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 16457 - Current Research in the Ideo-Plastic Faculty of Therapeutic Hypnosis $12.00   
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Current Research in the Ideo-Plastic Faculty of Therapeutic Hypnosis
Stephen Lankton, MSW, DABH; Ernest Rossi, PhD, ABPH

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Faculty" of therapeutic hypnosis (Rossi, Iannotti, Cozzolino, Castiglione, Cicatelli, & Rossi, 2008, 2010). We introduced a new bioinformatics methodology to identify a molecular-genomic signature of this ideo-plastic faculty of therapeutic hypnosis. We documented how we can measure changes in activity or experience-dependent gene expression: (1) over relatively brief time periods (1 hour and 24 hours) following (2) a single intervention of therapeutic hypnosis (about 1 hour). This ideo-plastic process of therapeutic hypnosis was found to be associated with (1) the heightening of a molecular-genomic signature for the up-regulation of genes characteristic of stem cell growth, (2) a reduction in cellular oxidative stress, and (3) a reduction in chronic inflammation. We propose these three empirical associations as an initial beta version of the molecular-genomic signature of the ideo-plastic process of therapeutic hypnosis via The Creative Psychosocial Genomic Healing Experience. Bridging the gaps from the molecular-genomic level of scientific discourse to the folk language of therapeutic suggestion, hypnosis, and psychotherapy is discussed as a central issue for creating a new bioinformatics paradigm of therapeutic hypnosis that is consistent with "translational research" funded by the National Institutes of Mental Health.

At the end of this session, individuals will be able to:

- List 4 stages of The Creative Psychosocial Genomic Healing Protocol;
- List 3 psychosocial factors that modulate experience-dependent gene expression in
stress and health; and
- List 4 experience-dependent genes and/or transcription factors that modulate memory
and learning, stress, and mind-body healing.


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