina Malka-Igelbusch
The Psychology of Searching Penny Walters
A Treasure Trove of Records Hidden in Plain Sight Helen Stein; Helen Gardner; Liz James; Bubbles Segall
Tracing the Tribe: Fun and Foibles of a Jewish Genealogy Facebook Group Roger Lustig; Robin Meltzer; Schelly Talalay Dardashti
Missing Manifests – Tips for Finding Those Elusive Passenger Lists Risa Daitzman Heywood
Researching Your Jewish Ancestors in Pennsylvania Tammy Hepps
Were Your Family Members Telling The Truth? And Other Inaccuracies Steve Stein
Researching Medieval Archives Genie Milgrom
CSI: Indexing For Your Society Banai Lynn Feldstein
What’s New at FamilyTree DNA? Janine Cloud
Managing DNA Testing Expectations - What DNA testing Can and Can’t Do for your Research Janine Cloud
Origins and Migrations of Jewish Men from the Patriarchs to the Present - 2022 Update Adam Brown
Mitochondrial DNA: Jewish Mothers and their Origins and Migrations Adam Brown
The Margarine Moonshiners from Minsk: A Journey Through Lesser Known Records Tammy Hepps
Jewish Genealogy in the Germanies Roger Lustig
Learn to Maximize City and County Directories to Solve Genealogy Challenges like Family Name Changes Sydney Cruice
Learn How Use Geographic Information Systems for Genealogy Research Sydney Cruice
Utilize Indirect Evidence to Discover and Prove Family Relationships Sydney Cruice
Learn About Jewish Record Resources in the Greater Philadelphia Area Sydney Cruice
Intro to JewishGen.org & Jewish Genealogy Avraham Groll
JewishGen.org 2022 Annual Meeting: Exciting Changes, Features, and Movement Avraham Groll
JewishGen.org: All the Details Avraham Groll
The Isaac Leeser Letters: How an Archive Thief Helped Create a Market for American Judaica Zev Eleff
We Share The Same Sky Rachael Cerrotti
YV Central DB of Shoah Victims’ Names: Enabling API Access to the Genealogical Community Alexander Avram
The Shapell Roster: A New Resource for Civil War Era Jewish Genealogy Adrienne DeArmas; Caitlin Winkler; Alexandra Apito
Orientation and Pre-requisite to The Shapell Roster : A New Resource for Civil War Era Jewish Genealogy Adrienne DeArmas; Caitlin Winkler; Alexandra Apito
Jewish Records at Ancestry Crista Cowan
What’s New at Ancestry? 2022 Annual Update Crista Cowan
1950 Census Discovery Crista Cowan
Marking Time: Genealogy and History as a Religious Experience Zev Eleff
JGS Leadership Seminar - Legal and Accounting Information Douglas Cohen


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