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Full Conference Recordings from the conference! Available on USB Flash Drive. 90+ hours library with professionals from 20 countries.

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Includes all sessions recorded live during the conference including the video of the presenters and their slides. Includes closed caption transcriptions for every session. Plus also includes Bonus MP3 audio files of every session! 90+ hours library with professionals from 20 countries.


Includes all of these presentations:

Presentation Speaker Country
The 108 of Dave Elman: Practical Applications of Findings in Hypnosis Anthony Jacquin, MSc, BSc, Dip Hyp, C Prof UK
Medical Hypnosis Essentials to Grow Your Practice Dr. Eric L. Rosen, Ph.D., FPPR, Certified Master Trainer &
Patricia Scott, PhD, C.M.T
The Simpson Protocol: Rebuilding the Foundation of a Better Life Tim Horn, BCH, CI, OB, PhD USA
Creating the Perfect Script for Athletes Caryn Bird, Professional Hypnotherapist, Mindset Trainer, BA in Psychology, HypnoBirthing Practitioner USA
Hypnosis for Pre and Post Surgery Roy Cantrell, CH, CI, DEHI Trainer USA
Keynote: Elman Methods Built My Confidence for Hypnosis & My Practice Nicole Wackernagel, CH, CI, DEHI Trainer, Keynote Switzerland
Yagerian Method and the Dave Elman Induction: The DEI as a gateway to your preferred method Eugen Popa, Yagerian Method Master Trainer Romania
Make HypnoDontics Your Niche! Beryl Comar, MA Applied Linguistics, MA Ed, Master Trainer NLP & Hypnotherapy DEHI trainer Spain/UAE
The 3P's: Pre-Talk, Pre-Framing and Preposition. Set-up makes our income inevitable Ali Campbell, Master Trainer of Hypnotherapy and NLP UK
Mindset of Masters : Powerful technique to dramatically increase performance. Wendy Merron, Wilmington College, OH, BA United States
Hypnotic Regression Therapy: A great-grandchild of Dave Elman C. Roy Hunter, DIMDHA, DAPHP USA
The Dance of Trance: From 3 minutes to 3 seconds to 3 hours Don Spencer, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist USA
Panel: Kid's Panel Panel
Dave Elman: My Foundation of Professional Development Dr. Monica Dahl, Ed.D. Counseling Psychology, FL MH 13153 USA
Developing Your Emotional Intelligence Amber Cox, BCH, DEHI Trainer USA
PMDDL Pre-menstral Dyphoria Disease and Working With Pain Ron Eslinger, RN, CRNA , MA , APN, BCH, CMI, FNGH, Captain US Navy, Retired USA
Build a 6-figure Business on Facebook without paid ads or being salesy Lori Hammond, Professional Hypnotist USA
Addressing Chronic Conditions: Post-It Notes of Relief Dan Cleary USA
How to Give Super Suggestions that Last (For Life) Michael Stevenson, Master Trainer of Hypnotherapy, NLP, TIME, EFT, and Life/Success Coaching USA
Hypnotherapy Roots: Neuroscience Dr. Bruno Tricarico, Dentist, DEHI Trainer Brazil
Anxiety & Depression Gone! Randi Light, BS, MS, CHI, CH USA
Keynote: "From Elman to Kein to Today!" HansRuedi Wipf, Keynote Switzerland
Panel: Cultural Diversity Panel: Cultural Diversity
That Thing with the Eyelids! Andrew Hardwick, CHt, PNLP, ICPT New Zealand
Smoking Cessation: Save Lives and Thrive Financially Ken Guzzo, BFA, CH.t, CHI USA
HypnoAnalysis and Ideomotor Response Lance Baker Australia
Superheroes: Hypno-Help for Mental Disorders Agata Golawska Moody, Dr, MRCPsych, Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis New Zealand
Dave Elman, a Nested Loop Storyteller? Elman/Erickson Dichotomy Not So Sharp James Hazelrig, MA USA
Hypnotherapy in Crisis/Hostage Negotiation Gilbert Wong, Phd, CH, DEHI Trainer Hong Kong
