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 26819 - Meditation, Hypnosis and Dissociation: Similarities, Distinctions and Why We Need to Know - A Clinical Practice Perspective $16.00   
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Presenter: Sally Bowden-Schaible, MS, LCPC

Understanding the nature of mind with its various mental states and how these mental states affect our well-? being has been the subject of study in the fields of psychology (including hypnosis), religion/spirituality and philosophy for thousands of years. As more people seek meditation experiences at established meditation retreat centers, at community-? based meditation gatherings and with the growing number of on-? line meditation communities; and, conversely, as ?mindfulness? and meditation practices leave the meditation halls of spiritual communities, increasingly becoming integrated into multiple facets of Western culture?psychology, mental and physical health care, education, business, even the military?it is important that as responsible prescribers of mindfulness and meditation we understand the psycho-? spiritual (and cultural) complexities of these practices. Whether inside or outside meditation practice communities, it is increasingly becoming clear to us today that these practices (like the practice of hypnosis) are not always as straightforward, beneficial and harmless as we may have thought. As the Zen saying goes, ?A right tool in the wrong hand becomes a wrong tool.?

As we have come to recognize in the practice of clinical hypnosis, mindfulness and meditation practices are not always as straightforward, beneficial and harmless as we may have thought. This workshop will offer a clinical practice perspective that considers similarities and distinctions between the mental states associated with hypnosis, various forms of meditation and some forms of dissociation, as well as the individual strengths and vulnerabilities of our clients/patients when recommending to them practices of mindfulness, meditation and self hypnosis as part of a mental health/healthcare plan. Participants will leave the workshop with information and practice experience to build upon when integrating these practices into clinical care.


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