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 *2016 Mid-America Hypnosis Conference - All SEMINARS MP3 Audio Package $260.00   
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Available on CD-ROM or USB Flash Drive

This interactive multimedia CD-ROM or USB Flash Drive features All Seminars sessions live audio in MP3 format recorded at 2016 Mid-America Hypnosis Conference, October 21-23, 2016 in Northbrook, IL!

MP3 audio files of every session listed below. Captured LIVE during the conference.

Listen on your computer or fill your iPod or favorite MP3 player with all the live audio from every session.

(workshops not included)


27951 Soul Purpose / Life Mission Barbara M. Hardie
27952 ThetaHealing Christine Sonnen
27953 R/L Brain Theory for Inductions Mark and Irena Okopny
27954 My Body Sends Me Messages-I Don’t Listen Denise A. Frer
27955 Exploring Essential Oils Richard Smith
27956 Release Grief & Negative Entities Tom Masbaum
27957 Breaking Diet Plateaus- With Hypnosis Sylvia Runkle
27958 You Help Everyone Else, But What About You? Olivia Shelkey
27959 Presenting Lecture Demos to Grow Your Business  Michael C. DeSchalit
27960 Are Thought Viruses "Bugging" your Brain? Kala Bailey
27961 How Did It Get To Be Now Already? Donald Hood
27962 Signs of a Hypnotized Person William Mitchell
27963 Chakras and How They Impact Your Clients Darcy Mason
27964 20 Deepeners and Convincers Jo-Anne Eadie
27965 Mixing Counseling and Hypnosis Sara Quincer
27966 Grow Your Business With Video Marketing Jace Vernon
27967 Anger Management Jim Costanzo
27968 Instant Trans- Formation- Meta Model Solution  Karen Hand
27969 Why Do Regression Hypnosis? Gail  Schoenbacher
27970 5 Minute Migraine Relief Karen Hand
27971 Stage Show / Demo Pre-Talk & Inductions Brian David
27972 Why People Go Into Regression During Hypnosis  Toni Winninger
27973 Trance Channeling: You Con-du-it Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas
27974 Burns Ernie Telkemeyer
27975 Hypnosis For Heroes! Rick Green
27976 Power of Networking Hena Husain
27977 7 Steps to Manifest Your Life Now! Jenna Allin
27978 Transition Your Life By Transforming Your Handwriting? Steve Cohen
27985 Forensic Hypnosis Marx Howell
27986 Hypnosis and the Subconscious Mind Barbara Habschmidt
27987 Parts Work for Clients with a Trauma Past Rick Longstreth & Jennifer Bovee
27988 Soul Essence Activation Paul Aurand
27989 Demonstrations of the Sub-conscious Mind Carm Blacconiere
27990 Begin Letting Go! Linda Williamson
27991 4 Steps for Rapid Sales Success! Dawn and Drew Ferguson
27992 How to Set Goals and Word Suggestions  Patricia Tooren
27993 Introduction to the "Simpson Protocol" Ines Simpson
27994 Self Hypnosis Induction & Deepening Techniques  Joe Agostenelli
27995 Discover Your Inner Healer Sandy Daliege
27996 Tricks and Ways to Reinforce Suggestions Jean Bailey
27997 Understanding and Treating Gambling Addiction Kenneth A. Smith
27998 Would you like to be a Jedi?? Jane Govoni
27999 Buddha's Meditation on Loving Kindness Shel Newman
28015 Clinical Hypnosis and Complementary Alternative Therapy & Sex Therapy  J.A.Sanchez- Domenech
28016 Peak Performance Training for Athletes, Teams, Clubs & Coaches Randi Light
28017 Releasing Emotional, Physical Pain & Stress Barbara Rae Lynn
28018 The Process of Transition Reinvents Work & Life! Nancy Creely
28019 Learning to Live in the Present Moment Ted Robinson
28020 Animal Communication and Hypnosis Philip Steffen
28021 Neuroplasticity: Pathways to Mentor Your Brain Kate Randall- Mayhew
28022 Hypnotic Anchoring Shelley Stockwell - Nicholas
28023 Who Were You Before You Were You  Shelley Stockwell - Nicholas
28024 Mantra and Mindfulness Meditation Russell Strelnick
28025 Make Positive Thinking Work for You! Fred Kutchins
28026 Understanding the Times We Are In Alice Stacionis
28027 Instant and Rapid Inductions Sean Michael Andrews
28028 Put Your Best Face Forward with Acupressure Facelift Dottie Ward


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