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 25560 - ACTIVATING SOULFULNESS: Awakening Authentic Abundance, Health, Love, and Joy - Panache Desai $65.00   
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Presenter: Panache Desai

You may feel you?ve got a mental handle on how you want your life to unfold.? You have a? vision for how you want your finances to look, a?great outlook on your health goals, relationship know how and a pathway to a more peaceful, everyday existence.? In your head you?ve got it all figured out.? But are all your mental ideals connected to your most powerful source of purpose and possibility?

While everything you dream of may look fabulous on paper, awakening a life that reflects your authentic potential is the true key to fulfillment.? You are a vibrational being living in a vibrational world. Your soul resonates at the highest level of possibility and nothing is out of your reach. It?s time to activate the strength of your infinite soulfulness and fully connect to the life you?ve been longing to live.

In this workshop, Panache unveils the secret behind navigating the vibrational density and the heaviness that keeps you locked in a life that doesn?t reflect your limitless potential.? His gift of vibrational transformation allows him to lovingly remind your authentic self of its greater frequency and call it into a greater ways of being than you ever imagined.

Panache can also help you:

Forge a stronger connection to your spirit and tap into the inherent power source of your divine nature.
Take charge of your energy, shift how you experience your life
Access to the real source of transformation ? vulnerability
Navigate your density more effectively in you daily experiences
Meet perceived limitations with tenderness and openness
Link with the soul and begin living an authentic life that?s consciously connected to your being
Access your soul so authenticity becomes the new normal and you are accessing your full potential in each moment of every day.


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