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 24810 - Complete INS 2015 Conference -All sessions Audio Slides with Synchronized Audio, Plus MP3 files $339.00   
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This interactive multimedia product features video of All sessions PowerPoint slides with Synchronized live Audio from the International Neuropsychological Society 2015 Annual INS Meeting! Watch the slides while listening to the synchronized audio, exactly as is happened live. This package allows you to review presentation materials and is a lasting valuable resource.

BONUS: Also includes MP3 audio recordings of all sessions recorded exactly as is happened live. Listen on your computer or fill your iPod or favorite MP3 player with all the live audio from every session. This package allows you to review presentations and is a lasting valuable resource.


Item Wednesday, February 4, 2015  
24811 CE 1: Persistent Neuropsychiatric Symptoms After Concussion: Evaluation,
Effort, and Ethics - (Audio Only)
Jonathan M. Silver, MD
24812 CE 2: Genes, Brain, and Behavior in Neurodevelopmental Disorders:
Science and Practice
Bruce F. Pennington
24813 CE 3: Neurocognitive Networking: Modern Neuroimaging Methods for
Understanding Neurocognition
Angela R. Laird,
Jennifer Robinson
24814 CE 4: Impact of Marijuana on the Developing Brain Deborah Yurgelun-Todd
24815 CE 5: The Neuropsychiatry of Multiple Sclerosis Anthony Feinstein
24816 CE 6: Primary and Treatment Related Comorbidities in Pediatric and
Adult Epilepsies: Revising our Understanding of the Relationships
Bruce P. Hermann, Madison M. Berl,
David W. Loring
24817 INS Student Liaison Committee Workshop: Brain-Behavior Relationships
in the Developing Child: A Primer in Pediatric Neuropsychology
H. Gerry Taylor,
E. Mark Mahone
24818 Plenary A - Looking Behind the Smokescreen: Cannabis, Cognition
and Multiple Sclerosis
Anthony Feinstein
Item Thursday, February 5, 2015  
24819 CE 7: Pediatric Mild TBI: Who Gets Better, Who Doesn’t, and What’s
Neuropsychology Got to Do with It
Michael Kirkwood
24820 CE 8: Cognitive Reserve, From Theory to Intervention Yaakov Stern
24821 Plenary B - Connectomics and Cognition: A Tale of Many Regions Deanna M. Barch
24822 INS Early Career Award Presentation : Brain, Behavior and Beyond:
Tracing the Social Landscape of Pediatric TBI
Miriam H. Beauchamp
24823 Paper Session 1: TBI - DTI N. Presson, MM. Adamson,
B. Budisnin, K. Klipfel
24824 Symposium 1: Investigating Preclinical Alzheimer’s Disease: The
Wisconsin Registry for Alzheimer’s Prevention Experience
OC. Okonkwo, S. Johnson, BB. Bendlin, SA. Schultz, L. Bratzke, LR. Clark
Item Thursday, February 5, 2015  
24825 Paper Session 2: Pediatric Neuropsychology & Neuroimaging Y. Cheung, JE. Rosenqvist, ME. Fox, C. Mrakotsky, KR. Fitzer, VJ. Williams
24826 Symposium 2: International Perspectives on Education and Training in
Clinical Neuropsychology
C. Grote, D. Bodin, AM. Butts, JL. Ponsford, L. Hokkanen
24827 Plenary C - The Birch Memorial Lecture: Optimal Outcome in Autism Spectrum
Deborah Fein
24828 Invited Symposium: Cannabis Effects in Vulnerable Populations D. Yurgelun-Todd, N. Solowij, S. Tapert
24829 Paper Session 3: Sleep J. Kampter, AA. Garner, TM. Brinkman, Y. Mzayek
24830 Symposium 3: A New Look at Chemobrain: Conceptualizing and
Measuring Cognition in Cancer Patients
T. Horowitz, LS. Padgett, KK. Hardy, J. Cosman
24831 Symposium 4: Using Neuroimaging and Connectivity Modeling to Understand Network Plasticity After Brain Injury: Advancing Theory and Methods FG. Hillary, G. Wylie, EA. Wilde, V. Calhoun
24832 INS Mid-Career (Benton) Award Presentation : A Glimpse Behind the Veil:
Multimodal Assessment and Rehabilitation of Memory and Executive Functioning
Brian Levine
24833 Invited Symposium: Refining Our Expectations and Understanding of
Cognitive Aging
E. Rogalski, S. Chapman, WJ. Jagust
24834 Symposium 5: Biological Markers of Social and Emotional Impairment
after Traumatic Brain Injury
MH. Beauchamp, KE. Robisnon, JA. Rushby, S. McDonald
