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 17578 - The Importance of Trace Minerals - Jacques Goulet, PhD $15.00   
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The Importance of Trace Minerals
Jacques Goulet, PhD

Jacques Goulet Ph.D.:
The importance of trace minerals and micro-adjuvants
in nutrition and health

Most nutritional recommendations for the average North American consumer refer to governmental food guides or various Mediterranean type diets. Much of the research money devoted to human nutrition relates to various health problems that are presented to be strongly correlated to certain types of foods (too high in sugar, fats, cholesterol, saturated fatty acids, trans fatty acids, sodium,…) or poor food habits (too large portions and too much fast food).

On the other hand, most recommendations in the field of animal nutrition, where the level of scientific knowledge is much more advanced and reliable (for obvious reasons) than in human nutrition, deal with mineral and vitamin supplements as well as with adjusted ratios of protein, energy and fibers.

Very rarely do we hear that common health problems in human populations could be related to a lack of several micro-nutrients or micro-adjuvants and to the unbalance of the intestinal microflora.

In this presentation we will review some of the latest data suggesting that we might presently be at risk of lacking several essential micronutrients and developing nutritional deficiencies.

Jacques Goulet agr. Ph.D. A tenured professor at Laval University’s Food Science and Nutrition Department, Jacques Goulet is also a founding member of Laval University’s Dairy Science and Technology research group. Dr. Goulet is the author of authoritative technical reports and scientific papers on milk technology, and acts as scientific counsel to several companies in the food industry. He also sits on numerous scientific committees in the biotechnology, agriculture and food sectors.  He received the Order of Quebec Agronomists’ Medal of Distinction.

A specialist in food microbiology, Jacques Goulet has also published many papers on the subjects of fermentation, disinfection and probiotics. He is a well-known scientific authority who has served on Agriculture Canada’s expert committee on dairy products and biotechnology committee, as well as on evaluation committees for NSERC (Natural Science and Engineering Research Council), evaluation committees for CDAQ (Conseil des Denrées Alimentaires du Québec) , a scientific evaluation committee for the Dairy Producers of Canada, an organizing committee for the Carrefour des biotechnologies and a committee on sustainable agriculture for the Quebec Order of Agronomists.

In addition to Jacques Goulet’s many contributions to technological innovation in the science and technology of foods, he has taught at University Laval for 35 years. During that time, he has guided some fifty students towards their masters or doctorates, as well as overseeing the research of many graduate students. These are among his proudest accomplishments.


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