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 *37th Annual International Conference on Jewish Genealogy 2017 - slides and synchronized audio $265.00   
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2017 International Conference on Jewish Genealogy conferenc recordings.

This package features video of PowerPoint slides with Synchronized live Audio for most sessions sessions and audio of all permitted sessions listed below. Only audio and slides where the speaker has given permission are being recorded.

Listen to the presenter audio and watch the slides, exactly as is happened live. This package allows you to review presentation materials and is a lasting valuable resource. Plus this package includes the MP3 Audio files of all sessions to listen to on your computer iPod or MP3 player.


Item Title Speakers
2601 IAJGS Leadership Series: Outreach for Societies and Organization Leaders Ellen Kowitt 
2322 DNA Matching at MyHeritage Schelly Talalay Dardashti 
2342 RootsMagic: Your Home Base for Online Research Bruce Buzbee 
2063 Essential Jewish Genealogical Research Part 1 Nancy Adelson 
2602 IAJGS Leadership Series: Casually Curious Survey Results   
2339 Family Tree DNA Bennett Greenspan 
2329 Ancestry Tools for Sharing Family Stories Crista Cowan 
2064 Essential Jewish Genealogical Research Part 2 Nancy Adelson 
2247 Personalizing History Janette Silverman 
2603 IAJGS Leadership Series: Event Playbooks Ellen Kowitt 
2097 Discovering Your Family History with MyHeritage Unique Technologies Daniel Horowitz 
2114 Putting Your DNA Matches to Work (Ancestry) Anna Swayne 
2213 The FamilySearch Website - Demystified C. Ann Staley 
2321 Getting the Most Out of Family Tree Maker Duff Wilson 
2006 The Changing Borders of Eastern Europe Hal Bookbinder 
2271 My Dear Children and the Story of the Post-WWI Anti-Jewish Massacres LeeAnn Dance 
2283 How Immigration Bureaucracy Helps Find Our Ancestors Mark Fearer 
2605 IAJGS Leadership Series: Promoting Your Event   
2340 The Geni.com World Family Tree E Randol Schoenberg 
2180 Intro to JewishGen and Jewish Genealogy Avraham Groll 
2186 Using the VA to Obtain Records on Deceased Veterans James Gross 
2107 CSI: Crowd Sourced Indexing Banai Lynn Feldstein 
2606 IAJGS Leadership Series: GoToMeeting & GotToWebinar for Societies and Organization Leaders Jeanette Rosenberg 
2013 You've Found the Town, Now What? Phyllis Kramer 
2315 Technology for Creating Cousin Bait that Works Tammy Hepps 
2127 Searching the Family History – Step by Step Anna Royzner 
2607 IAJGS Leadership Series: Crowdsourcing Project Success Factors Shipley Munson 
2272 Jewish Life in Poland - Part 1 (10th-15th centuries) Avraham Groll 
2037 Sephardic Research: The "Other" Side of Jewish Genealogy Schelly Talalay Dardashti 
2008 U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Hal Bookbinder 
2166 Latvian Family Research: The Process of Discovery, Recording, and Preserving for Future Generations Henry Blumberg 
2334 The Nazi Titanic Robert Watson 
2121 The Blank Box Became a Person Paul Gardner 
2273 Jewish Life in Poland - Part 2 (16th-18th centuries) Avraham Groll 
2265 Preserving Your Family Papers, Photographs, Books, and Digital Materials for Future Generations Christine Crawford-Oppenheimer 
2027 The History of Passports and Passports of Famous Individuals in the U.S. Phil Goldfarb 
2268 Latvian Genealogy: The Road Ahead Henry Blumberg 
2026 Beyond a Doubt: What We Know vs. What We Can Prove Israel Pickholtz 
2274 Jewish Migration Patterns – Part 1 (How Did Jews Get To Europe?) Avraham Groll 
2185 Passing the Torch: A Memorable Journey with my Son and Grandson to Latvia and Lithuania Henry Blumberg 
2155 You Found the Records - Now What? Records Analysis for the Jewish Genealogist Marion Werle 
2275 Jewish Migration Patterns – Part 2 (Spain and Germany) Avraham Groll 
2025 Lessons in Jewish DNA –  One Man's Successes and What He Learned On the Journey (Autosomal) Israel Pickholtz 
2062 The Story of Galicia: Vital Records, Maps, Censuses and Much More Andrew Zalewski 
2094 How to Access Burial Data in Israel Daniel Horowitz 
2323 Top Ancestry Search Tips and Tricks Crista Cowan 
