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This interactive multimedia DVD-ROM or USB Flash Drive features All sessions live audio in MP3 format recorded at Press Ganey National Client Conference Nov. 18-20, 2019! This package includes all of the sessions from the Press Ganey National Client Conference.

MP3 audio files of every session. Captured LIVE during the conference. Also includes handouts of all the sessions.

Listen on your computer or fill your iPod or favorite MP3 player with all the live audio from every session.

Take the conference home with the Complete Conference Package !


32963 From Strategy to Action: Aligning Leadership to Accelerate Enterprise-wide Transformation Chris Van Gorder, FACHE , Ghazala Sharieff, MD, MBA
32861 Pairing Technology with Communication to Better Meet Patient Expectation Kristen Chamberlain, Leigh Demont, Brenda Johnson
32862 Building a Culture of Transformational Change: Aligning Behaviors and Tactics Jennifer Dynia, Elsie Lindgren
32863 Creating a Transformation-ready Culture through Workforce Engagement Heather Brace, Joseph Cabral
32864 Be KIND: Creating a Culture of Meaningful Connection & Comm. in the Ambulatory Surgery Setting Ashley Burks, Kimberly Hiles
32865 Defining and Enhancing Patient Experience Tolerance Thresholds in the ED Jeff Mullins, Brandon Helms 
32866 The Impact of Purposeful Communications Training on the Patient Experience Jennifer Packard, Mustaqeem Siddiqui
32867 Compassionate Connected Care to Drive Nursing Excellence Mary Jo Assi
32868 Engaging Patients and Families Using a Bedside Handoff Process Callie Craig, Madeline Matthews
32869 Focusing on Physician Communication to Impact Physician Engagement and Patient Experience Joseph Abularrage 
32870 Using a Multidimensional Safety and High Reliability Approach to Improve Culture Tina Cavaliere, Lauren Webb
32871 It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint: Practical Tools for Root Cause Analysis Success Chardae Davis
32964 Honoring the Mission: AdventHealth’s Consumer Transformation Terry Shaw, Daryl Tol
32872 Advanced Team-Based Care Enhances the Patient Experience Joy Falkenburg, Sarah Hermsen
32873 Utilizing iRound’s Data Transparency and Trend Analysis to Uncover Improvement Opportunities CJ Merrill
32874 Operationalizing Transformation: Aligning Data, Processes and People to Turn Strategy into Action Rachel Biblow, Deirdre Mylod
32875 Leadership Development: Investing in People through Experiential Learning Sonja McLendon
32876 The Power of Partnership: One Health System’s Journey to Combat Burnout Clara Riley, Catherine Santarsiero
32877 Transforming the Care Experience through Compassion in the Ambulatory Surgery Setting Kate Jones, Kristen Trout
32878 Leveraging Tiered Engagement to Improve and Sustain Patient Experience in Ambulatory Care Seanna-Kaye Denham, Melissa Lee
32879 Changing the Culture Changes the Outcome Karen Cabell, Joan Simon
32880 Engaging Physicians from Skills to Recognition Moe Lim, Shane Rogers 
32881 Making Change Stick: Integrating Safety and Patient Experience to Improve Care Nicole Lescota, Lyla Visconti
32882 Developing a Mentorship Program to Sustain HRO Leader Skills Margaret Mikula, Steve Mrozowski
32965 Accelerating Innovation in Health Care: Strategies for Developing High Performing Teams Karen Grimley 
32883 Employing Evidence-Based Best Practices to Provide an Exceptional Patient Experience Jennifer Lorenz
32884 Developing a Patient-Centric Culture with Data Insights Jacolyn Burgin Collis
32886 Transforming Employee Engagement Measurement into a Healthy, Consistent Rhythm Redge Hanna 
32887 Transforming Our Culture, One Moment at a Time Joseph Leggio, Amy Marshall 
32888 Using Purposeful Leader Rounding as a Best Practice Sandra Bernabe
32889 Optimizing Patient Engagement in Your Medical Practice: Getting Physicians on Board Chrissy Daniels
