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 16473 - From Ericksonian Hypnosis to Bioquantum Consciousness: New Thinking of Mind Beyond Matter $12.00   
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From Ericksonian Hypnosis to Bioquantum Consciousness: New Thinking of Mind Beyond Matter
M. Paola Brugnoli MD and Dr. Sergio Serano

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What is consciousness? Neurophysiologic approaches see it as an emergent property of complex interactions among individual neurons; however these approaches fail to address enigmatic features of consciousness. Erickson believed there are multiple states of consciousness that may be utilized. This resonates with Charles Tart's idea that all states of consciousness are trances, and that what we call "normal" waking consciousness is just a "consensus trance". We may then consider every cell in the human body as a library of information. Each cell is made of molecules, each molecule is made of atoms, and atoms are made of electrons, neutrons, and protons. In connection with Einstein's familiar formula, E=mc2, we know that matter and energy are equivalent, that we can convert energy into matter, and that the energy in a piece of matter is equal to the mass of the matter times the speed of light squared. Bohm's work in quantum physics suggests that at the subatomic level all points in space are essentially the same, and therefore nothing is actually separate from anything else. In Bohm's words, "everything material is also mental and everything mental is also material, but there are many more infinitely subtle levels of matter than we are aware of".

In this work are discussed the quantum mechanics QM theories of consciousness. For a better understanding of these theories, some physical principles of the quantum formalism are firstly introduced. We then expose these theories and discuss them from a neuroscientist point of view.

At the end of this session, individuals will be able to...

- Report a panoramic view of Ericksonian Hypnosis and understand hypnotic communication in
different stages of consciousness;
- Explain the value of a future focused orientation in understanding the quantum physic
mental process of bioquantum consciousness; and
- Discuss Bio-quantum-consciousness research: it is considered to be a breakthrough
neuroscience, physic and philosophy, with high expectations for a new understanding of
consciousness, that work on a completely new principle, and that holds many
possibilities in a new approach to mind.


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