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 2023 International Roofing Expo Complete Conference MP3 Audio Recordings $249.00   
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Take the conference home with you !

Audio recordings in MP3 format of the presentations from the 2023 International Roofing Expo held March 7-9, 2023 in New Orleans.

Includes all recorded sessions plus all available slides!

Listen on your computer or fill your iPod or favorite MP3 player with all the live audio from these sessions, and follow along with the PDF slides from the sessions.



Item Code Tuesday, March 7, 2023  
34781 TU01   State of the Industry Research – The Deep Dive  Jill Bloom, Art Aisner, Trent Cotney
34782 TU02  Steep-Slope Commercial Roofs – Making them Water-Tight Marco Sieber, James Akins, Steve Wadding
34783 TU03  Safety for Sustainability Christina Donovan, Lorie Mets-Herman
34784 TU04 Business Financial Mastery Scott Siegal
34785 TU05 Electronic Leak Detection Testing, Standards, Science, and Practical Applications  Shaun Katz
34786 TU06  How to Build your Brand and Drive More Leads  Jamie Samide
34787 TU07 Common Mistakes That Lead To Hiring Decisions You Regret Dave Harrison
34788 TU08  Field-Applied Roof Coatings: Increasing your Understanding Chris Huettig, Jim Martin, Mark Graham
34789 TU09 Behind the Scenes to Insurance Claims Workflow Derik Kline and J. Drew Houghton
Item Code Wednesday, March 8, 2023  
34790 WE01 Using Technology to your Growth Advantage  Erik Zadrozny, Greg Bloom
34791 WE02 Why People Buy John Derosa
34792 WE03 Understanding Metal Roofing: Part I Rob Haddock
34793 WE04 Roofs and the Energy Code(s) Glen Clapper
34794 WE05 Challenges and Opportunities when dealing with Safety and the Latino Workforce: Are you a Good Safety Leader? Luciano Perez, Neff Ortiz, Jayne Williams, Lorna Rojas, Refugio Alvarez, Jr. 
34795 WE06 Single-Ply Material Science & Installation Conditions Brian Chamberlain
34796 WE07 Subcontractor Prequalification & Insurance Requirements (Contract Exclusions) Corey Rimmer, Neil Nichol, Mark Wilke
34797 WE08 Avoiding Pitfalls and Effectively Managing Material Shortages and Cost Escalation  C. Leanne Prybylski
34798 WE09 How to do a Great Performance Review Dave Harrison
34799 WE11  NRCA Update on Roofing Industry Technical Issues  Mark Graham, Jean-Paul Grivas
34800 WE12 Service Metrics for Performers (and How To Get Them!) Greg Hayne
34801 WE13 Understanding Metal Roofing: Part II Rob Haddock
34802 WE14 Selling Your Price: Real-World Strategies to Help Escape the Price-Driven Sale John DeRosa
34803 WE15 LeaderSHIFT: You’re The Spark for Positive Change in Your Team  Michelle Jones, Christine Hockman
34804 WE16 “Stick it in the file!”: What Should and Should Not be Present in an Employee Personnel File Philip Siegel
34805 WE18 How to Exponentially Scale Revenue while Keeping Overhead Low  Jake Brydon 
34806 WE19 Workforce Development Update: 2023  John Esbenshade
Item Code Thursday, March 9, 2023  
34807 TH01  Effective Accident Investigation & Reporting Techniques Frank Marino
34808 TH02 Performance and Sustainability Advances in Roof Coatings George Daisey
34809 TH03  Low Slope Commercial Roofing Tiffany Coppock
34810 TH04 The Latest Legal Issues with Roofing Materials Trent Cotney
34811 TH05 How to Make Your Online Presence The Top Salesperson For Your Roofing Company  Brandon Stanton
34812 TH06 Unlocking the Value and Power of Women in the Roofing Industry Curtis Sutton, Michelle Boykin, Carmen Bodden, Christine Mockenhaupt
34813 TH08 Improve Profits In your Operations and Service Divisions with Better Estimating John Kenney
34814 TH09 Edge Metal That Works: Eliminating the Weakest Link(s)  James Kirby, Erica Sherman
34815 TH10  Why You Can't "Take Orders" in a Recession Ryan Groth
34816 TH12 How To Avoid the Collapse of your Business… And Enjoy Leading it Again! Juan Reyes
34817 TH13 Lightweight Insulating Concrete (LWIC) Systems as Sustainable Roof Decks for your Roofing Membrane  Shane Mullinix, Bryan Batchman, Mark Van Doren
34818 TH14  Finding Your Future Workforce Charles Antis, John Peck, Josey Parks, Christee Holbrook, Heidi Ellsworth, John Kiesel
34819 TH15  Answers to the "Why?" in Roofing Helene Hardy Pierce, Mark Graham, Tom Hutchinson
34820 TH16 Development of a Dedicated Service Department Tracey Donels
34821 TH17 Expanding Solar Markets: Observations and Lessons Learned in Residential Building Integrated Photovoltaics  Jeff Cook


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