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Complete FGS 2016 Conference Recordings

Available on CD-ROM or USB Flash Drive

Recorded at the 2016 Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference held August 31 - September 3, 2016 – Springfield, IL

Complete Conference MP3 Audio recordings of every session
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Item Code Wednesday, August 31, 2016 Speaker
27431 W-105 Harness the Power of Email for Your Society George G. Morgan
27432 W-107 Archiving a Society's History Teresa S. McMillin
27433 W-109 30 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Becoming President D. Joshua Taylor
27434 W-110 Micro-Volunteering: Get Your Members Involved A Little Bit At A Time Rorey Cathcart
27435 W-111 Google Apps for Your Society  Randy Whited
27436 W-112 Team Building in a Me-Centered Society Billie Fogarty
27437 W-114 Collaborating for a Successful Digitization Grant Project Tina Beaird
27438 W-117 Problem Prevention not Problem Resolution Paula Stuart-Warren
27439 W-118 Finessing Facebook Jen Baldwin
27440 W-121 Expand Your Program, Expand Your Society J. Mark Lowe
27441 W-122 Tracking a Community Research Project with ResearchTies™ Jill N. Crandell
27442 W-123 Breathing Life into a Stagnant Society Teresa S. McMillin
27443 W-124 Just Elected: Making the Most of Your First 90 Days D. Joshua Taylor
27444 W-125 Profit for Non-Profits: It's Not A Dirty Word Rorey Cathcart
27445 W-130 Partnerships and Building a Better Community Kris W. Rzepczynski
27446 W-133 The Society Website and Search Engine Optimization: No Fear!  Jen Baldwin
27447 W-134 Society Scorecard: How to Measure Success Randy Whited
27448 W-135 Designing a Publication Pamela Boyer Sayre
27449 W-137 Integrating Youth Programming Into Your Society Emily Kowalski Schroeder
27450 T-202 Elusive Ancestors? No, They're Never 'Too Poor to Trace'! Elizabeth Shown Mills
27451 T-203 Catholic Records are for non-Catholics, too Sheila Benedict
27452 T-205 Grand Army of the Republic, Loyal Legion, and Other Civil War Union
Veterans Associations
Dennis Northcott
27453 T-206 The Petticoat War: Women's Roles in the Civil War Era Diane VanSkiver Gagel
27454 T-207 Chicago Research: Planning is the Key to Success  Jeanne Larzalere Bloom
27455 T-208 Becoming American: Research with Naturalization Records Kris W. Rzepczynski
27456 T-209 Irish Immigration into the Midwest David Rencher
27457 T-215 "Twelve Good and Lawful Men": Jury Lists in Genealogy Judy G. Russell
Item Code Thursday, September 1, 2016 Speaker
27458 T-217 Strategies for a Sound Beginning for Your Irish Research David Rencher
27459 T-218 Researching the French and Indian War  Craig R. Scott
27460 T-219 Danger & Disaster Underground: the Reality of Life in the Mines Jen Baldwin
27461 T-220 Scottish Chain Migration to Illinois Tina Beaird
27462 T-221 Guidelines for Finding Polish Records Amy Wachs
27463 T-222 The Ebb and Flow to America: Immigration from Colonial Times to World War II John Colletta
27464 T-223 Help! Historical and Genealogical Truth: How Do I Separate Fact from Fiction? Carol Baxter
27465 T-225 English Parish Registers: How to Access, Use and Interpret Paul Milner
27466 T-226 Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Hanover Military Records Teresa S. McMillin
27467 T-228 How to Overcome Brick Wall Problems in Pennsylvania Research Michael Lacopo
27468 T-231 Can a Complex Research Problem be Solved Solely Online? Thomas Jones
27469 T-232 Discovering Methodist Circuit Riders on the Frontier J. Mark Lowe
27470 T-233 Lost in Australia  Helen Smith
27471 T-234 How the War of 1812 Affected Illinois Billie Fogarty
27472 T-235 Researching Midwestern River People  Paula Stuart-Warren
27473 T-237 Research Your Swedish Heritage in Living Color Using ArkivDigital Kathy Meade
27474 T-238 The German Immigrant Experience in the 18th Century Michael Lacopo
27475 T-239 Striking a Balance between Records Access and Privacy Jan Meisels Allen, Jan Alpert, Frederick E. Moss
Item Code Friday, September 2, 2016 Speaker
27476 F-301 Women and the Law: Researching our Female Ancestors Diane VanSkiver Gagel
27477 F-302 Buried Treasures: What's in the English Parish Chest Paul Milner
27478 F-303 The Records of the National Homes for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers 1866-1938  Jeanne Larzalere Bloom
27479 F-305 The Wisconsin Historical Society Library and Archives: What Is in It? Everything! George L. Findlen
27480 F-306 How to Trace Your Jens Jensen Amber Larsen
27481 F-308 Identity Crises: Right Name, Wrong Man? Wrong Name, Right Man? Elizabeth Shown Mills
27482 F-309 ResearchTies™: Working the Research Process One Step At a Time Jill N. Crandell
27483 F-310 An Introduction to Australian Research Carol Baxter
27484 F-311 Known Dead in the War of 1812 Craig R. Scott
27485 F-312 Midwestern Railroad Records Research Paula Stuart-Warren
27486 F-313 Genealogical Treasures at the Missouri History Museum Library & Research Center Dennis Northcott
