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 32999 - The Gokhale Method: How Would Weston A. Price Have Approached Back Pain? $18.00   
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Presenter: Esther Gokhale

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Weston A. Price compared people in non-industrial societies who stayed in their natural context with those who traveled to an industrial context in order to discover which dietary elements help preserve natural facial structure, dentition and more. There is a parallel lesson to be derived in body structure. By studying people in similarly non-industrial settings and comparing them with people who are transplanted into more industrial settings, we can also discern some key principles that help perpetuate musculoskeletal health. From ancient Indian villagers and artisans to modern-day African cement factory workers, from generations of Dutch cheesemakers to high-tech employees in Silicon Valley, Weston A. Price?s insights hold true today and reveal that, just because someone comes from a non-industrialized culture, they are not exempt from back pain. In Africa, whereas there is evidence in the medical literature of low incidence of back pain in some cultures, in more modern times and industrialized settings these statistics point to higher rates than modern Western societies suffer. What happened? What are the changes? What are the shifts that bring these about? How can we in modern times recover best practices from ancestral populations, so that we can, in spite of modernization and industrialization, continue to enjoy the high levels of physical function our ancestors did?


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