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 20113 - Hypno Anesthesia - Shelley Stockwell $20.00   
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Physical sensations are your body’s way of communicating with you. From a hangnail and stubbed toe to aches or chronic hurt, your body cries out to get your attention. Learn to use hypnosis to attend to and ease pain and anxiety associated with pain. Some 63 billion people a year in the U.S. deal with discomfort and tenderness. Help them to put aside or rise above discomfort. Let them sleep with ease and heal. Comprehensive reports and studies by the National Institute of Health, the New England Journal of Medicine say people of all ages and backgrounds prefer and receive health care services from “alternative” health care providers like professional hypnotherapists. It could be you. In California alone, over five million people currently use their services. Nobody really knows what causes a pain response but we know for sure that hypnosis helps people feel better. Includes: Workbook, Specialty Certificate, Pain & the Brain, Pain Management Strategies, Discover Pain’s Purpose, The Still-Point Approach,   Burmese Pain Control, Control Room Magic, Tunnel As A Funnel and 13 proven ways to stop pain.

Benefits: Help others and yourself relieve or completely eliminate physical and emotional aches and hurts!

Instructor: Shelley Stockwell Nicholas


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