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 27344 - Aliyah Bet 1938-1944: Evading the Nazis and the British, the Jews reach Palestine $9.00   
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Presenter: Paul Silverstone

With the advent of the Nazis and their ruthless persecution of Jews in Germany, and later in occupied countries, arrangements were made for the Jews, desperate and in fear of their lives to leave their homes to go to Palestine against the adamant opposition of the British. For most it meant leaving their comfortable homes and most of their possessions, and submitting to a gauntlet of danger, hardship, and uncertainty. There was danger in leaving their countries, danger in the voyages on old and rusty steamers against the perils of the sea, danger in forcing their entry into Palestine. Some were at sea for weeks with few provisions. Over eighty ships made the secret voyages carrying over 35,000 people; another 2,000 perished on the way. The saga of the little ships and their secret voyages deserves to be remembered. New developments in lists of their passengers will be covered.


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