32890 Building a Sustainable Patient Rounding Program Clint Child
32891 Leaning Forward: Increasing Buy-In and Engagement to Improve the Patient Experience Annmarie McKinley, Kim Walker 
32892 A Comprehensive Approach to Provider Patient Experience Performance Greg Burke, Randy Hutchison
32893 Lessons Learned: Innovative Ways to Engage Physicians Skeptical of Zero Harm Shane Lewis, Mike Woodruff, Jeanne Nelson
32894 High Reliability Leader Rounding: Applying Best Practices to Patient Experience Karen Byrnes, Gia DeMichele 
32966 The Chief Executive’s Role as a Steward for Advancing Organizational Culture Christopher Howard, Lynn Skoczelas
32895 Providing Highly Reliable Care to Create a World -Class Patient Experience Rebecca Daniels, Regina Shupe
32896 Analyzing Patient and Family Feedback to Advance Your Improvement Journey Alexandra Nelson, Karen Ross
32897 Delivering on Our Promise: How Consumer Design Accelerates Improvement at Intermountain Healthcare Kevan Mabbutt, Anne Pendo
32899 Creating Caregiver and Physician Alignment through Internal Surveying Jodi Brekhus, Matt Griffin, Mark Logsdon
32900 Crafting a Successful Development Training Program to Improve the Patient Experience Jessica Chiclacos, Anne Dunne
32901 A Patient Experience Home Run: Rounding on All the Bases Patricia Mook, Barbee Whisnant-Burgess
32902 Nursing Excellence Across the Patient Journey Christy Dempsey
32903 Creating a Skillset to Improve the Patient and Provider Experience Bush Bell, Arturo Saavedra
32904 Expanding High Reliability Organizing (HRO) Tools into New Spaces Mary Herold, Travis Mitchell
32905 High Reliability at the Sharp End: Through the Lens of a Safety Coach Maile Alegria, Shauna Wright 
32967  Mapping a New Vision to Meet Patient and Provider Expectations Shannon Phillips
32906 Standardizing a Multidisciplinary Rounding Approach Using Human-Centered Design Lori Kondas, Kevin Phipps, Julie Rish
32907 Breaking Down Silos through Virtual Multidisciplinary Rounds Lisa Orlick, Katrina Helmus
32908 Making Service Excellence Everyone’s Responsibility Raymond (Chip) Malloy
32909 Reading Hospital’s Engagement Journey to 5-Star Performance Tony Grycewicz
32910 Empowering Patients and Health Care Providers through a Sustainable Transparency Program Diane Denny, Scott Hartman, Sarah Hizon
32911 One Culture: Creating a Culture of High Reliability for the Entire Patient Experience Craig Clapper, Tejal Gandhi
32912 Stats 101 Kristopher Morgan
32913 Improving Provider Reputation in Academic Medicine with Online Strategies Dwight McBee, Chelsea Murtin
32914 Building an Exemplary Nursing Practice Environment through Nurse Managers Karen DeLorenzo, Laura Mansfield
32915 The Transformation of Nursing Sensitive Indicators: Looking Back, and Forging Ahead Mary Foley, Susan Shapiro
32916 Forging the Path to Physician and Patient Loyalty Thomas H. Lee, Deirdre Mylod
32917 Communicating the Right Message to Positively Impact Your Patient Experience Metrics Michelle Rossetti
32968 Earning Loyalty: Innovative Patient Experience Metrics and Approaches Adrienne Boissy
32918 Developing a Patient Experience Improvement Model in the Behavioral Health Setting Erick Cheung, Emily Petersen
32919 Accelerating Improvement in Care Experience Jane Englebright, Dan Roberts
32920 Leadership Engagement Academy: A Nurse Manager Leadership Development Program Karen Richey, Stephanie Waite
32921 Sowing the Seeds of Engagement: An ICU’s Journey to Professional Growth Clint Owens, Lauren Paris
32922 Leveraging Patient Experience Data to Transform Care in the Outpatient Setting Laura Harner, Sherry Onushco
32923 A Journey to Service Excellence in a Time of Growth Rob Parker 
32924 Compassionate Connected Care: Changing the Way We Care for Patients and Each Other Jacqueline Camp, Susan Griffin 