2039 Planning a Future for Your Family’s Past: Organize Your Genealogy and Share with Future Generations Marian Wood 
2156 Never Give Up! Taking Your Genealogy Research to the Next Level or Finding the Previously Unfindable Marion Werle 
2053 Patronymic Naming and the Genealogical Value of Jewish Cemetery Records Nolan Altman 
2239 Crypto-Judaic Studies Panel Schelly Talalay Dardashti 
2240 Ancestral Towns May Not Have Been So Ancestral Lara Diamond 
2312 The Search for Miklos Reismann and the  Rescue of Jewish Children in Budapest, 1944-45 Peter Tarjan 
2199 My Journey into my Dutch Ancestry Steven Jaron 
2137 My Cousin Joseph, the Latvian Holocaust, and New Regional Research Techniques Eric Benjaminson 
2159 Landsmanshaftn World Avrohom Krauss 
2336 Sephardi Voices:  Iberian Exile, Sephardi Roots, Florida Heritage Henry Green 
2260 The Family Archive as a Genealogical Resource Noam Silberberg 
2244 Tante Freida was Almost Deported by the Feds! Gary Gans 
2197 Tabula Registers: A Untapped Genealogical Resource in the Lviv Archives, Ukraine Alexander Dunai 
2225 Protected Jews – A Misleading Translation of Schutzjuden Gerhard Buck, Roger Lustig
2174 Death Certificates, Obits, Headstones, Probate Records – What Our Ancestors Have Been Dying to Tell Us Kenneth Bravo 
2326 Q&A on Ashkenazi Surnames with Dr. Alexandre Beider Alexander Beider 
2055 Seeking Kin Database - Its Content and Importance Roberta Jaffer 
2009 Why Did Our Ancestors Leave a Nice Place Like The Pale? Hal Bookbinder 
2052 Illuminating the Lives of Your 19th-Century Polish Ancestors Judith Frazin 
2045 Ukraine SIG 101 Presentation Janette Silverman 
2179 Newspapers – Researching Your Family Stories Kenneth Bravo 
2325 Origins of Jews from North Africa Alexander Beider 
2018 How to Preserve your Precious Family Research in Books, Easily and Inexpensively Merle Kastner 
2081 Filling in the In-Between Rose Feldman 
2075 Archival resources in Poland - where to begin? The case of the Wislicki family Michal Majewski 
2142 Beyond the Manifest: Methods for Confirming One’s Ancestral Origins Emily Garber 
2184 INS Subject Index: Jewish Refugee files from WWI and WWII James Gross 
2048 Ukraine SIG 102 The Next Level Janette Silverman 
2134 Sephardic Origin of the Surname Portillo and other Surnames: Hypothesis of its Sephardic History Arandi Melgar 
2226 Jewish Soldiers in the Armies of Napoleon Nicolas Coiffait 
2024 GEDmatch.com's Lazarus Tool As It Applies to Two Kinds of Endogamy (Autosomal) Israel Pickholtz 
2243 Yizkor Books: An Amazing Shtetl Resource Gary Gans 
2231 What Makes  Genealogy So Compelling? Mary Grover Ehrgood 
2066 Facebook for Collaborative Family History Research Beverly Margolies 
2092 The Volynian Quiz Alex Denysenko 
2120 Learn How My German-Jewish Genealogy Case Study Can Help You With Your Own Family History Jeanette Rosenberg 
2183 A Y-DNA Haplogroup Project Sidney Sachs 
2261 A Vast Online Library: Finding Family History in [Free!] Books on the Internet Christine Crawford-Oppenheimer 
2099 Proving the Jewish Heritage of a Catholic Sicilian Family Kathy Kirkpatrick 
2209 City Directories - A Line-by-Line Account of Our Ancestors C. Ann Staley 
2200 Family Stories in a Shoe Box Ella Barkan 
2164 Charting: A Tool for Evaluation and Data Display Avrohom Krauss 
2301 The DNA of Reuniting Family:  The Strauss Family Experience (YDNA/Autosomal) Mark Strauss 
2175 From Generation to Generation: Sharing your Family History Carol Hoffman 
2168 GenealogyIndexer.org: New Sources, New Ways to Search Logan Kleinwaks 
2172 Locating Your Ancestors’ Naturalization Records – A Tool For Finding Your Family’s Shtetl and Other Information Kenneth Bravo 
2276 The Origins of Hassidism Avraham Groll 
2049 Your Litvak Roots Carol Hoffman 
2341 Roads Taken: The Great Jewish Migrations to the New World and the Peddlers Who Forged the Way Hasia Diner 
2096 Reuniting Holocaust Survivors … Not Mission Impossible Daniel Horowitz 
2016 The Polish Inter-wars Parliament Voters' Lists a Source for Genealogy Alex Denysenko 
2023 Why Did My Father Know That His Grandfather Had An Uncle Selig? Israel Pickholtz 
2112 Online Doesn’t Mean Free: Copyright Issues for Genealogy Janice M. Sellers 