Hypnodontics Revolution: Bringing Hypnosis To Every Dental Practice Juan Acosta, CHP USA
Healing Practices Using Inductions Pamela O'Leary, Clinical Consulting Hypnotist Australia
Verbal Medicine Marc Sacco, RN, CRNA, BA, CCht, CI &
Roger Woods, RN
Real or Imagined? Hypnotherapy by Bob Burns Bob Burns, BA Hons; psychology/sociology Scotland
The Art of Content Free Hypnosis: Less is More with Hypnosis Karl Smith UK
Digital Pretalks: Better Prepared Clients = Better Clients = Better Sessions = Better Results = More Referrals Rob DeGroof, Hypnotist, Trainer, DEHI Trainer Belgium
Discover Active Hypnosis! A Not so new way to help clients Denise Oatley Hall, Consulting Hypnotist/Comedy Stage Hypnotist USA
SleepTalk Foundation Coach or Consultant Beryl Comar, Cheryl Elman USA
Expect it to Happen, Make it Happen, Watch it Happen H Larry Elman, CH, CI, CMT Keynote, Son of Dave Elman USA
Dental Panel Dr Brice Lemaire, Dr. Munir Ravalia, Beryl Comar, Juan Acosta France , UK, , Spain/UAE, USA
Climb the Corporate Success Ladder with Hypnosis Fabio La Selva, NLP Master, Hypnotist, Hypnosis Trainer Brazil
Hypnosis to Manage Long COVID Symptoms Dr. Sue Peacock, PhD, MSc, BSc(Hons) AdvDipH, CPsycol, AFBPsS UK
The Power of The Elman Induction and how it helped create Simpson Protocol Ines Simpson, Creator of the Simpson Protocol, BCH, CI Canada
Cancer- The Real Pandemic: Using Hypnosis with Cancer Patients Garry Coles, MSc Clinical Hypnotherapy UK
Dave Elman Techniques in Both Clinical Hypnosis & My Stage Hypnosis Show and Why It Works So Well Michael DeSchalit, BA, CHt, BCH, CI, CLC USA
Elman, Sex and Brest Cancer Dr. MeLanie Modjoros, MD, AASECT Certified Sex Counselor USA
Performing Hypnosis: How to captivate an audience of 1 to 1000 Rich Guzzi, 30 Years Experience in the field USA
Sound Bath and Talk: Why bother with a sound bath? Betsy Lehman, CH, CI, Eden Medicine Clinical Practitioner, Intuitive Sound * Light Practitioner USA
The Future of the Dave Elman Legacy Cheryl & Larry Elman USA
3 Techniques to Help Insomniacs: Help Your Clients Feel & Sleep Better for Good. Tracy Adams, Clinical Hypnotherapist USA
DEI as a Safety Net to Catch You When You Reach Beyond Your Limits Tom Nicoli, Board Certified Hypnotist, Certified Instructor, Certified Coach & Consultant BCH, CI, CPC USA
Bringing Hypnosis to the Amazon: Helping Residents Along the Rivers and in the Rainforest Dr. Benedito Amorim Filho, M.D. Brazil
The DEI in Pain Control Hypnosis and teaching Portable Pain Management Dr Bruce Eimer, PhD Psychology USA
Going Off-Script with Confidence: Practical 5 Step Approach Hypno Heather, NGH Certified Hypnotherapist, NGH Instructor of Hypnotism, ICBCH Hypnosis Instructor Canada
Keynote: "In Search of Dave Elman" Sean Michael Andrews, CH, CI, DEHI Supervisor, Keynote USA
Building Your Practice Panel Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas, Michael Stevenson, Hypno Heather, Grant Murrell USA, Canada, England
Regression to Cause: Safety with the Golden Thread Protocol Justine Lette, Clinical Hypnotherapist, DEHI Trainer New Zealand
The Power of Pre-Talk: Priming the Client for Success Helen Mitas, Diploma of Hypnotherapy; Master Practitioner Time Line Therapy; Master Practitioner NLP Australia
Communication Success Blueprint: The Principles of Effortless Communication Grant Murrell, Post Graduate Diploma : Management & Strategic Marketing, Trainer NLP & Hypnosis, MSC Sr Coach England
Health/Lifestyle Modification Coaching: Dave Elman Lives in the Medical World Seth-Deborah Roth, RN, CRNA, BA, CCht, CI USA