32925 Mean Tweets: Listening to ED Patients to Ignite Improvement Erin Brandt, Breanna Caraway 
32926 What Your CEO is Worried About and How You Can Help Nell Buhlman
32927 Building a Culture of Teamwork, Inclusion, and Caring Arthur Gianelli, Vicki LoPachin
32928 Daily Reliability Huddles Improve Safety, Quality, Engagement, and Experience Pam Wells
32929 Leveraging Systemness on the Journey to Eliminate Patient Harm Diane Denny, Margaret Holt
32930 Transforming the Patient and Care Team Experience through Integrated Rounds Kristy Alfano, Sheri Renaud
32931 Improving the Patient Experience through Increased Patient Access Ramzey Ibrahim, Carrie Rys
32932 Moving Beyond the Data to Make Meaningful Patient Connections Ed Hubel, Amy Huveldt, Sean Lynch
32933 Every Nurse Matters: Leading a Legacy of Engagement Lori Wiegand, Shelley Nguyen 
32934 From Great to Best: Leveraging Engagement Data to Unleash Your Organization’s Full Potential Sara Jones, Dennis Lennon 
32935 Creating and Sustaining a Patient Experience Strategy in the ED Denise Cole-Ouzounian, Lisa Pickarts, Christy Wehler
32936 Using Data and Analysis to Customize Medical Practice Improvement Activities Justin Cook, Kyle Garrett
32937 Improving Nurse Retention Drives Winning Patient Experience Randall Caldwell, Denise Carter
32938 Driving Engagement and Improvement through Education, Coaching, and Resources Anne Grill, Ravi Nemivant
32939 33,000 Reasons to Create a Fair and Just Culture Marty Everhart, Emily Halu
32940 Using High Reliability to Reach a Zero SSI Rate for Nearly Two Years Kristen Farmer, Katherine Leech
32941 Leveraging Data-Driven Insights to Drive Sustainable Improvement Thomas (Dusty) Deringer
32942 Check-In Best Practices Improve Patient Experience and Engagement Tracey Green, Kellie Rosier 
32943 Improving Access to Care, Focusing on One Patient, One Record, One Journey Rosalind Washington
32944 Building Leadership Resilience to Drive Employee Engagement Meagan Sutton, Edda Tinis
32945 The ROI of Culture Transformation Terry Rusconi 
32946 Using Patient Experience Insights to Move to a Patient-Focused Culture Kathy Denton, Elizabeth Garcia
32947 Our Journey to Transparency: Lessons Learned Theresa Varughese, David Clinkscales
32948 Decreasing Workplace Violence in Behavioral Health Care Katherine Avery, Paula Bostwick
32949 Adopt a Doc: Partnering Physician Leaders and Administrators to Drive Excellence Shai Gavi, Beverly Natale
32950 Rowing in Unison: Building Consistent Cause Analysis Methods in a Large System Terrie Van Buren, Giselle Krieger
32951 Engaging Physicians in the High Reliability Journey Michael Ietta, Rakesh Sharma
32952 Educating Staff to Better Educate Patients through an Effective Discharge Program Anne Michelle Sension, Lindsey Teefey, Robert Williams
32953 Developing a Leader Rounding Program to Enhance the Patient Experience Dustin Webb
32954 Fostering a Patient-Centered Culture through Education and Engagement Beth Brown, Dawn Robbins
32955 Leveraging Engagement: Aligning a Divergent Team to Defeat Any Giant Matt Troup
32956 Achieving Positive and Sustainable Patient Experience Outcomes in the Outpatient Setting Kelly O’Brien, Dawn Williams 
32957 Creating Consistent Practices and Care Delivery in a Growing Medical Practice Kent Lockart, Matt McNabb
32958 Achieving Nursing Excellence through Shared Governance Diann Johnston, Julie Villa
32959 Inspiring, Motivating, and Engaging Others to Sustain Hourly Rounding Mindy Spigel, Kari Vandagriff
32960 Observing Provider Communication in the Exam Room to Create Sustainable Improvement Jason Valle
32961 The Importance of Leader Rounding to Sustain a High Reliability Organization Lesli Giglio, Jack Soterakis
32962 Developing and Implementing a Safety Management System across a Health System Paul Lambrecht, Katharine Perez 


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