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 31349 - Divine Your Destiny with Oracle Cards $10.00   
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Presenter: Colette Baron-Reid

Beyond your intuition lies a link to your Highest Self directly connected to the greater consciousness of Source. This part of you defies logic, reason and the human perception of time and space.??

Using tools such as oracle cards once you’re in a state of deep receptivity can guide you beyond the mundane and into the magical and miraculous. You can use them to effectively co-create your most powerful reality and align with your greatest good. You will learn to see beyond the confines of time and space to unveil the hidden threads of destiny that await your discovery. Be in awe and have fun too. Oracle cards are portals to another dimension of awareness waiting to be revealed!??

In this workshop you will learn:-?

  • How to receive information from your inner Oracle?
  • The most powerful and effective ways to approach oracle cards??
  • Why self reflection is crucial to divine your destiny?
  • Why reversed cards are protection and important guidance??
  • How your state of mind influences your ability for accurate discernment?
  • How to work directly with an oracle deck.??
  • How to work with multiple decks at the same time.???

This workshop is for beginners, sophisticates and professional readers too. Bring your own deck or 2, (preferably one of Colette’s) and prepare to have a new relationship to the cards!?

Colette is a divination expert having created numerous oracle decks and published in 27 countries. Each oracle card deck is based on a combination of various ancient systems that form a living language to communicate with Source about your destiny.??

Her latest deck is Wisdom of the Oracle- the most comprehensive oracle system she has created to date.??


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