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 26795 - Forgiveness Therapy in Hypnotic Interventions $16.00   
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Presenter: Edward Mackey, Jr, PhD , MSN, ABHD, ABHN

Do you harbor ill will toward another? Do you have feelings of resentment, anger, bitterness toward another? Have past hurts and
indignities caused you loss of sleep, health and wellness? Has anger toward another consumed your life? Do you find yourself replaying
old scenes of hurt or trauma over and over in your mind? Have you ever felt that ?getting even? was the only way to feel better? Have
you ever felt your heart racing or your pulse increasing when around certain individuals that have caused pain your past? Do you feel guilty
somehow over these past incidences?

When we feel hurt (real or imagined), feelings of anger arise. If not addressed properly at that time, these feelings of anger develop into
bitterness and resentment and begin to simmer below the surface, causing physical and psychological distress. As time moves forward the
bitterness and resentment can grow and often times become all consuming in our lives. The Forgiveness Therapy Lecture may be the first
step toward resolution of those old feelings. This presentation is based on a portion of the Forgiveness Therapy Workshop presented by Dr.
Ed Mackey at West Chester University and will provide a concise method to begin using Forgiveness as a therapeutic intervention in your
hypnotic practice.


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