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 12256 M-21 Creating an Outrageously Successful Organization

Compact Disc
CEU Credit: 0.1

Session Type: Management
Track Number: M-21
Speaker: Scott Hunter, BEE, JD, CSP

Date: Tuesday, October 05, 2010
Time: 8:00 AM - 8:50 AM


The world is changing rapidly, and our businesses are too. Regardless of your company, function or title, you’re dealing with a worsening global economy, bankruptcies, thousands being laid off and a constantly changing playing field. With all of that going on, are there tried and true, timeless, unchanging qualities that if you master, success must follow. The answer is: yes!

So why don’t most companies fulfil on their potential? Because we have been taught, as leaders, to believe a number of things that are simply not true. Like if you know the right things to do and do them you’ll be successful. Or, if you are really smart and work hard, you’ll be successful. Or, it’s who you know or just plain luck. None of these things are true. They are all myths. We’re looking for downtown Chicago with a street map of Detroit.

In this highly interactive program, attendees will learn what it takes, year in and year out, no matter what is happening in the world economy, to have an outrageously successful organization. They will discover that success has very little to do with what you do, what you know and how hard you work. Truly successful leaders understand certain principles and use them to outperform the competition. These will all be discussed.

Learning outcomes:

  • Attendees will discover that there are many things we have been told, and firmly believe, that determine the success of our companies, that simply are not true
  • They will further learn that there literally are “laws” in the universe that determine the success of their organizations, what these laws are, how they work, and how to use them to produce the results they want
  • Leaders in every category will discover the one thing they need to focus on if they want to be effective in leading their companies into the 21st Century

Speaker Bio:

Scott Hunter, BEE, JD, CSP has been transforming organizations for over two decades, through keynote speeches, workshops, retreats and management team coaching.

Since 1985 he has helped hundreds of businesses, delivered over 1,000 speeches and worked with over 250,000 individuals as a business coach and speaker.  He has conducted over 175 corporate retreats for groups as small as 2 and as large as 44, consistently producing breakthroughs in the participants personal and professional lives and setting the stage for the companies they manage to achieve results that go way beyond their expectations. 

Clients say things like, "In the 9 months since we started to work with you, we've had more opportunities and successes than in the previous 9 years." Or, "You changed the way we do business and oh yes, my family life works better too."

Scott didn't start out as an organizational change agent.  Following receipt of an engineering degree from the City University of New York, Scott spent four years working in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in Washington, DC while he attended George Washington Law School at night, graduating in the top 10% of his class. He moved to California and eventually opened a private law practice.

Scott's own success journey seemed to be stalled.  After 11 years, he was still struggling to pay the bills. He was divorced. Even his secretary quit.

And that's when Scott's real career started.  He began researching what it takes for people to produce extraordinary results in their personal lives and careers and for companies to break through to new levels of profitability and success. He took classes. He read books and signed up for one seminar after another.

It took several years, but ultimately Scott's whole life turned around. He became a partner in a major law firm, managing an office and enjoying an income he had only dreamed of previously.

In 1983, Scott decided to retire from his law practice so he could help other companies make the same success journey he had made. Using what he learned painfully, through trial and error, he realized he could guide others to move to their own success goals, bypassing costly, time-consuming detours. He created a 5-step system to deliver repeatable results and he has been teaching that system for the last 20+ years.

Now Scott works as a successful business coach and speaker. He speaks to thousands of people each year and shares advice with CEOs of corporations of all sizes. His book, Unshackled Leadership has received successful reviews and garnered a following among  executives, professionals and students.  He's been recognized as an "expert" on over 50 radio talk shows and appeared on a number of television news programs. In 2007, he was recognized for excellence by the National Speakers Association and was awarded the Certified Speaking Professional designation. And he makes time for his favorite avocation: cycling trips to explore new countries and scenes around the world.

Scott continues to work to stretch the limits of his knowledge and his capabilities. He has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and devoted months of his life to seminars and programs. He's studied with the best coaches, motivational speakers and industry leaders.

"Scott has the rare ability to touch people's hearts and turn those emotions into practical action; to rattle cages and challenge the status quo, then provide a roadmap for audiences to follow; to discuss broad life values and connect them to work-related values."

Please note that every state handles licensure and continuing education credits differently. To avoid confusion, NECA strongly recommends you check with your state authority whether they will grant these CEUs for management education programs held at NECA 2010 Boston


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