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 24457 - Pesticides, antibiotics, vaccines and pharmaceuticals: Are they the cause of our current health crisis? $55.00   
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Presenter: Stephanie Seneff, PhD

Format: Audio & Slides

For over 100 years, the Western world has been waging war on life under the false assumption that this would lead to health and prosperity. More and more people, however, are realizing that this path is doomed to fail.? If we choose to kill pests with toxic chemicals to make agriculture more efficient, we cannot avoid harming ourselves as well, along with many other species that fall in harm’s way.? And in the end any money saved on cheap food derived from chemical-based agriculture is spent treating the myriad chronic illnesses that develop because of exposure to toxic chemicals in the food. Vaccines won’t provide immunity without a price, and the resulting food allergies, asthma, autism and even sudden unexplained deaths among our children may be too steep a price to pay. Pharmaceutical drugs are supposed to fix medical problems, but increasingly people are realizing that the side effects of the drug are worse than the problem they claim to fix. Increasing use of antibiotics has led to monster bugs like MRSA that’s resistant to every antibiotic in our arsenal, and there is no chain of new antibiotics in the pipe to replace the ones that no longer work.

In this full-day program, I will show that our current strategy towards food production and medical treatment has failed. I will also explain my hypothesis that the circulatory system is the most important “organ” in the body, and that multiple modern diseases and conditions manifest a strategy to maintain circulating blood by sacrificing a particular organ or organ system, be it the brain or the gut or the muscles or the joints.? I will also outline my proposed diet and lifestyle changes that can bring back vitality and the promise of a long and healthy life.


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