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 Symposium 11 - Prediction of progression to cancer $10.00   
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Includes all of these presentations from this session:

# Presentation Speaker
1 Can LG glandular dysplasia give rise directly to invasive Ca? V. Villanacci (Brescia)
2 Aneuploidy as a predictor of dysplasia ? Is it really practical? X. Sagaert (Leuven)
3 Tumor markers for use in personalized medecin? P.E. Swanson (Seattle)
4 Is P53 immunoreactive glandular dysplasia at higher risk than nonimmunoreactive mucosa for developing progression? H.D. Appelman (Ann Arbor)
5 Does racemase immunoreactivity predict increased risk of carcinoma R.H. Riddell (Toronto)
6 Do lectins have a role in the progression to adenocarcinoma P.E. Swanson (Seattle)
7 Is there a standardized grading system for tumor regression in Squamous and in Adenocarcinoma? X. Sagaert (Leuven)
8 Mutational spectra of Barrett?s esophagus and adenocarcinoma I. Parker (Cape Town)
9 Significance of post neo-adjuvant therapy residual endocrine cells and mucin pools D. Jain (New Haven, CT)
10 Are there molecular markers of patients presenting complete response to neoadjuvant chemo-radiotherapy? L.F. Ribeiro Pinto (Rio de Janeiro)
11 Can LG squamous dysplasia/IEN give rise directly to invasive Ca? V. Villanacci (Brescia)
12 Are HPV and nonHPV squamour dysplasias/IEN at the same risk of subsequent invasion? R.K. Yantiss (New York)


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