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Take the conference home with the Complete Conference Package !

This interactive multimedia DVD-ROM or USB Flash Drive features All sessions live audio in MP3 format recorded at Press Ganey National Client Conference November 10-12 2015!

Available on DVD-ROM or USB Flash Drive

This package includes all of the sessions from the Press Ganey National Client Conference plus the preconference sessions.

MP3 audio files of every session. Captured LIVE during the conference. Plus also includes handouts of all the sessions.

Listen on your computer or fill your iPod or favorite MP3 player with all the live audio from every session.


Item Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2015  
Academic Medical Center/Major Teaching Hospital (AMC) Preconference Sessions
26061 Avoidable Suffering and "Lean"ing the Patient Experience Jami Momberger, T Timbreza
26062 At Your Service: Collaborating with University and Health Care Providers Joan Douhajre, Leah Kellar
26063 Improving Patient Experience in the Academic Medical Practice Setting Jason Bruns, Megan Sullivan
26064 Important CAHPS Updates for AMC and Teaching OrganizationsĀ  Jodie Cunningham
Preconference Sessions  
26065 Medical Practice Preconference Meeting Hope Fluharty, Rosalind Washington,
Maureen Velazquez, Tom Lee
26066 Nursing Preconference Meeting Jean Watson, Mary Tonges,
Christina Dempsey
26067 Pediatrics Preconference Meeting Keith Grispo, Melissa Dobereiner,
Anne York, Jodie Cunningham,
Larry Hollier, Rosanna Moreno,
Polina Strug
26068 Rural & Small Community Hospital Preconference Meeting Richard Nordahl, Linda McClarigan,
Glenn Sommerfeld
National Client Conference Breakout Sessions  
26069 Improve Quality and Reduce Readmissions through Best Practices Ann E. Doran, Tammy Sunderlin
26070 Improving Physician Patient Satisfaction Scores in Cardiology: Actions Lead Louder Than Words Randall Hutchison, Greg Burke
26071 From the Bed to EmBEDded Redge Hanna
26072 You Only Thought You Knew the “Why” Behind Hourly Rounding Lyn Ketelsen
26073 Driving to a Culture of Safety in the Acute Care and Outpatient Settings Heidi Alpert, Albert Santos
26074 Vital CAHPS Updates for Hospital Leaders Jodie Cunningham, Kimber Abair
26075 High-Impact Provider Improvement Training Using Video Simulation Donald Berlin, Arjun Chanmugam
26076 The Key to External Transparency: Start with Internal Transparency,
Acceptance and Trust
Anthony Vastardis
26077 Customized Hourly Rounding to Improve Behavioral Health Patient Experience Timothy McGarvey, Tena Vizner
26078 Building a Compassionate Health Care System: One Infusion at a Time Mark Rosenberg, Becca Hawkins
26079 Both Sides of the Beside: The Experience from the Organization and Patient Perspectives Sheila Bystrak, Melissa Dobereiner
26080 Ambulatory Care Coordination for High Risk Patients: A New Standard of Care Lisa Wichmann, Rose M. Kakoza
26081 Building and Sustaining a Great Place to Work Ken Applegate, Vicki Noel, Teresa Bryan
26082 Building a Patient-Centered Hospitalist Culture Suparna Dutta, Francis Fullam,
Kathryn Bogey
26083 Competing in the New Health Care Marketplace by Creating an Epidemic of Empathy Thomas H. Lee
26084 Going Transparent with the Patient Experience Journey in Dentistry Kristen Simmons, Philip Mills
Item Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2015  
26085 The “Power of One” Culture: Creating a Launching Pad for Engagement and Patient Experience Carol Ross-Spang, Don Hutson
26086 Using Social Media to Create a Dialogue in the Marketplace Lee Aase, Patricia Cmielewski
26087 Carolina CareĀ®: Implementation of a Theory-Driven Care Delivery Model Across a Health Care System Mary Tonges, Suzanne Herman,
Megan McCann, Joel Ray
26088 Cleveland Clinic ED Experience Carmen Kestranek, Stephen Meldon, James Bryant, Greg Horvath
26089 Innovative Solutions for Nursing Staff Ratios Rebecca Hitchcock, Patrick Baker,
Kevin J. Joseph
26090 Involving and Evolving: Engaging Physicians to Enhance the Patient
Rodney Tucker, Chris Brainard
26091 Significant Increase: An Introduction to the Statistics of Patient Experience Kristopher Morgan
26092 Case Management for Change in Home Health: A Radical New Care Delivery Model Lois Bentler-Lampe, Stacy Ragogna,
A.J. Querciagrossa
26093 Creating a Culture of Caring At Henry Ford Health System Vanessa Mona, Gwen Gnam,
Josephine Wahl
26094 Journey to Exceptional Emergency Department Patient Experience through Transformational Change Maribeth Woitas, Mike Fasbender,
Eric Joncas
26095 An Innovative Approach to Improving the Hospital Patient Experience Rita Mercieca, Doreen O’Grady
26096 ED Patient Experience is All About the Team Jeffrey Oyler, Susan Osborne
26097 Four Part Harmony: A System Approach to Engagement and Patient Experience Measurement Mary Beth Hardy, Kelly Putnam,
