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 23053 - Cognitive Behavioral Resolution and Restructuring of Traumatic and Key Decision Memories and Related Limiting Beliefs $25.00   
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Cognitive Behavioral Resolution and Restructuring of Traumatic and Key Decision Memories and Related Limiting Beliefs
James Straub, EdD
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PTSD is an all too common outcome of assaults, natural disasters, childhood abuse and motor vehicle accidents. PTSD is related to the difficulty in resolving chronic pain, anxiety and depression as well as having a negative impact on relationships. However, lesser traumas and everyday life events can also be at the core of limiting beliefs and behavioral patterns. There is increasing support for the concept that enhancing and limiting core beliefs are built around memories and the alteration and reframing of these memories can result in increased resilience and psychological hardiness. Adler, Janet, Goulding, Assagioli, Lane and Ryan, Bandler and Grinder, among others as well as research in the neurological underpinnings of psychotherapy have focused on this perspective. Many approaches to resolution of trauma memories involve prolonged exposure or reliving the traumatic memory which can lead to high dropout rates or additional traumatization to the patient and even the therapist. The workshop will present an integrative approach that facilitates resolution and restructuring of trauma and key decision memories without requiring clients to re-experience the memory. By utilizing time and place grounding, imagery, parts work and submodality checking, the client can restructure the focus, beliefs and understandings re: self, others and the world. Further, the client can integrate cognitive, affective and behavioral levels, enhancing self-acceptance and resilience. These techniques can be effectively utilized in one or two sessions and have been found to be highly effective for nearly all clients.


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