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 Nutrient-Dense Foods & Diet - Wise Traditions Collections $59.00   
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Presentations recorded at Wise Traditions Annual Conferences. Includes audio, slides, and videos on a USB flash drive - play MP4 video files on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Includes the presentations live audio synchronized with PowerPoint slides recorded at Wise Traditions Annual Conferences! Some sessions also include video of the presenter: .

Watch and listen to the leading experts in the Weston A. Price philosophy of achieving optimal heal through proper nutrition.




Radical Nutrition: Cutting-Edge Natural Therapies that Treat the Root Causes of Disease
Louisa Williams, MS, DC, ND
Format: Video and Slides

Adopting an organic and nutrient-dense Weston A. Price diet is essential for restoring and maintaining optimal health. However, it is also just as vital to remove any significant blocks to healing. In her presentation, Dr. Williams will discuss these blocks including the proper removal of toxic mercury amalgam fillings, now incontrovertibly linked in the research literature to Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. Another essential measure, which is relatively easy and painless, is to replace your conventional soaps and cosmetics with non-toxic alternatives, since toxic chemical exposure has been associated with 98% of all cancers by the National Cancer Institute. Other important "obstacles to cure" include avoiding your primary food allergy, diagnosing and clearing what the Europeans refer to as chronic "focal infections" (dental, tonsil, sinus, etc.), and reducing the neurological "noise" in the body from scar interference fields. Finally, the very real autoimmune dysfunction and disease from excessive antibiotic use will be covered and effective treatments such as constitutional homeopathy according to the new Sensation Method will be described. This presentation will include both lecture as well as demonstrations utilizing energetic testing (Matrix Reflex Testing or MRT) on audience volunteers.

Prisoners do Hard Time on Soy and Water
Sylvia Onusic, PhD
Format: Audio & Slides

What do Barack Obama, Rod Blagojevich, Monsanto, Archer Daniel Midlands, the University of Illinois,the Weston A. Price Foundation, and all prisoners in the Illinois prison system have in common? Soy. The U.S. farm bill funds the production of a heck of a lot of genetically modified (GM) soy requiring Roundup Ready, a toxic herbicide produced by Monsanto. Creative marketing has come up with many ways to use the excess GM soy by targeting every sector of the U.S. population-from infants consuming soy formula, to school children eating soy at school lunches, to the general population consuming many processed foods containing soy (even tea bags), even to prisoners whose diet is 40% or more soy.

Rod Blagojevich, former governor of Illinois, now in federal prison himself, began a human experiment when he decided to lower the cost of prison food by extending the menu with soy. Illinois is the headquarters of Archer Daniel Midlands, a wealthy company which heavily promotes and sells soy products. The University of Illinois has a soy center dedicated to developing recipes using soy for institutional and personal consumption. In addition to paying for the soy, the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) uses prison labor to manufacture and cook the soy entrees that are served at every meal.

The Weston A. Price Foundation is supporting medical testing and a law suit which ill prisoners have filed against IDOC and Wexford Health Systems. Prisoners have become extremely ill on the daily ration of soy and their health problems have been deliberately ignored by the prison medical personnel. Prison doctors and the supervising dietitian, in their depositions, have testified that they know little about soy and its harmful anti-nutrient effects. So what does Barack Obama have to do with all this mischief? Please watch the presentation to find out!

Making Sense Out of Fiber Nonsense
Konstantin Monastyrsky
Format: Video and Slides

The mainstream acceptance of dietary fiber is quite recent. The "dietary fiber hypothesis" was accepted as a major addition to nutrition by the 1980s. Since then fiber has become a preeminent health food, even though there isn't a single other non-nutrient - not alcohol, not artificial sweeteners, not even MSG - with as many well-known side effects as fiber. So what gives? Monastyrsky will enumerate all the known connections between the consumption of fiber and major colorectal disorders, such as IBS, colitis, Crohn's disease, and colon cancer.

Breakfast Lunch and Dinner
Sally Fallon Morell, MA
Format: Audio & Slides

Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science
Chris Masterjohn, PhD
Format: Audio & Slides

  • Learn the approach Weston A. Price used in the early 20th century to study the causes of physical degeneration seen in modern society and the vibrant health of many non-industrialized cultures.
  • Explore traditions of food selection and soil health found within the accumulated wisdom of many of these resiliently healthy groups, and the key role of fat-soluble vitamins.
  • Understand the broad-based support these vitamins offer the body, the wide range of diseases they protect against, and the wide range of functions they sustain.
Wild Seafood
Randy Hartnell
Format: Video & Slides

Randy Hartnell will explain the nutrient superiority of wild seafood and how it differs from farm-raised seafood. He describes the coastal communities that produce the product and how we are helping them when we purchase wild seafood. He will describe the dangers facing the wild seafood industry by the farm-raised industry and what we can do to protect them.

The Acid-Alkaline Myth

Chris Kresser, MS, Lac
Format: Video & Slides

The acid-alkaline hypothesis holds that certain foods leave either an acid or alkaline "ash" behind after they are metabolized, and that we should favor alkaline foods (which are primarily plants) over acid foods (which are primarily animal products). This will supposedly protect us from the diseases of modern civilization, whereas eating a diet with a net acid load will make us vulnerable to everything from cancer to osteoporosis. In this presentation I will explore whether current scientific evidence supports the acid-alkaline hypothesis, and clear up confusion about what it means for your health.

Six Inches of Soil
John Moody
Format: Audio & Slides

Nutrient-dense meals come from properly prepared nutrient-dense foods; and nutrient-dense foods come from properly balanced nutrient-dense soils. So, how do we help our soils, and when needed, create more? John will share techniques and tactics for quickly building rich, bioactive soils using various waste streams and small animals to produce free forage for the animals and nourishing food for your family.

Why One Calorie for Her May Be Half a Calorie for Him
Konstantin Monastyrsky
Format: Video & Slides

Measuring diets in calories is an exercise in futility because one gram of fat is indisputably nine calories while it burns, but applying the same nine calories to you is as absurd as setting up a fire in the gut to burn fat. Ditto for calories in proteins and carbohydrates. You will never be able to stay normal weight, let alone lose some without a firm fix on this abomination. And that's only the beginning. Come to learn another twenty reasons why one calorie for you may be like two calories for someone else.

Detox and Fasting for Rejuvenation and Health
Philip Weeks, MH, LAc
Format: Audio & Slides

Modern lifestyles overload our bodies with toxins from numerous sources - environmental toxins, pesticides, food additives - as well as waste from normal metabolic processes. As these toxins build up we are faced with poor health and a general lack of wellbeing. Cleansing is a powerful therapeutic tool which can effectively deal with harmful toxins and transform health. Philip has conducted thousands of cleanses with his patients and has a wealth of experience in the area of naturopathy and herbal medicine.
Learn how to detox and safely cleanse the body.
Guidelines on purifying the digestive system, bowel, kidneys, liver and gall bladder.
Understand when cleansing is appropriate and when it's not.
Introduction to fasting.

Type 2 Diabetes in the Elderly: Occurrence and Dietary Management
Ann Childers, MD
Format: Audio & Slides

According to the Centers for Disease Control, in the American population over age 65 greater than one in four has diabetes, and greater than one in two has pre-diabetes. Using the Kraft system, this number is far higher. In this lecture, diabetes in the elderly will be discussed along with diagnosis and approaches to management.


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