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 26194 - Vaccines or Nutrition? $25.00   
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Presenter: Marty Michener, PhD

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In the U.S., vaccines are scheduled and promoted by the same federal agency charged by Congress to ensure their safety for the public. The GAO found this to be a conflict of interest, especially as Congress also in 1986 passed an unusual law indemnifying all vaccine manufacturers against citizen redress legal actions (VAERS). In 2009, Dr. S. Humphries, as a conscientious nephrologist in Portland, Maine, discovered the hospital policy was to administer flu vaccines to all adult patients of all ages, regardless of their wellness or of their acting physician?s knowledge or approval. After seeing kidney failure in three patients, she began investigating the actual safety record of this and many other vaccines, resulting in her book with R. Bystrianyk, Dissolving Illusions, 2014. During the same period, Dr. Alex Vasquez has created a realistic approach to virus management, based on modern science understanding the complexity of most infections, to include endemic virus in the human genome and the role our microbiome and nutrition play in providing resistance (?Antiviral Strategies and Immune Nutrition?, 2014).


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