27487 F-314 The Germanic French: Researching Alsatian and Lorrainian Families John Colletta
27488 F-315 Using Free Third-Party Tools to Analyze your Autosomal DNA Blaine Bettinger
27489 F-316 "That She May Marry Again ...": Private Laws of Federal and State Governments Judy G. Russell
27490 F-317 Genealogy Orienteering George G. Morgan
27491 F-319 Reading Between the Lines: Expanding on a Military Record Diane VanSkiver Gagel
27492 F-320 My Job is Killing Me Helen Smith
27493 F-321 Researching at the Midwest Genealogy Center Cheryl Lang
27494 F-322 Researching Your French-Canadian Ancestors Online Michael J. Leclerc
27495 F-329 Help! Why Can't I find My Ancestor's Surname? Carol Baxter
27496 F-330 Ethics in Genealogy -- Commercial Products and Services David Rencher
27497 F-331 Understanding and Using Irish Court and Prison Records Fiona Fitzsimons
27498 F-333 Finding Your Ancestors in Company Employee Magazines and Trade Magazines Dennis Northcott
27499 F-336 Genetic Genealogy Self-Education: Where to Go For Help Blaine Bettinger
27500 F-337 Smiths & Joneses: How to Cope with Families of Common Name Elizabeth Shown Mills
27501 F-339 Tracing Your Pre-WWI British Soldier  Paul Milner
27502 F-341 The United States Life-Saving Service  Debbie Mieszala
27503 F-343 Slave Tags:  Researching A Southern Legal System That Mandated Tagging
Slaves & Free People of Color
Janis Forté
27504 F-344 Genograms: Family Medical History and Cluster Research Randy Whited
27505 F-345 Turn a Name into a Life Story by Researching, Reasoning, and 'Riting Thomas Jones
27506 F-347 Who Will You Find in the Registry of Deeds in Dublin? Fiona Fitzsimons
27507 F-348 Finding Records of Military Service in Published U.S. Documents, 1776-1945 Rick Sayre
27508 F-349 Researching Colonial Occupations  David Lambert
27509 F-351 Discovering Your Czech and Slovak Roots Lisa Alzo
27510 F-352 DNA and the Genealogical Proof Standard Blaine Bettinger
Item Code Saturday, September 3, 2016 Speaker
27511 S-400 Using NARA's Finding Aids and Website Pamela Boyer Sayre
27512 S-401 Finding Illinois Families in Southern Manuscripts J. Mark Lowe
27513 S-402 In the Workhouse Helen Smith
27514 S-403 Researching Colonial Military Records David Lambert
27515 S-404 Evernote for Genealogists Jordan Jones
27516 S-406 Germanic Research for Beginners Mindy Jacox
27517 S-407 Crossing the Border: How to Backtrack a French-Canadian Ancestor into
Quebec from the U.S.
George L. Findlen
27518 S-408 Using Tax Rolls to Prove Births, Deaths, Marriages, Parentage & Origin Elizabeth Shown Mills
27519 S-409 Trello for Genealogists Lisa Alzo
27520 S-410 1914: Finding Your British WWI Soldier -- Dead or Alive Paul Milner
27521 S-411 Researching an Illinois Soldier in the Mexican War Craig R. Scott
27522 S-412 Finding Family History Discoveries Using AncestryDNA  Anna Swayne
27523 S-413 Researching Michigan Ancestors Online Kris W. Rzepczynski
27524 S-414 Back to the USSR: Tracing Your Russion Roots Amy Wachs
27525 S-415 My Family Left Chicago for California with our Family History: Did Yours? Sheila Benedict
27526 S-416 What can be Learned Offline about a Case "Solved Solely Online"? Thomas Jones
27527 S-417 Midwestern Manuscripts: They Might Include Your Family Documents Paula Stuart-Warren
27528 S-418 Irish Estate, Land and Property Records David Rencher
27529 S-419 Lincoln's Laws and the Records of War Judy G. Russell
27530 S-420 Coming to America:  Finding Arrival Records and Stories on Ancestry Juliana Szucs
27531 S-423 Des Allemands: German Migration Through New Orleans and Up the Mississippi Beth Stahr
27532 S-429 Revelers, Hogkillers and Disobedient Children: Early Illinois Laws Judy G. Russell
27533 S-431 A Cohort of Criminals: Crime and Punishment in Britain  Carol Baxter
27534 S-432 Recreate Lost WWI Records  Tina Beaird
27535 S-433 Cracking the Case with DNA Anna Swayne
27536 S-434 Missouri Research from Home Pamela Boyer Sayre
27537 S-435 German Genealogy on the Internet: Beyond the Basics Michael Lacopo
27538 S-437 Building Context and Making Connections: Using JSTOR for Family History D. Joshua Taylor
27539 S-441 Common Surnames:  Ways to Identify Your Ancestors in a Crowd Juliana Szucs
27540 S-443 Researching Your Ancestors in France Michael J. Leclerc
27541 S-444 The 17,000,000 Stories of Ellis Island: What's Fact? What's Myth? John Colletta
27542 S-445 You're Not in Kansas Anymore: Essential Resources for Urban-Area Research Jeanne Larzalere Bloom
27543 S-446 Using Social History and Historical Fiction to Enhance Your Research Beth Stahr
27544 S-447 Orphans, Foundlings, and Outcasts: Records of Children in Care 1840-1970 Fiona Fitzsimons
27545 S-448 Military Fraternal and Hereditary Organizations Rick Sayre
27546 S-450 Newspaper Research in the Midwest Debbie Mieszala
27547 S-452 A Family of Fiends: An Antebellum Tale of Southern Murder Jordan Jones
27548 S-453 BCG Certification Seminar Jeanne Larzalere Bloom, Harold Henderson, Debbie Mieszala


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