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 17977 - The Meta-Structure of Clinical Hypnosis: Ancient Philosophy and Meditative States, to Quantum Consciousness Meanings $16.00   
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The Meta-Structure of Clinical Hypnosis: from Ancient Philosophy and Meditative States, to Quantum Consciousness Meanings, Techniques, and the Explanatory Gap

Consuelo Casula, PhD and Paola Brignoli, MD

Hypnosis opens a wide field to integrating the modified states of consciousness and spiritual approaches coming from philosophy, which can make therapeutic suggestions stronger, more valuable and more powerful. Quantum physics offers a new understanding of consciousness, of the gap of mind and body unity and of different levels of reality. This workshop aims at exploring how to help patients to close their mind-body gap and to alleviate mind and body suffering through a combination of hypnosis and modified states of consciousness in philosophy, passing through the quantum physics laws. Suffering becomes more acceptable when the patient is led to see a transcendental meaning that goes beyond any rational comprehension. Spiritual care means searching and finding new meaning that gives peace to body, mind and soul. Spiritual care is a voluntary and personal practice of searching for authentic self, reaching the awareness of deep inner self and transcending limits. Suffering relief recognizes a complex relationship between physical and emotional and spiritual pain and the ability to manage "total suffering" can be the result. In order to gain physical suffering relief, clinical hypnosis helps bring out a patient's spirituality and thus gives him/her the ability to cope with different states of consciousness.

This workshop is intended for those who have had introductory training in clinical hypnosis and experienced clinicians who want to improve their knowledge in the modified states of consciousness. Quantum brain effects may provide necessary activation to maintain classical brain states' persistent re-entrant thalamocortical circuits associated with subjective experience. The brain is moulded by sensory experiences - temporally and spatially consistent stimuli – that move through sensory circuits. Using these approaches the workshop will range hierarchically from the simple to more complex induction techniques.


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