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 *Complete 2017 Accountex Conference Audio Recordings $229.00   
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This package includes all of the sessions live audio in MP3 format recorded at Accountex held September 6-8, 2017 in Boston, MA!

MP3 audio files of every session. Captured LIVE during the conference.

Listen on your computer or fill your iPod or favorite MP3 player with all the live audio from every session.


Item Wednesday, September 6, 20107 Speaker
29401 "Get & Transform" in Excel: A Powerful Tool for Implementing and Manipulating Data JEFF LENNING, CPA
29402 Stump the Chump: Questions Value Pricers Ask ED KLESS
29403 Inspector Gadget DAVID CIESLAK, CPA, CITP, CGMA, GSEC
29404 Trendjacking and Other Social Media Hacks KACEE JOHNSON
29405 Adding Advisory Services to a Compliance-Focused Firm DONNY SHIMAMOTO, CPA.CITP, CGMA
29406 Master the Flow: Leveraging Zapier to Automate Tasks with QuickBooks and Xero MATHEW HEGGEM
29407 Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials: A Powerful New Option MARIO NOWOGRODZKI, CPA, CITP
29408 Fraud in the Cloud: New Risks in a New Environment RANDOLPH P. JOHNSTON
29409 Smart Back Office Update STEPHEN KING, CPA, CGMA
29410 Using Technology for Audit prep and Collaboration SARA LAIDLAW-WOODRUFF
29411 The Mindset Scorecard - A Key to Scaling Your Advisory Practice L. GARY BOOMER, CPA.CITP, CGMA
29412 Zen and the Art of Application Integration RYAN WATSON
29413 Sales Tax Nexus - What CPAs Need to Know DIANE YETTER, CPA, MST
29414 7 Head-Scratcher Questions About Blockchain: What Happens When Tomorrow's Technology Moves Into Today's Conference Room GREG LAFOLLETTE, CPA.CITP, CGMA
29415 Get Ready for Artificial Intelligence DAVE SACKETT
29416 Accountants' Essentials for 1099 and 1042-S Tax Compliance MARIANNE COUCH, JD
29417 Affordable Care Act Financial Implications MATT S. KELLEY
29418 Pricing Secrets: The Value Pricing Formula That Reveals How to Get a better Price MARK WICKERSHAM, FCA
29419 "Get & Transform" in Excel: A Powerful Tool for Implementing and Manipulating Data JEFF LENNING, CPA
29420 Taking a Consultative Approach to Your Clients' Chronic Poverty Mindset INGRID EDSTROM
29421 Keeping Up with QuickBooks Desktop - A Look Ahead CHARLIE RUSSELL
29423 Apps We Love GAIL PERRY
29424 Identity Crisis: Redefining Yourself and Your Practice RACHEL FISCH
29425 Implementing New Cloud Technology Without Derailing Your Practice  SCOTT SCHARF
29426 Concealing Fraud in Financial Statements  ALLAN BACHMAN, CFE
29427 Designing Your "Ultimate Lifestyle" Accouting Practice SALIM OMAR
29428 Use Your Words! How to Talk to Customers When Converting to Value Pricing MARNIE STRETCH
29429 Overcoming Obstacles to Embracing Change JUDIE MCCARTHY
29430 Reputation Risk Mitigation Through Corporate Accounting Stewardship DR. KASTHURI HENRY, PHD, MBA, CTP
29431 Innovation That Complements Technology ED KLESS
29432 Adding Advisory Services to a Compliance-Focused Firm DONNY SHIMAMOTO, CPA.CITP, CGMA
29433 Break the Mold! Build Your Brand with Video Marketing JOANNE L. DELBALSO, EA
29434 The Best Tech Investment Bets MICHAEL CATON
29435 Get Ready for Artificial Intelligence DAVE SACKETT
29436 Unraveling Innovation: How to Foster Creativity to Improve Your Firm's Growth Strategy MATHEW HEGGEM
Item Thursday, September 7, 20107 Speaker
29437 The Million Dollar Bookkeeper - Building a profitable and Scalable Practice TODAY MELANIE POWER
29438 Delivering Strategic Value from T&E Expense Automation GLENN P. FOSTER & ERNIE HUMPHREY
29439 Marketing Essentials to Grow Your Business KACEE JOHNSON
29441 Adventures in Inventory: Choosing the Right Solution MARIO NOWOGRODZKI, CPA, CITP
29442 Making Payments Painless MARWAN FORZLEY
29443 4 Things to Know About Perfect Workflow MICHAEL GIARDINA
29444 Employee Handbooks 101: A Risk Mitigation Tool for You and Your Clients ALDOR DELP
29445 Be a Change Agent and Transform Your Practice JAIRAM PADMANABHAN
29446 5 Ways to Build a Profitable Client Accounting Service Practice STEPHEN KING, CPA, CGMA
29447 Changing Clients' Lives the Fast Way: the New Service Offering Every Firm of the Future Will Want to Offer MARK WICKERSHAM, FCA
29448 Specialize! How to Identify and Develop a Successful Niche Practice JOANNE L. DELBALSO, EA
29449 The Best Tech Investment Bets MICHAEL CATON
29450 Staying Ahead of Change: The Coexistence of Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Technology CLAYTON OATES
29451 The Remote Practice: Technology and Tips for Creating an Efficient Decentralized Team PATTI SCHARF
29452 The Advisor Evolution - 10 Reasons Why You Should Be Your Client's Advertising Advisor  DARREN CLARKE
29453 Essential Tech Success Guide MISTY MEGIA, RACHEL FISCH & SCOTT SCHARF
29454 BQE Core - Level 1 Certification SHAFAT QAZI
29455 Foreign Hacks in Politics - How Attacks Affect Your Firms' (and Clients!) Security TOM SUROS
29456 Get Ready for a Smarter Audit Experience NEERAJ SHARMA
29457 Unifying Commerce with the Next Gen Customer Experience POS JIM BARNES
29458 How to Use Free Technology to Get 10 to 100 New Clients This Year KC TRUBY
29459 The Future of Accounting Technology: Delivering Innovative Cybersecurity Solutions DARREN GUCCIONE
Item Friday, Sept 8, 20107 Speaker
29460 Minutes to Moments: How to Build Your Practice and Make the Most of Every Minute MISTY MEGIA
29461 Choosing the Right Middle-Market Accounting Solution DAVID FURTH
29462 A Practical Step by Step Guide to Strategic Advising KATHY GREGORY
29463 Best Practice Considerations Before Investing in Technology JESS SCHEER
29464 Beat the Competition with the Ultimate Client Experience DAMIEN GREATHEAD
29465 The State of U.S. Business: Top Tips & Trends to Comply with Labor Laws & Optimize Workforces DEREK JONES
29466 5 Things the Most Successful CFOs Know KAREN DELUCIA
29467 How Technology Can Help You Become/Stay in Compliance with Today's Most Challenging Financial Regulations JUDY BICKING
29468 Accounting Automation: A Client's Story STEVE ALLEN


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