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 31351 - Vibrational LIVING and EATING! $10.00   
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Presenter: Sunny Dawn Johnston

Have you spent years struggling to accept and embrace your body?
Are you challenged to find harmony between your head and your heart when it comes to thoughts about your body?
Is it that you just?can’t seem to let go of the unhealthy habits, disease or negative beliefs?you have been carrying around?
Are you tired of all the?yo-yo thoughts that get you nowhere?

If you are resonating with?any?of these questions,?then?this is the workshop you are looking for!?It’s time to love the skin you’re in! It’s time to let Sunny Dawn Johnston help you step into your grace and your beauty and your fantastic body!!

You see, what you might not know, or you do ? but haven’t fully embraced ? is that your body is your Best Friend?? you just need to understand the language. How often does the onset of that?head?cold?signal too much going on at once? Or the?back pain?flares up when you don’t feel supported in life ? the?shoulder ache?when life feels like a burden ? or?stomach issues?when we can’t digest what’s happening around us? When we learn to recognize the importance of our body in helping us to tune into?the feelings that are creating these physical manifestations, then we will have finally discovered the key to?creating the healthy, whole and happy self?we are looking for!

Sunny Dawn Johnston and Soul Musician Kris Voelker will guide you to a place of?learning to love the skin you are in?and teach you how to embrace your?wholebeing. In this workshop, Sunny will focus on your physical body and how to get it healthy and in alignment with your mind and Spirit. Sunny will guide you through her own personal experience of?learning to love, accept and appreciate?herself and her body. Sunny struggled with being overweight when she was younger and this led to low self-esteem and a lack of self-confidence. Her body reflected this belief by carrying a lot of extra weight and this belief evolved into a negative body image. In this personal and insightful workshop, Sunny will share the steps she took to?end her self-sabotaging negative self-talk and pain.

This workshop will address:

  • Self-esteem vs. self-worth
  • Physical issues and the emotional or mental cause behind them
  • Tools to help you heal the emotional issues and release the physical manifestation
  • Unconditional love ? what is it and how do I experience more of it
  • How to use affirmations and visualizations to change your thoughts and experiences
  • How to release the pain and allow your divine birthright of JOY to flow through you
  • Vibrational Eating, Living and Healing!

If you are ready to heal those body issues, give up the fight and truly be your body’s BFF, then come and join Sunny and Kris for an enlightening and experiential workshop. What have you got to lose?


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