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 28713 - Rapid, Deep Stucture Resolution and Restructuring of Traumatic Memories; $16.00   
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Presenter: James Straub, EdD

This is an integrative single session approach that facilitates resolution and restructuring without requiring the client to re-experience the trauma. It draws on current understanding of how memories, are continually recreated and reframed. By utilizing time and place, grounding, imagery, parts work and submodality checking the client restructures or reframes the memory in relation to beliefs and understanding about self and the world. This occurs at cognitive and affective levels, These integrative approaches and techniques draw upon the works of Alfred Adler, Robert Goulding and Roberto Assagioli as well as techniques from Precision Cognitive Therapy, Neurolinguistic Programming, Timeline Therapy, Eriksonian Hypnosis, Imagery and Art Therapy.Classic imagery tools and techniques for reimprinting and memory modification can be applied to facilitate deeper level restructuring. It utilizes indirect hypnotic techniques for reframing and imagery. An overview of the neurological and symbolic storage and representation of memories will be discussed. Techniques for accessing key decision memories will be reviewed.

These tools can help therapists rapidly facilitate restructuring and resolution of key decision memories related to underlying beliefs and schemas about self, others and world. In addition, it helps clients resolve unresolved traumatic memories without having to revivify the experience thus reducing client emotional pain and reluctance to work with trauma memories. This approach also helps clients move the focus from what happened to them to their own resourcefulness thus enhancing their sense of self efficacy and reducing shame and internal conflict.


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