Ashley Guidroz
26098 Owning the Conversation: Building Patient Trust and Brand Integrity through Performance Transparency Greg Burke
26099 Evolving the Patient Experience: Moving to a Safer and More Reliable Health Care System James Merlino
26100 BAYADA Home Health Care: Transforming Client Experience through Evidence-Based Solutions Emilie Bartolucci, Stephanie Finnel
26101 Ready-Jet-Go: Split-Flow Accelerates Emergency Department Throughput Mary A. McCormick, Laura Hayes,
Dennis Guest, Peter Bish
26102 Building a World-Class Patient Experience Robert Williams, Jennifer Lenge
26103 Congestive Heart Failure Readmission from the Patient's Perspective Linda Bragg
26104 Investing in a Winning Hospital Culture Char Ryan
26105 Engaging Nurses to Prevent Avoidable Pressure Ulcers Ma Gemma Esmalla, Linda Rakoski
26106 Optimizing MD Data Management and Reports to Build Physician Engagement Julie Lizotte, Darcy Lackie
26107 Compassionate Connected Care for the Caregiver: Improving the Patient
Experience by Improving the Caregiver Experience
Christina Dempsey
26108 Exploring Challenges and Opportunities in the Home Care Industry Melissa Meyer, Jodie Cunningham
26109 Rethinking Emergency Care: The Design and Implementation of a
Comprehensive ED Follow Up Program
Kathleen McBride, Catherine Manley
Cullen, Nicholas Gavin
26110 Insights from the 2015 Press Ganey Pinnacle of Excellence Award Winners Pinnacle of Excellence Award Winners
26111 It Takes Two: Physician-Nurse Rounding in the Inpatient Setting Marcela Reyes, Kimberly Brown
26112 The Kind of Care I Dreamed of: The Journey to Happier Staff and Exceptional Hospital Patient Experience Caryn Schwab, Kara Gelb
26113 Aligning Employee Appreciation with Mission to Improve Engagement Keith Bauer
26114 Explaining the Hospitalist Role to Alleviate Patient Fear and Increase
Julie Danker, Tom Scaletta
26115 The Influence of Nursing Practice on Patient and Caregiver Experience: Leveraging National Findings Locally to Improve Outcomes Nell Buhlman
Item Thursday, Nov. 12, 2015  
26116 Bringing the Patient Voice into Care through the Patient Portal and Patient Reported Outcomes Andrew Kartunen
26117 The Pain Domain Rose Mainly to a Gain: Moving from Patient-Centered Care to Patient-Partnered Deborah Pesanka, Cynthia Stauber
26118 Conversations that Count: Improving Advance Care Planning Through
Engagement of Providers and Patients
Eliza Shulman, Jennifer Connor
26119 Partnering with Discharge Nurses to Improve HCAHPS Scores Mary Ann Donohue-Ryan,
Donna Pozzolano, Donna Hoffman
26120 Improving Patient Experience by Innovation, Persistence and Relentless
Kissinger Goldman
26121 Physician Integration into Patient Experience Score Improvement Ghazala Sharieff
26122 Vital CAHPS Updates for Medical Group Leaders Jodie Cunningham
26123 Using Segmentation Techniques to Identify Patient Risk of Suffering Dennis Kaldenberg
26124 Successfully Transition to E-Clinical Quality Measures Jennifer Smith, Dietmar Henkelmann
26125 The Value of Culture: Why Culture Matters and What You Can Do About It Barbara Reilly
26126 The Power of Connected Checking: How to Create a Culture with Multilayered Purposeful Rounding Barb Merrifield, Sarah Horn
26127 Service Reliability: A Fresh Approach to Understanding CAHPS Survey Results Michelle Maimonis, Erin Pangallo
26128 Changing a Culture in 90 Days: Norton Hospital 90 in 90 Abigail Bahe, Kristy Gay
26129 The Long and Winding Road to Excellence: Informing Your Cultural Journey Sandra Geiger
26130 Child HCAHPS Update: Exploring New Modes of Collecting Data Mark Schuster, Sara L. Toomey
26131 Designing a Better Urgent Care Experience LaTanya Johnson, Alfred Kendrick
26132 Measuring and Reducing Clinician and Caregiver Suffering Deirdre Mylod
26133 Impact of a Patient Safety Culture on the Patient Experience Jan Compton, Tiffany Berry
26134 Implementation of a Relationship-Centered Patient Care Delivery Model to Improve Patient Experience Virginia Bowman, Roxy Blackburn
26135 Every Child, Every Time: Building Engagement and Alignment through Daily Management John Lovejoy, Grant Hopkins
26136 Taking Emergency Department Employee Engagement to the Next Level Misty Freeman, Cheryl Somers
26137 Reconnecting with the Human Side of Health Care Suzanne Greever, Katherine Martinez
26138 Mobilizing Patient Comments: Using Sentiment Scores to Drive and Improve Provider Performance Mildred Robinson
26139 Get Everyone On Board - Medical Practice Survey Karla Heath, Vanessa Chau
26140 Transitioning Staff to Embrace Care Transitions: Our Journey Kecia Christensen, Kathy Steffensmeier
26141 Emergency Department and Patient Experience: A Multidisciplinary Team Sport Chris Trevino, Tammy O’Connor


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