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 26821 - Alert and Conversational Hypnosis for Habit Control $16.00   
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Presenter: David Reid, PhD

Unwanted habits seem to control people more than people control their habits. Whether the persistent behavior involves nail biting, smoking, overeating, or alcohol abuse, the pesky habit usually claims victory in the end regardless of the resistance or efforts employed to ward it off. The act of visualization, whether guided by another or self-directed, has been shown to be an effective means of enhancing smoking cessation (Carmody et al., 2008; Elkins, Marcus, Bates, Hasan Rajab, & Cook, 2006; Elkins & Rajab 2004) and weight management (Bolocofsky, D.N., Spinler, D., Coulthard-Morris, L., 1985; Johnson, 1997). Hassan, Zagarins, Pischke, Saiyed, Bettencourt, et al., (2014) found hypnosis to be more effective than nicotine replacement in improving smoking abstinence in hospitalized smokers. It is also apparent that group interventions employing hypnosis are as equally efficacious in smoking cessation as individual therapy that includes hypnosis (Riegel, 2013). As therapists we can evoke therapeutic, conscious and unconscious resources in many ways, though in this workshop we will explore evocation of resources through alert trance.


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