24835 Symposium 6: Functional Mapping for Presurgical Planning Using dEEG
Source Localization and Transcranial Stimulation
C. Poulsen, C. Kuo, P. LUU
24836 Plenary D - Tales from Both Sides of the Brain Michael S. Gazzaniga
Item Friday, February 6, 2015  
24837 CE 9: Sleep: A Silent Contributor to Cognitive Problems Mark S. Aloia
24838 CE 10: Learning from Your Mistakes? Errorless Learning in Amnesia and
Roy P. Kessels
24839 Plenary E - Lifetime Trajectories of Cognition – From Birth Cohorts
to Aging Studies
Laura Hokkanen
24840 Paper Session 4: Alzheimer’s Disease J. Choi, BM. Hamsptead, DA. Nation, RP. Almeida, VA. Guzman, NT. Bott
24841 Symposium 7: Developmental Motor Disorders: From Genes to Brains toBehavior D. Dewey, FP. Bernier, PJ. Anderson, SK. Thornton, KD. Ten Eycke
24842 Paper Session 5: Alcohol-Related Dysfunction S. Raskin, KA. Walker, JR. Wozniak, R. Migliorini, L. Glass
24843 Symposium 8: Behavioral Genetics in Neuropsychology: Exploring New
Frontiers in MS and mTBI
P. Arnett, VC. Merritt, J. Meyer, M. Cadden, D. Ukueberuwa
24844 Plenary F - Disconnection in the Connectome Era Marco Catani
24845 Invited Symposium: Norman Geschwind and the Lasting Influence of
CM. Filley, KM. Heilman, CM. Filley, A. Kertesz, M. Denckla, RA. Yeo
24846 Symposium 9: The Role of Physiological Factors and Novel Interventions
in Mitigating Poor Neuropsychological Outcomes in Pediatric Brain
Tumor Survivors
D. Mabbott, LM. Jacola, HM. Conklin, D. Mabbott, KK. Hardy
24847 Symposium 10: Stepping Out from Silence: Initiating Difficult Dialogues
about Diversity in the Context of Neuropsychological Education, Training,
and Leadership
AD. Thames, DA. Byrd, XE. Gagigas, PA Suarez, MR. Madore, AL. Fernandez
24848 Invited Symposium: The Young Damaged Brain: A Symposium in Honor of
Maureen Dennis
JM. Fletcher, L. Turkstra, RJ. Schachar, J. Juranek, HG. Taylor
24849 Paper Session 6: TBI - Functional Imaging TA. Hammeke, S. Jivani, L. Zhavoronkova, M. Ellis
24850 Symposium 11: The Psychometric Assessment of Dementia and Related
Conditions using the Latent Variable “δ”
DR. Royall, RF. Palmer, BE. Gavett, A. Koppara
24851 Panel Discussion: The Use of Neuropsychological Instruments in Research,
Presented by the INS Student Liaison Committee
David Libon, Cecil Reynolds, Robert K. Heaton, Sandra Weintraub
24852 Symposium 12: How Your Network Shapes Your Science and Vice Versa: New Ways to Think about Advancing Your Research Career and Obtaining Funding LS. Padgett, T. Horowitz, T. Ahles
24853 Plenary G - INS Presidential Address: Networks, Neural Connectivity and
Erin D. Bigler
Item Saturday, February 7, 2015  
24854 CE 11: How Neurons Enable Language and Cognition Stephen E. Nadeau
24855 CE 12: Neurobiology of Socioemotional Behavior in Health and Neurologic
Katherine P. Rankin
24856 Invited Symposium: Exploring the Function and Dysfunction of the Brain’s
Default Network
J. Andrews-Hanna, C. Grady, M. Irish, S. Gabrieli
24857 Paper Session 7: Veteran Populations K. Pagulayan, S. Sorg, AJ. Jak, LJ. Grande, JR. Sadek, NM. Wisdom
24858 Symposium 13: Using the NIH Toolbox for Neuropsychological and
Behavioral Functioning in Individuals who have Disabilities
DS. Tulsky, R. Gershon, DS. Tulsky, NE. Carlozzi, KB. Casaletto, AW. Heinemann
24859 Paper Session 8: Aging M. Joannette, KJ. Mannin, DM. Rentz, CE. Harrison
24860 Paper Session 9: Cognitive Neuroscience MJ. Van Zandvoort, G. Iaria, SG. Ryman, JI. Tracy, E. Jakobsen, RA. Yeo
24861 Paper Session 10: Autism S. Duvall, JJ. Van Steenburch, R. Lajiness-O'Neill, C. Luong-Tran, D. Murdaugh, M. South
24862 Symposium 15: Disruption of Neural Connectivity After Traumatic Brain
Injury in Children: Contribution of Neuroimaging to Understanding LongTerm Cognitive and Behavioral Outcomes
L. Ewing-Cobbs, N. Ryan, CP. Johnson, EA. Wilde, L. Ewing-Cobbs
24863 Symposium 16: Exercise as Brain Medicine: State of the Science
Chair: J. Carson Smith
J. Smith, KI. Erickson, T. Liu-Ambrose


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