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 20078 - All Seminars from the Mid-America Hypnosis Conference 2012 - MP3 Audio $260.00   
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Get all Seminars from the Mid-America Hypnosis Conference 2012. All Seminars audio recorded and available here as MP3 audio files. (Does not include the Workshops)

Available as a Digital Download of the MP3 files or shipped to you on CD-ROM.


Item Friday, October 26, 2012
20080 The Secret To Creating Health & Vitality Part 1 Tatiana Korol
20081 The rewards of imperfection… I-(a)m perfection   Barbara Drohan Dooley
20082 White Light Healing –  "Channeling the Healing Energy of the Universe" Dorothy (Dot) Campbell
20083 Past Lives is Not a Parlor Game Laura  R. Zohman
20084 Burns From Sunburns to Scalding Burns Ernie Telkemeyer
20085 Why EFT Doesn’t Work-Tips To Make It Work Funda Kahn
20086 Burn Out Syndrome Sophia Kramer
20087 Releasing the Shaman Within Bluehawks Stec
20088 Utilizing Everyday Trance States Lewis Dark  
20089 The Power of Words---Change Your Language, Change Your Life Karen Hand
20090 Amazing First Session Randi Light
20091 The power of intent: Law of Attraction or Placebo? Olivia Shelkey
20092 Recovering Your Intuitive Genius Nancy Creely
20093 Language Structures and with it the Speed In Therapy Dennis &  Jennifer Chong
20094 Combining Hypnosis & EFT (Emotional Freedom) to Guarantee Success in Your Sessions Tom Masbaum
20095 Get Out There And Do It! (Practical Business Coaching for the Professional Hypnotist) Sharon Stidham
20096 New Age 105 - Vibrational Medicine Richard Smith
20097 The Use of a Control Panel to Manage Pain, Stress, Anger, etc. Barbara Rae Lynn
20098 Teach at Your Local University Conrad Adams
20099 Healing with Hypnosis Jane Govoni
Item Saturday, October 27, 2012
20112 Manifesting Abundance! Robert Otto
20113 Hypno Anesthesia Shelley Stockwell
20114 Energetic Toolbox Lili & Joe Betancourt 
20115 Shortcuts To Help You Grow Your Business Jim Costanzo
20116 Anchoring Empower-ment! Linda Williamson 
20117 Your Ultimate Visionary Mind  Transforming Your Goals and Dreams into Reality, in 30 Minutes a Day!
Scott Schmaren
20118 There Will Be Consequences! Donald Hood
20119 The Body Wisdom Process Paul Aurand
20120 Improving Self-Confidence With Hypnosis
Kenneth Smith 
20121 Creative Play- Stimulating Exercises and Creative Activities to Refresh and Replenish the Whole of You Vivian Sakellariou
20122 5 Minute Migraine Relief Melissa Roth
20123 Fifty Ideas in 50 Minutes Marx Howell 
20124 Chakras:  what they are, do, and how to use them Jennifer Bovee
20125 Creating the “Early Onset Of Hypnosis” Philip Holder
20126 Why Bad Things Happen to Good People
Toni Winninger 
20127 Introduction to Sports Hypnosis David Granell
20128 Street Hypnosis with Sean Michael Andrews
Sean Michael  Andrews
20129 Chronic Pain Management: How to Deal with Flare Up Pain Felix Laevsky 
20130 Love Bites - A Hypnotic Solution to Bad Break-ups
Jillian Lavelle
20131 Profit from Your Pendulum Power Dottie Ward
20132 Channeling the Ascended Masters Toni Winninger
20133 The Buddha’s Meditation on Loving Kindness
Shel Newman
Item Sunday, October 28, 2012
20146 Iridology and Clinical Hypnotherapy
Dr. J. A Sanchez-Domenec 
20147 Harnessing the Power of Your (Night-time) Dreams
Patricia Poole 
20148 Hypnosis and Kabbalah Nancy Frank Thomas
20149 Hypno-Intuitive Help for Pets and Their Spiritual Problems Karl Mollison
20150 Healing Instantaneously in the “Zero Point Field
Paul Wong 
20151 Staying Motivated in this Field! Linda Williamson
20152 Hemispheric Synchronicity Art Leidecker
20153 How to Induce Deep Trance William Mitchell  
20154 The Healing Effects of Forgiveness Barbara M. Hardie
20155 Free Yourself From Unhealthy Stress Fred Kutchins
20156 Breast Enhancement JT Harms 
20157 Using Quantum Affirmations With Hypnosis King Riffle
20158 Why Am I Sick? Kala Bailey
20159 Draining Negativity Rick Longstreth 
20160 Delivering Tasks -- Homework for Your Clients
Steven Tracy
20161 The Stages of Change -- Effective Ways to Facilitate Change Gina Orlando
20162 Automatic Writing Michael Smith
20163 Wisdom of the Ancestors Bryn Blankinship
20164 How  Does Hypnosis Or Self Hypnosis Work And Why? Larry Garrett


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