2070 Enhancing Your Litvak Research Judy Baston 
2136 Clued-In: Interpreting Real Photo Postcards from the Diaspora Ava Cohn 
2126 Multimedia Presentation: Ukrainian Shtetlah of  Ivano -Frankivsk Region Then and Now Anna Royzner 
2069 My Adoption Search: Follow My Journey in Solving the Puzzle, Piece by Piece Jean Moss 
2054 Reconstructing Small-Town Jewish Communities in America:  A Case Study Tammy Hepps 
2313 Last Letters from Hungary: My Family's Internal Correspondence During the Holocaust Peter Tarjan 
2105 Search as an Art Banai Lynn Feldstein 
2163 City Council Elections as a Source for Genealogical Research – a Case of Interwar Czestochowa Magdalena Mizgalska-Osowiecka 
2196 Shtetl Travel throughout Ukraine Alexander Dunai 
2352 Sephardi SIG Meeting and Brown Bag Lunch: AvotaynuDNA Sephardi Project Michael Waas 
2324 Jewish Records on Ancestry Crista Cowan 
2079 When Y-DNA and Yichus Tell Different Stories Jeffrey Paull 
2143 When It Takes a Village: Applying Cluster Research Techniques Emily Garber 
2138 Finding 400 Needles in a Haystack of 6 Million Chuck Weinstein 
2162 Social Services for the Jewish Community Avrohom Krauss 
2061 Webinars, Online Courses and Videos, Conference Broadcasts and Podcasts as Genealogy Research Tools Elena Bazes 
2256 DNA 401: The Keys to Successful DNA Projects Adam Brown, Janet Akaha
2145 Memory and Mystery: Breaking Down Family Lore Emily Garber 
2300 Passing the Mantle: A Grandfather and Grandson Visit Their Ancestral Home Sol Sylvan 
2022 Ensuring Against Forgetting: the Arthur Obermayer Awards of 2017 Michael J. Simonson 
2091 Did My Great-Grandmother Have A Family? A Documents and DNA Case Study Rhoda Miller 
2036 Talk About Endogamy! The Jewish Persian DNA Project (Autosomal) Nika Hazini Missaghi, Schelly Talalay Dardashti
2146 Where's the Beef? Well-Done Research and Evidence Analysis Emily Garber 
2233 In the Footsteps of Zalman Tzoref: Tracing 200 Years of Litvak Family History and Legacy Eli Rabinowitz 
2210 Overlooked Research Sources: A Gold Mine to be Discovered C. Ann Staley 
2191 From Bella to Joe, 2-3-43: In Search of a Jewish GI's Family Renee Steinig 
2181 JewishGen 2017 Annual Meeting Avraham Groll 
2238 Next-Generation YDNA Sequencing Projects: J-Z640, R-BY3314 and others Michael Waas 
2165 Calendars for Jewish Genealogy Avrohom Krauss 
2160 Virtual Shtetl - New Version with New Research Opportunities Michal Majewski, Magdalena Mizgalska-Osowiecka
2177 Finding Frida, a Holocaust Survivor Kenneth Bravo 
2188 APPsolutely Genealogy! Garri Regev 
2297 Preserve Your Family's Legacy with a Video Biography Diane Hirsch 
2190 It's All in How You Ask: Getting the Most from Discussion Group Queries Renee Steinig 
2330 The Lost Jews of St. Maarten: Rediscovery through Modern Forensics and Research Dana Cohen-Sprott 
2296 How to Maximize Your Reunion Software Susan Kobren 
2176 You’ve Been Invited to Speak – Now What? Kenneth Bravo 
2076 Discovering your Lost Rabbinic Jewish Heritage through Y-DNA Jeffrey Paull 
2108 Isaac Joseph of South Carolina and Daniel Joseph of Virginia Janice M. Sellers 
2192 Detectives from Warsaw, Poland Marta Mackowiak 
2128 The Parfitt Genetic Research: Implications on Identity for the Lemba, Gogodalas, Lost Tribes and Anousim Bonita Sussman 
2153 Privacy and Genealogy: What Are The Rules? E Randol Schoenberg, Jan Meisels Allen
2291 How to Utilize a Valuable Jewish Genealogy Tool: JewishData.com Avraham Laber 
2241 Oral History in Genealogy Research at POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews Joanna Krol 
2111 Immigration and Naturalization Records Janice M. Sellers 
2021 How to Locate Individuals Through Genealogy Fred Blum 
2198 The Z Family: A Genealogical Journey from 1789 through the Holocaust to the present day Dennis Rice 
2281 The Galveston Project: Immigration, Jews and Texas Mark Fearer 
2316 Please Write to Me. I Miss my Daily Fix: Professional Genealogists and their Clients Karen S. Franklin 
2047 Networking to Research Janette Silverman 
2215 Land, Licenses, Love Gone Wrong, and Other Assorted Courthouse Records C. Ann Staley 


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