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 16801 S11 - Fire Performance Evaluation of Dry-Pipe Sprinkler Systems for Protection of High Rack Storages of Class lll Commodit $15.00   
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Fire Performance Evaluation of Dry-Pipe Sprinkler Systems for Protection of High-Rack Storages of Class lll Commodity Using K-25.2 Sprinklers
Track(s): Fire Protection Engineering, Fire Suppression

Hsiang-Cheng Kung and Sungchul Lee, Victaulic Company

Audio Sample:

Cold-storage warehouses typically employ dry-pipe sprinkler systems for fire protection of Class III commodities, and these warehouses using traditional ceiling sprinkler protection often require additional in-rack sprinkler systems. In-rack sprinklers are susceptible to damage by warehouse operators and create inflexibility relative to reconfiguring the racks in a warehouse. It is highly desirable to develop a dry-pipe sprinkler protection system that provides adequate protection of rack storage in cold-storage warehouses without resorting to additional in-rack sprinkler protection. During this session, you will hear about the large-scale fire tests conducted to evaluate the performance of ceiling-only dry-pipe sprinkler systems using K-25.2 sprinklers for protection of 35- and 40-ft rack storage of Class lll commodity with 5-ft ceiling clearance. The effectiveness of the systems depends on water delay time, sprinkler attributes, sprinkler discharge pressure (sprinkler discharge rate) and storage height. Sprinkler system water demand in terms of water delay time, end-head pressure, and number of heads have been developed in order to provide cost effective protection of 35- and 40-ft-high rack storages in cold-storage warehouses.

Dr. Hsiang-Cheng (HC) Kung is the Research Director of Victaulic. Over the forty-year period of research activity, Dr. Kung has contributed significantly to a wide variety of areas in fire science and fire protection engineering. He is particularly known for his contributions to automatic sprinkler technology and the science behind sprinkler performance.In 2003, he received the Arthur B. Guise Medal of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE) in recognition of eminent achievement in the advancement of science and technology of fire protection engineering through his work in sprinkler technology and the science behind sprinkler performance. He was promoted to the rank of Fellow in SFPE in 2003.

Mr. Sungchul Lee works for the Victualic Company in Easton, Pennsylvania


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