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 20660 - MGH - March 2013 - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Across the Life Span - Complete Conference DVD-ROM


This interactive multimedia DD-ROM features slides with synchronize live audio of all sessions recorded exactly as is happened at the Massachusetts General Hospital Psychiatry Academy Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Across the Life Span Conference, held March 15–17, 2013 in Cambridge, MA!

PLUS: Bonus MP3 files of every session. Listen on your computer or fill your iPod or favorite MP3 player with all the live audio from every session. This package allows you to review presentations and is a lasting valuable resource.


Definitions and Overview of ADHD Joseph Biederman, MD
Genetics of ADHD Stephen V. Faraone, PhD
Deficient Emotional Self Regulation in ADHD Joseph Biederman, MD
Population Management of ADHD in the Era of Healthcare Redesign Michael Jellinek, MD
Mechanism of Action of Psychostimulants in Animal Models Pradeep Bhide, PhD
Treatment of Pediatric ADHD with Stimulants Timothy E. Wilens, MD 
Treatment of Pediatric ADHD with Non-Stimulants Timothy E. Wilens, MD 
Late Onset and Atypical Forms of ADHD Stephen V. Faraone, PhD 
Ask the Experts Panel Discussion/Question and Answer Joseph Biederman, MD, Timothy E. Wilens, MD, Janet Wozniak, MD, Jefferson Prince, MD
Management and assessment of ADHD in college students with ADHD Jefferson Prince, MD 
Management of the Complex Adult Patient with ADHD Craig Surman, MD 
ADHD and Mania Janet Wozniak, MD
Comorbidity of ADHD with Substance Abuse and Associated Risk      Management  Issues Timothy E. Wilens, MD 
CBT & Psychosocial Treatments in ADHD Aude Henin, PhD
ADHD, Tics and Tourette's Disorder Barbara J. Coffey, MD, MS
Driving and Working Impairments in ADHD Ronna Fried, EdD
Management of ADHD in the Context of Autism Spectrum Disorders Gagan Joshi, MD
Neuroimaging of ADHD Eve Valera, PhD
Diagnostic Assessment Approaches to Adult ADHD Craig Surman, MD
Cardiovascular Risk in the Management of ADHD Paul Hammerness, MD
Perspectives on Proposed Changes for ADHD in DSM-V Craig Surman, MD
Educational Assessment and School Accommodations
for Children and Adolescents with ADHD
Ronna Fried, EdD
Neuropsychology of ADHD Ronna Fried, PhD
Adult ADHD Thomas J. Spencer, MD
Presented by Craig Surman, MD
Pharmacology of Adults with ADHD Thomas J. Spencer, MD
Presented by Craig Surman, MD
Neurobiology of Dyslexia Bennett A. Shaywitz, MD, Sally E. Shaywitz, MD
Legal Issues in Treating Individuals with ADHD Disorders Ronald Schouten, MD, JD


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