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Complete FGS 2018 Conference Recordings

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Recorded at the 2018 Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference held August 22-25, 2018 – Fort Wayne, Indiana

Complete Conference MP3 Audio recordings of every session
Listen on your computer or fill your iPod or favorite MP3 player with all the live audio from every session.

This interactive multimedia CD-ROM or USB Flash Drive features audio of all sessions recorded live during the conference. Plays on any computer. MP3 audio files of each session to listen to on your MP3 player.



Item Code Wednesday, August 22, 2018 Speaker
30751 W-100 The Importance of Story: Tangible Tales of Impact Scott Fisher
30752 W-101 Society Management Workshop Ed Donakey,
David E. Rencher
30753 W-106 Preserving the Past, Protecting the Future Judy G. Russell 
Item Code Thursday, August 23, 2018 Speaker
30754 T-200 Breaking Down the Broadcasters: Discovering the DNA of Fort Wayne’s Famous Blaine Bettinger,
Judy G. Russell
30755 T-203 Creating a Research Plan for DNA Testing Shannon Combs-Bennett
30756 T-204 German Historical Geography Daniel R. Jones 
30757 T-205 Danish Church and Census Records: Using Dansk Demografisk Database (ddd.dda.dk) and Arkivalieronline to Find Your Ancestors Charlotte Noelle Champenois
30758 T-206 Research Methods 1: Creating an Effective Research Plan Angela Packer McGhie
30759 T-208 Unpuzzling Birthing History: Using 19th Century Records to Verify Birthing - A Case Study Janis Minor Forte
30760 T-209 You Need a Search Strategy: Maximizing Your Results with Online Genealogical Databases MIke Mansfield 
30761 T-213 MyHeritage DNA 101: From Taking the Test to Understanding the Results Daniel Horowitz
30762 T-214 Newcomers Documented: Finding Your Ancestors in German Residential Registration Lists Charlotte Noelle Champenois
30763 T-216 Research Methods 2: Executing Research and Analyzing Results Angela Packer McGhie
30764 T-217 Midwestern Treasures on Ancestry Juliana Szucs
30765 T-219 Using PERSI Like A Pro Jen Baldwin
30766 T-221 DNA Baby Steps Blaine Bettinger 
30767 T-223 Have Nordic Ancestors? Count Yourself Lucky - Nordic Records Are Amazing MIke Mansfield
30768 T-224 Research Methods 3: Testing a Case Against the Genealogical Proof Standard Angela Packer McGhie
30769 T-225 Mitten Roots: Family History Research in Michigan Kris Rzepczynski 
30770 T-226 Researching U.S. and Canadian WWI Veterans David Allen Lambert
30771 T-228 Advancing Your Genealogy Research with DNA Crista Cowan
30772 T-229 German Census Records 1816–1916: Where Are They Hidden? Charlotte Noelle Champenois
30773 T-231 Cluster Genealogy: Finding Your Lost Ancestor Deborah Abbott 
30774 T-232 Illinois Digital Resources Tina Beaird 
30775 T-233 Reconstructing Communities Using Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps, Census Records, and City Directories Ari Wilkins
30776 T-234 Record Preservation Access Committee (RPAC) Update Jan Meisels Allen,
Jan Alpert,
Frederick E. Moss
30777 T-235 Using NARA's Finding Aids and Website Pamela Boyer Sayre
30778 T-236 Jewish Workshop: Reuniting Holocaust Survivors and Jewish Resources on the Internet Daniel Horowitz
Item Code Friday, August 24, 2018 Speaker
30779 F-300 How to Help ALL Connect and Belong Steve Rockwood
30780 F-302 Maps! Wonderful Maps! Rick Sayre
30781 F-303 Doing DNA Right: The Ethical Side of Testing Judy G. Russell
30782 F-304 Poland Civil Registration Daniel R. Jones
30783 F-305 English Research: Seventeenth Century Sources and Indexes Paul Milner
30784 F-306 Out-of-State Workarounds to In-State Record Shortages Thomas W. Jones
30785 F-307 Michigan Online: Tools for Genealogists Kris Rzepczynski 
30786 F-308 Researching Colonial War Veterans David Allen Lambert
30787 F-313 No Chromosome Browser? No Problem Angie Bush 
30788 F-314 Researching Czech Census Records Greg Nelson
30789 F-315 British Isles Origins in Unexpected Places Jen Baldwin
30790 F-317 Bibles, Beds and Bobbins: Early Indiana Laws Judy G. Russell 
30791 F-318 Researching Funeral Home Records: Looking for the Dead! Deborah Abbott 
30792 F-321 When You’re Not Who You Thought You Were Pamela Boyer Sayre
30793 F-323 English Parish Registers: How to Access, Use and Interpret Paul Milner
30794 F-324 Big City Blues? Researching Urban Ancestors Kris Rzepczynski
30795 F-328 Charts and Diagrams: The Genetic Genealogist’s Bread and Butter Angie Bush
30796 F-329 Researching Records of the Former Soviet Republics Greg Nelson
30797 F-331 When Sources Don’t Agree—Then What? Thomas W. Jones 
30798 F-333 Friends of Friends: Quakers and African American Research Ari Wilkins
Item Code Saturday, August 25, 2018 Speaker
30799 S-400 Faded Photographs, Cherished Artifacts and Amazing Ancestors: Turning Dry Facts and Family Trees into Compelling Stories A’Lelia Bundles
30800 S-403 Using Genetic Communities(TM) to Tell Your Story Crista Cowan
30801 S-405 Planning and Executing Efficient and Effective Research: An Immigrant Case Study Thomas W. Jones
30802 S-407 Census Data: Exploring Census Supplemental Schedules for Their Content and Genealogical Value Janis Minor Forte 
30803 S-408 Tracing Your Scottish Presbyterian Ancestors Tina Beaird 
30804 S-413 Looking for My Babies: Freedmen Searching for Family Ari Wilkins
30805 S-414 Goldmine of Military Pensions Rick Sayre 
30806 S-415 Clues in Missouri Migration Pamela Boyer Sayre
30807 S-416 Westward Migration Out of New England Rhonda R. McClure
30808 S-418 Tips and Tricks for Effectively Using ScotlandsPeople Paul Milner 
30809 S-419 On Air with Scott Fisher: Learning How to Interview for Oral Histories Scott Fisher
30810 S-420 DNA Doesn't Prove Anything Angie Bush
30811 S-421 Seven Strategies to Identifying Slave Ownership & Reconstruct Slave Era Families Janis Minor Forte
30812 S-422 Prepare for a Cemetery (Search, Photo, and Index) Trip Daniel Horowitz
30813 S-423 Using Midwest Adjutant General Records in Your Military Research Tina Beaird
30814 S-424 Mining Probates on Ancestry for Family History Gold Juliana Szucs
30815 S-425 Uncover the Secrets of Your Freemason Ancestors Sydney Bjork 
30816 S-427 Advanced Third-Party Tools Blaine Bettinger 
30817 S-428 Manuscript Collections in Libraries & Archives of Historical Black College and Universities Deborah Abbott 
30818 S-429 Top 10 Myths about Copyright Judy G. Russell
30819 S-430 Using Indirect Evidence to Identify the Father of a Great Great Grandmother Jan Alpert 
30820 S-432 Vital Records Are Always Correct…Or Are They? Shannon Combs-Bennett 


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