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 15980 Stress and Hormones, What's the Connection? - Anne Fischer-Silva, CNT, LE $15.00   
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Duration: 1 hr 6 min        Video Includes Video of the presenter

Stress and Hormones: Making the Connection

Endocrine hormones are impacted by a variety of mental, emotional, and biochemical stressors. This session will cover how different types of stress affect adrenal, thyroid, and sex hormones. Discussion will include how to determine the underlying cause, repair, and restore balance to the system.

Anne Fischer-Silva, CNT, LE is the founder and owner of "A New Leaf Nutrition", a private practice with locations in Petaluma and Cloverdale, CA. Anne serves clients from throughout the United States, with an emphasis on endocrine health. Anne received her certification in Functional Nutrition from AIMI in Washington, D.C. Over the last twelve years, she has taught nutrition courses in Washington, Hawaii, and California, hosted "Health-Wise" (a weekly radio show), and written articles for health publications. The focus of her practice is educating people about the importance of nutrient-dense foods and balancing biochemistry. In addition, Anne teaches traditional food cooking classes and serves as the chapter leader for the Santa Rosa Weston A. Price Organization. She is passionate about teaching, fresh local food, cooking, gardening, and connection around the table.



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