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New Uses of Hypnosis in Treatment
Rick P. Kluft, MD, PhD; Catherine G. Fine, PhD and Linda Young, MD; Susana A. Galle, PhD, ND, CCN, DHM, CCH, RYT

Audio Sample:

Presentation 1: Sexual Perversions in the Dissociative Disorder Patient: Use of Hypnosis and the Impact of the Third Reality

Catherine G. Fine, PhD and Linda Young, MD
Sex and sexuality can be a difficult topic to approach with our DD and sexually traumatized patients. This presentation will report on the authors' organization of mind and approach to dealing with perverted sexuality in their DD patients – an approach which is both psycho-educational, interventional and well integrated into the established structured treatment of DD. The presenters will imbricate ego state therapy with the relational interactions within the third reality to infer, detect, address and redress sexual reenactments embedded in sexual perversion.

At the end of this session, individuals will be able to:

- Understand the impact of the third reality on the maintenance of sexual disorders in
traumatized patients;
-Recognize the role of sexual dysregulation and deviancy in the re enactments of their
traumatized patients and how these deviancies get maintained; and
- Learn at least two interventional possibilities, both hypnotic and EMDR based, to
dislodge crystallized and perverted sexual replays from the past.

Presentation 2: The Mind Matter: Hypnosis in Holistic Care from the Teens to the Golden Years
Susana A. Galle, PhD, ND, CCN, DHM, RYT

This paper highlights cases spanning different life stages, from age 13 to 68. All patients had diagnosed psychiatric disorders and medical conditions. They were poor responders to prior treatments. In activating mind-body connections, hypnosis catalyzed the healing process. Each individual uniquely overcame obstacles to the cure. Hypnosis supported inner inquiry, awareness, self-esteem, empowerment, and mastery. Hypnosis also enhanced receptivity to natural somatic treatments (molecular nutrition, classical homeopathy, yoga therapy) – an invaluable player in holistic healing. The case examples include two teenagers and two older adults whose physical symptoms involved the neurological and digestive systems. This is particularly interesting in view of recent work about mind-brain-gut communication. It was hard to determine the precise impact of each treatment modality. In all cases, however, decisive improvement followed the introduction of hypnosis into the equation. On a subjective level, hypnosis boosted motivation and activated mind-body healing. Hypnotic exploration thus became a royal road to neurophysiological, endocrine, and immune processes that are implicated in illness and cure. This is consistent with the data from imaging techniques, which document changes in the brain and other body systems during the experience of hypnosis mind matters.

At the end of this session, individuals will be able to:

-Use three tools to access the common roots of certain physical and mental symptom
complexes -- a psychosomatic, inner-directed approach;
- Modify at least two hypnosis exploration techniques according to age groups; and
- Understand the unique "added value" of hypnosis in holistic health care, and collaborate
with professionals who practice molecular nutrition, homeopathy, yoga therapy, and
other CAM modalities. This model will be contrasted with pharmacological approaches,
to find ways of integrating them with hypnosis as well.


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