Eat Chocolate and Still Lose Weight- Mind-Fullness Techniques Alan Barsky, MH, CHt, BCH USA
Hypnosis Helps Clients with Type 2 Diabetes Luis Lamim, Automation Engineer; entrepreneur; Hypnotherapist & DEHI Instructor; Brasil
Direct Your Heart Brain: Bio-feedback & Suggestion Success Lauren Hall, CH, CI, DEHI Trainer USA
HypnoMassage & Nerobics- Effect Relaxation, Active Brain and Defy Aging Janet Rapala, R.N., B.S.N, M.S.N., CCM, LMT, CHt USA
Hypnosedation Dr. Munir Ravalia, BDS MFDS RCS Cons Sed DCHyp UK
Self-Hypnosis Helped Me With My Cancer Christophe Pank, Consulting Hypnotist/Certified DEHI Trainer France
John Sarno's Hypnoanalysis: The Origins of Mysterious Pain? Alberto Dell'Isola, Psychology Professor, DEHI Trainer Brazil
Regression to cause, Hypnoanalysis from Freud to Elman Daniel Ghanimé, MBA, CHT, MP, DEHI Trainer Lebanon
Elman Inductio for Children: "Kein's Flashlight Induction" Barbara Scholl, Omni Instructor Switzerland
Help Children and Adolescents Using Dave Elman's Techniques Claire de la Varre, PhD, CH, CI, MHGI USA/Scotland
Keynote: "Future of Hypnosis in a Post-Pandemic World" Sheila Granger, Keynote UK
Panel: Anxiety, Stress & PTSD Stephanie Conkle
Panel: Anxiety, Stress & PTSD "How, Why, When?" Panel
Was Dave Elmans' Work Sexy? How to use Elman's techniques to create sexual freedom. Kaz Riley, BSc Applied Biology, Dhyp, PDCHyp, BSCH UK
Use of Hypnosis in Neuro Rehab to help Stroke Patients Giancarlo Russo, Doctor Physiotherapy Italy
Open discussion….lets review Open discussion….lets review
Manifesting Techniques for Business Success: Practical Law of Attraction Victoria Gallagher, Certified Master Hypnotist USA
Hypno Anesthesia: Myth & Reality Dr Brice Lemaire, PhD Dentist, DEHI Trainer (France) &
True Hypnosleep By Design: Learn the Art of Hypnosleep Karl Anthony Ireland
Magic Beyond the Words Karen Hand, B.S. Ed, BCH, CI USA
Street Hypnosis and The Elman Connection: Elman's Influence on Street Hypnosis Turan Mirza Nothern Ireland
Become a Published Author: Dave Elman's Impact with One Book Dr. Richard K. Nongard, LFTM/CCH USA
Mind Over Menopause: Taking the heat our of hot flushes Helen Breward, BA (Hons), Dip CAH, HPD UK
Attorneys: An Untapped Well for Referrals Eric Banks, BSBA, Juris Doctor, CH USA
The Hypnotherapist as a Teacher: Empowering Change Dr Kate Beaven-Marks , EdD, MSc (Psych), MSc (OEHSM), AdvDipH, PDCHyp, PDCBHyp, BCH, MPNLP, SQHP, ADPR, CI, ATCL UK
Keynote: "The Opening Wedge- Influence the Elman Way" Jason Linett, CH, CI, NLP Trainer, Keynote USA
Ancient Egyptian Sleep Temple Hypnosis: Power of Healing Words Elisabeth Jensen , Registered Nurse & Midwife. Diploma Hypnosis & NLP, DEHI trainer Australia
What Are You Thinking? Dave, Ormond, Albert & YOU! Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas, PhD USA
Hypnosis with Children: Healing Can be Fun Laiz Ricci, Neuropsychologist. CH Brazil
Covid "Long Haulers" and Hypnosis Melissa Roth, CHt, CI USA
Working with Emergency Services: Be Aware - Be Direct - Be There! Rick Green, BA. BCHT, DEHI Trainer USA
Body manipulation: Self-touch & Movement for Self-Healing David Quigley, BA. Duke University CHT Hypnotherapy Training Institute United States
Panel: Medical Panel
The Krasner Method of Hypnotherapy: Metaphors for Perfect Sessions Ryan Montis, TCHt, TNLP, TTLT, Trainer of Coaching Canada
The Eyes Have It: A Case Study of Hypnotherapy as Treatment of a Stress-Induced Chronic Eye Condition Susan Henderson, DipT(MCAE), BA(UNE), BAHons, MA(Macq), DipClinHyp, CH, MAPS, HCARH Australia



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