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 Special Session 5 - Pharmacology of the esophagus beyond PPIs $10.00   
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Includes all of these presentations from this session:

# Presentation Speaker
1 Can local formulations of drugs be effective on the esophageal mucosa? A. E. Olesen (Aalborg)
2 What is the effect of opioids on esophagus? C. Brock (Aalborg)
3 Can antagonists on the receptor level (PX2 and TRPV1) be used to treat GORD A.L. Krarup (Aalborg)
4 How do we use baclofen in treatment of GERD? F. Moawad (Bethesda)
5 Is there a role for ketamine and other alternative treatments in esophageal disorders? A.M. Drewes (Aalborg)
6 Can antidepressive drugs be used to treat functional esophageal pain? F. Moawad (Bethsda)
7 Can the electroencephalographic “fingerprint” be used to predict the effect of pharmacological treatment? A. Brokj?r (Aalborg)
8 Bile acids and drugs used to potentially dampen their harmful effects in esophageal diseases K. Dvorak (Tucson)
9 Can new drugs such as lincalotide be used to the treatment of esophageal pain? A. Farmer (London)


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