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 23521 - The Latest Secrets About Occlusion And Your Practice Growth/Profitability $20.00   
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The Latest Secrets About Occlusion And Your Practice Growth/Profitability
Irwin Becker, DDS

Participants will enjoy the teaching analogies Dr. Becker uses to make complex, yet potentially simple concepts, usable in everyday clinical situations. All topics — from equilibration to bite splint therapy to cranio-mandibular disorders — will be presented from a scientific and clinical perspective. Each concept will have numerous documented clinical cases as well as literature reviews that bring credibility to these applied concepts. You will learn how to differentiate between muscle and joint conditions as related to your patient’s symptoms, resulting in a greater ability to help those patients experiencing the many types of headaches, jaw tightness, and the classic signs of occlusal disease. Dr. Becker will demonstrate the basic and clear steps needed to make differential diagnosis a routine in everyday clinical practice. Imagine the satisfaction of being able to predictably treat your patient’s occlusal problems. He will help you decipher your patient’s conditions and help you understand how to have conversations with your patients that lead to their full understanding of their diagnosis. Your confidence level will increase as you are provided with the steps to sequentially prove the cause to yourself and your patient. Most importantly, you will rapidly learn and understand how much occlusal bite splint therapy can change many patients into folks who begin to ask better questions and ultimately want to discuss the possibilities of major restorative dentistry.

Learning objectives:
Participants will be able to:

  • Learn how to utilize Occlusal Bite Splint Therapy to increase Case Acceptance and Profitability.
  • Utilize the use of Occlusal Principals to motivate your patients to desire more Comprehensive Care.
  • Apply Dr. Becker's proven techniques so that your patients can't wait to tell others about the new way dentistry has impacted their lives.
  • Discuss with patients the techniques that free up their muscles of mastication so that they sleep better, are more rested and find that they have less headaches and jaw tightness.


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